Sexual bucket list to spice your love life

Sexual bucket list to spice your love life

A couple’s sex life is essential in a relationship. Sex is a crucial key to every relationship. When it goes well, the relationship almost goes well too. Sex allows the couple to connect and bond properly. Intimacy through sex is the pillar of every romantic relationship. It gives vitality, strength, and a befitting status to the relationship. Hence, every couple must take sex in their relationship seriously.

After the first few days, into the relationship, things can become repetitive, less exciting, and tend towards bland. If you do not take cognizance of the situation and come up with a quick solution, your relationship may be heading to a rock bottom. A lot of couples fail to realize that it takes conscious efforts on both partners to make their love life work. It does not happen magically. It takes deliberate steps, and you have to craft ways to be spontaneous and exciting, for in there lies the secret to an evergreen relationship

Have you been finding it hard to revive your love life? Does it bother you that your love life may get boring? Not to worry, there are answers and solutions to your questions. 

How to improve your sex life in your relationship

There are several ways to improve the sexual activities you engage in with your partner. These include:

  • Have sex as many times as possible: It has repeatedly been proven that sex begets closeness and bonding for couples. Hence, to strengthen your love life, have as much sex as possible. If you can go at it daily, do so, else four times a week is good enough. Engage your partner in sexual anticipation that will lead to sex as often as possible.
  • Experiment different sex styles: Having sex one way is tedious. There exist several thrilling sex styles out there. If you are unaware of those sex positions that can spice your sex life, find them on Pinterest, and experiment. Talk to your partner about those positions, and decide on the ones you should try out. You can watch videos about them altogether, to help out.
  • Build sexual anticipation by trying out different sexual situations: There is no better way to enjoy sex than to keep it unpredictable and intriguing. By building tension, you will always look forward to a great sex time with your partner. Try sex in public places, try roleplaying, try reenacting high school sex stories, have sex in a hotel, etc. Trying out different sex scenarios is vital to active love life.

Create a bucket list to spice your live life

It will be easier to spice up your relationship through blissful sex when you create a sexual bucket list. A bucket list is best explained as a list of things you wish to do. When you achieve the items on your list, you mark them. A sexual bucket list is a fun list of all the sexual things a couple wishes to experience in their love life.

You and your partner should sit and discuss creating a sex bucket list that will boost your love life. You can create the bucket list together or separately. If designed individually, combine both lists and work with them. Creating a bucket list is both fun and challenging. It makes you and your partner think about how you can keep the spark in your love life. 

Once you have the list created, then you have to work on implementing and achieving the things on the list. Regardless of the content of the list, never forget that you are doing it for your relationship. Some items may not be fascinating or may seem creepy or strange, but with an open mind, you can achieve it. However, if you find anything you are not comfortable with, you can pull it off the list.

Activities you can add to your sex bucket list to spice your live life.

1. Go on a sex vacation weekend where you have sex at least ten times in one weekend.

2. Give your partner multiple orgasms.

3. Have sex in your partner’s workplace.

4. Have sex in the car (garage or parking lot).

5. Roleplay as a stripper and a client.

6. Dedicate a day to your partner to attend to his or her needs. Make breakfast, write love letters, give massages, draw a bath, perform oral sex, etc.

7. Sexts with your partner at work.

8. Have a video call sex.

9. Have audio call sex.

10. Have blindfolded sex.

11. Have sex positions countdown until you have tried out all the different positions that exist.

12. Have sex in different corners of your home.

13. Watch pornography with your partner.

14. Have sex in a public place (the beach).

15. Masturbate with your partner.

16. Adopt a date night every week, and play games such as “truth or dare,” “never have I ever spin the bottle,” “sexy dice game,” etc.

17. Write a sexy note for your partner daily.

18. Create sexual tension to build up sexual anticipation by dressing up, setting, etc.

19. Create a musical playlist for sex.

20. Shop for sex toys and costumes together.

21. Patronize your partner to engage in angry sex.

22. Try out other roleplaying scenarios.

23. Try out the couple’s massage.

24. Go skinny dipping as a couple.

25. Stay naked together for a day.

26. Read erotica stories together.

27. Put ice on each other’s bodies.

28. Act out your sexual fantasy.

29. Have sex in the rain.

30. Have sex in someone else’s bed.

The list goes on and on. However, it is crucial to practice safety and ensure you do not engage in too risky situations: your safety and that of your partner matters. Creating a sexual bucket list to spice your love life may just be the solution to the dwindling spark in your relationship. You can use the above sex bucket list, or come up with yours using the ideas from the list. Your sex life is in your hands, and you have every responsibility to keep it exciting and intriguing.

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