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Ross Pittman, Editor

Ross Pittman, Editor

Ross Pittman is a man of passion and will. He had the vision to create a conscious community, which he did. Using himself as a role model, he has managed to develop a following of aware and willing participants that seek to change the world through knowledge, health and wellness, activism, longevity, spirituality, healing, and so on.

With a burning desire to make the world a better place, Ross Pittman founded the Conscious Life’s News (CLN), which he uses to spread his gospel of consciousness and change.

 As a man driven by inspiration and a strive for conscious living, Pittman seeks and hopes to make a lasting impact and significant impression on everyone he can come in contact with, far and beyond. Let’s find out more about the impressionable personality of Ross Pittman and everything he represents.

About Ross Pittman

Ross Pittman had a career in computer software engineering for 30+ years. He worked as a software engineer and manager in the aerospace industry. However, it was not his passion; hence, when the opportunity to quit and take on his real love presented itself, he took it. As a spiritual seeker for most of his adult life, Pittman got his breakthrough at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo sometime in February 2010.

He got his groundbreaking idea of disseminating information for the new age knowledge at the Conscious Life Expo that taught its audience a myriad of conscious topics. Pittman got the notion that alternative, intentional, and inspirational news would do the trick to creating awareness of consciousness in people. 

After this idea awoke to his consciousness at the CLN, he built a website and began making the change he wanted. He recruited like bright minds like himself and developed a vision and mission for his consciousness-raising goals.

Ross Pittman believes that raising the consciousness of humans can help resolve various issues like war, environmental issues, greed, corruption, violence, etc. in the world. He is an avid believer of quantum activism and encourages readers of his works to become quantum activists.

Ross Pittman is friendly and interactive. He is a ball of sunshine amongst those that know him. He is a great humanitarian and is always seen helping out here and there, asides from actively pursuing his spiritual, conscious change movement.

About Ross Pittman as the Chief Editor of Conscious Life News (CLN)

As an editor in Conscious News Life (CLN), Ross Pittman raises consciousness of the readers through his inspirational and goodwill articles. With like-minded editors and writers in his team, he has struck enormous grounds and achieved a lot with his contents and followings.

Ross Pittman: His Aims and Message

 Ross Pittman, alongside his team of highly talented and spiritually conscious individuals, has a primary aim- To awaken the consciousness of their audiences.

He seeks to ELEVATE his readers through his words and works. In his quest to elevate his readers, he aims to Educate, Love, embrace diversity, Visualize, Activate, Transform, and Engage them. 

As the founder of CLN, he believes that people should be educated through the right information and thought-provoking contents. That people be loved and supported with compassion and respect that they must not be discriminated against and must be treated with a mindset of embracing diversity.

When all these are done by a group or an individual seeking to effect change, then the people can be motivated, influenced to take action on the issues plaguing their society. They can transform the bad into the good, and make significant changes in society. 

It is his firm belief that all of these can be achieved by engaging them as often as possible with the right and conscious content created by Ross Pittman and his team.

The ELEVATE means of reaching out to the readers is what Pittman sees as an efficient approach to garnering a movement and actualizing the changes he seeks. His spiritual consciousness and his abilities as an energy healer help him transform this concept into practical means.

All you need is to log in to the website and read through his numerous works and those of other editors and writers. You will no doubt attest to this way of creating a significant change. 

Ross Pittman believes that change starts with “You & I,” and encourages everyone to promote consciousness of vital life issues and preach the changes that will help resolve those issues.


As the Chief Editor of CLN, Ross Pittman can be contacted through the website’s contact us page.

He can also be reached on Facebook through

Exemplary works of Ross Pittman

  • Ross Pittman is a writer and editor at Conscious Life News, he sometimes writes articles, while mostly editing them.
  • He is also a vibrant and conscious member of society and is keen on supporting protests to raise the consciousness of the people.
  • He gives back to the community through different outreaches to the less privileged, refugees, or those who are victims of government corruption and corporate greed
  • He is in the business of active consciousness, awareness, and awakening of people through spirituality, health & wellness, healing, knowledge, activism, and all means of spreading the gospel that we can be the change we desire.
  • He is an instrument in the movement of spiritual awakening, consciousness, and planned activities towards the shift in the orientation of people, to create a better world.
  • One of his write-ups, “Astonish Yourself: Harness the Power of Your Heart,” does justice to how individuals can find answers to what they seek and changes they want from their hearts.
  • Ross Pittman has many works, those he has achieved, and others in progress. He will continue to pursue raising consciousness in people to effect change. For more on his exemplary works, check out his works at

Ross Pittman has dedicated his life to raising awareness through the spirituality of his generation and beyond. He is grateful to every believer of the movement, and those who support him in several ways. Pittman hopes to do more and enjoin more followers to spread the word. He hopes you can be one of them.

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