Everything about G spot 101 stimulation video

Everything about G spot 101 stimulation video

When it comes to attaining sexual bliss and satisfaction, everything matters for a woman. A woman’s sexual health is vital in deriving the best pleasure she can get. During sex, the woman needs to experience as much fun as her partner. 

Orgasms, squirting, G spot stimulation is all topics to consider for pleasurable sex for a woman. Hence, the reason there is a video about G spot 101 stimulation. What is the G spot, and how does it translate to satisfying sex for a woman? The G spot stimulation video explains it all.

What is the G spot?

G spot, also known as Gräfenberg spot, is more of an area than a “spot.” It is located on the frontal wall of the vaginal opening, an extension of the Clitoris. It is said to be a urethral sponge, which is usually about four inches and is located above the anterior vaginal wall. The G spot was introduced by Dr. Beverly Whipple after she discovered the area through a “come hither” or “come here” action during the exploration of the frontal vaginal wall.

She found out that when the “area” is aroused, it can help with female ejaculation or squirting, thus assisting a woman to reach vaginal orgasms.

The G spot is believed to be crucial to eliciting a pleasurable vaginal orgasm in a woman. The G spot stimulation, combined with stimulation of the Clitoris, leads to substantial sexual orgasms and sometimes squirting when done the right way.

What is squirting?

Squirting is known as female ejaculation. “Ejaculation in women doesn’t equal sexual orgasm, as it often occurs when a woman is peaking, and not necessarily climaxing,” says Fulbright. Squirting is the release of fluid from the G spot, after adequate stimulation. This does not mean that every stimulated G spot must lead to female ejaculation.

It occurs mostly when a woman is well hydrated and is experiencing immense pleasure from the stimulation of her G spot. The squirting feeling is sometimes associated with a sense of wanting to pee since the G spot is around the urethral. It is advisable to either sit in a tub or set up towels on the bed when engaging in sexual plays that will lead to squirting.

Not all women enjoy squirting or have a desire to experience it, so it’s okay if you are uninterested. Stimulation of your G-spot is not necessarily accompanied by squirting, so it doesn’t mean that whenever you stimulate your G spot, you get to squirt.

Squirting occurs deliberately for any woman that wants it, and G spot stimulation can help you attain that height of sexual pleasure if that is what you desire.

How to stimulate the G spot

The G spot stimulation video also discusses and shows how to stimulate the G spot. Stimulating the G spot will lead to a more pleasurable sexual activity, which helps to attain vaginal orgasms as well as squirting. 

Carolanne Marcantonio, a senior sex specialist, says, “When the G-spot is stimulated, it pushes against the mons pubis, which pushes against the clitoris and clitoral ligaments, which causes pleasure.” So, there is a need to stimulate the G spot adequately to enjoy more pleasure.

steps to properly stimulate the G spot

  • Set up the mood to get you aroused. You can dim your room light and lit some scented candles. Watch porn or indulge in your sexual fantasies if they are your thing. This can be done in the presence of your partner, or you make use of a toy. Whatever approach you settle to use, ensure adequate arousal before setting to find the G spot.
  • When you feel aroused, “hot and bothered,” insert your finger (s) up your vaginal wall, about 3-4 inches. Curve your finger (s) upward toward your belly in a “come hither” or “come here” motion. When you feel the build-up and tension in that area, apply some more pressure. This pressure will help you attain vaginal orgasm, and in some instances, ejaculation if you so desire.
  • If you are using a toy, you can follow the same way as using your finger(s). You can even insert it from the back, and push towards your belly for a more pleasing result.
  • If you are doing this with your partner, apply the same method as the finger(s) or the toy. Several sex positions can help you stimulate the G spot better.

What other thing is present in the G spot stimulation video?

Lastly, the stimulation video contains and explains the different sex positions that guarantee the stimulation of the G spot. When not self-pleasing yourself sexually with a toy, and you have a male partner around, that is a different thing.

With him, stimulation is done via penetration of the penis, and the meeting of the thrust by the woman. For a pleasurable sexual experience, you should guide your partner in stimulating your G spot, the exact way you want.

Sex styles that help to stimulate the G spot

Closed missionary style

This position allows for higher stimulation without in-depth penetration. It is a variant of the classic missionary style. To try this, you have to position yourself on your back in a missionary position while you move your legs together. Allow your partner’s legs to straddle yours, giving you a tighter squeeze. With this, there is shallow penetration, but a stricter feeling, and increased friction against your G spot. This style will help you reach your vaginal orgasm as you desire.

Doggy style

When engaging in deep penetration sex, the doggy style is the one to use. It allows for different angles towards the G spot. Rest on your hands and knees, and have your partner position himself behind you. Find the position that works best for you by pushing your hips backward or leaning on your forearms to find the right angle. You can also lie flat on your stomach while dangling your legs from the edge of the bed. Allow your partner to stand behind you and penetrate from there. The G spot is found during penetration, and with constant hitting, you can reach your desired orgasm.

Cowgirl style

This is the sex style that gives the woman total control over depth, rhythm, and angle of penetration. To get started, climb on top of your partner and straddle him while lying on his back. You then rock forth and back, to stimulate your G spot. You can bob up and down as well or mix it. Whatever works best for you is okay.

The G spot 101 stimulation teaches you everything you need to know as regards the G spot stimulation. However, it takes exploration and continuous practice to discover what works best for you. You can self-explore or experiment with a toy or a partner. Sexual satisfaction is vital to a woman’s sexual health, so it is okay to want knowledge on how to attain orgasms or ejaculation and enjoy sex. You can also watch the full video to give you a broader idea of what the G spot stimulation video entails. 

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