Ten simple ways for women to be good on bed

Sexual intercourse is a sensitive adventure that has to be dutifully mastered. It, therefore, leaves no surprise that many people, especially women, are always cautious of the impression they make on their partner after sex. 

Do you belong to the class of women who always crave ways to get better in bed? Or perhaps yours are cravings for nice compliments. “Thank you, baby. No one makes me feel this good”, “I like the way you make me feel,” “your curves and holes are my weaknesses”? 

Your fantasies can be satisfied, and a strive to be better in bed is an excellent idea. This article is dedicated to the various ways by which you can hone your bed skills. We have put together simple, practical, and adaptable ways that will make you a pro in bed.

With excellent foreplay and these proven sexual tips at your reach, your insecurities in bed are over. Yes, you can put an end to the careless act of taking an overdose of stimulants to achieve sexual pleasures. Read along and pay rapt attention as I walk you through the ten most practical ways to better on the bed.

Knowing yourself

This is the best and the first thing you need to work on along your journey to becoming a better person on the bed. Knowing yourself will make you understand how your body works and its sexual activity. It gives you an idea of how and when you want to be touched. The knowing of self is also true about your partner

I had sex-related issues at the beginning of my relationship. I found it tiring doing random things to please him every time. So, I had told him to introspect on where and how he wants me to touch him. This makes every stage of our sexual experiences more enjoyable. Ever since, we have both been happy.

So always have it in mind to know what you want and how you want it. Do the same for your partner too.

Do more touching

According to reports, many men often complain that their women don’t get how to touch them right. Men don’t want their sexual partners to be replicas of an AI (Artificial Intelligence). Stop acting responsively during sex. Men also have sensitive and erogenous zones. They cannot wait for you to get your hands on those places.  Touch his balls, give him a good head, ride his dick, kiss his neck, rub his nipples, and watch him twist his body like a jellyfish.

Show enthusiasm and emotion

What is love is lovemaking when your mind is absent. How do you want to please him when you are not passionate about him? or does want to explore every holes and curve on your body when he is not enthusiastic about making love to you. 

This message is simple, and you should never make the mistake of indulging yourself in sex when you don’t feel like it.

Know when to say “Yes” and “No.” Saying “Yes” to sex at the wrong time will only make the sexual acts sloppy and not enjoyable for both parties.  Sloppy sex won’t fetch you, but a lousy compliment and lousy review tend to last longer. So, the next time you get down with him, make sure there is an overload of emotion and a bit of frenzy in the air.

Enjoy and prolong the foreplay.

You should not always make the mistake of limiting sex to only thrusting and moans. Getting him incredibly turned on requires more than consent from both parties. It is more about touching him in the right place at the right time. Put your fingers and tongue to good use, prolong the foreplay, and tease him just enough to spice up your sexual affairs. 

Be provocative with your foreplay, delay orgasm as much as possible; make him unnerved and anxious. Still don’t allow him to slide in just yet, build the pressure, and enjoy yourself as he pleads to have a taste of the cookies between your legs. At this point, allow him to dive all in. The pleasure is mutual.

Perfection at this will make him crave for you more.

Be dynamic and versatile.

When it comes to sex, nothing interests a man more than knowing fully well that his sexual partner Is an adventurer, one who wants to explore every bit of the sexual pleasures.

 Henceforth, be different and explorative. Initiate new sex positions. Try out styles like Reverse Cowgirl, The Scissors, Confessional, Anal missionary, among others. 

Be honest, don’t fake orgasm.

Reports show that 80% of women fake orgasm and moans during sex to make their partners feel worthy of themselves. It is possible to take your bed skills to the next level while having a fair share of enjoyment. If he is not doing something well, let him know. Less trust, doubts, and detached feelings are what results if he has to find out about your fake climaxes on his own. 

However, honesty and appreciation make him trust you wholeheartedly but also help him in his path to finding what gets you all wet, full of drips.

Entertain his fantasies

Sex is a two-way thing because it is an adventure that involves physical contact and the active engagement of both parties. Always have it in mind that sexual intercourse is not solely about you, your terms, and your orgasm. He has sexual fantasies too, and you must learn to accommodate that.

Getting to know his fantasies and tryouts will make him feel involved in the whole love making process. Indulging in his fantasies would be an added advantage to you as well, for he would want to reciprocate such acts. With this, you can have your way too. Both of you will feel sexually pleasured as a result.

Be communicative

Most women make mistakes of not being vocal or not communicating when it comes to lovemaking. This is a fantastic tip and can make all the difference between you and the other women. Whisper into his ears during sex and slightly brush the lobes with your tongue while at that. 

Make him know whether he is hitting the right spot, encourage him if he is doing that, call him nasty names, touch his dick saying you like the way it makes you full inside there. 

All these spikes adrenaline in men and heighten their sexual interest in you. Thus, making you the best pick among the rest when it comes to sexual intercourse.

Be his haven and comfort zone.

Some women are fond of shrugging during sex, taking sentiment on some positions, or only wanting their sexual desires being attended at all times. This act doesn’t make you good at sex. 

Make him comfortable during lovemaking and be at his service during stress. Ease him of his burden, ask about his day before sex, and send a chill down his spine with your soft fingers while telling him he is the best man he can be.

Watch porn (Together)

Not all women have that excellent experience when it comes to lovemaking. So, to be versed, learn new styles. You can choose to watch porn with him or alone. Couple-friendly porn, newsletters and adult magazines like playboy will do the trick. It is better if you can get to watch this together with your partner. This comes with a multiple of benefits in itself. If both of you don’t end up having a lovely round of sex before you finishing seeing the porn, you better get ready for an exceptional climax when things get steamy. 

To every woman out there making efforts to be more useful in bed and satisfy her partner, the more, this piece is more than enough to take your sex game to another status. It is well-tailored for you. Follow the tips, don’t be so uptight, and it is only a matter of time before you become the controller of the cards when it comes to pleasing your partner sexually.

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