13 kinds of intimate kisses

13 kinds of intimate kisses

Have you heard people swoon over kisses, saying that, “he kissed my feet, and I exploded with pleasure,” have you? Well, maybe you are one of the lucky few whose toes have been sucked, kissed or caressed before. It is not as if you or the person that is telling you that has a foot fetish, it is just the kisses that did the wonders.

Kissing is a robust method of communicating, especially between loved ones. A mother’s kiss on the forehead to her child speaks volumes of the affection she has for the child. Likewise, a boyfriend’s Eskimo kisses to his girlfriend signify playful times. A primary French kiss on a date means the need to take the romance to the other room.

There are kisses, and there are kisses, with each kiss carrying its message and leaving different impressions on the subject. For a couple, kissing is an act of intimacy, and the style, places, intensity of the kisses tell other stories to each partner. While kissing could be passionate, sensual, needy, or tender, it could also have swooning effects like when someone is ‘’kissed on the feet.” 

I am going to expose you to different kinds of intimate kisses and the significance of each one. However, before we venture into the topic, let us do justice to some of the reasons why you should kiss more often.

Benefits of Kissing

Kissing brings out the happiness in you

Yes, it does! The act of kissing has been scientifically proven to release the hormone “endorphin,” known as the “happiness hormone.” Who doesn’t like to be happy? With endorphins scattered here and there from kissing, you will have yourself immersed in the euphoria of a bright, sunny day with lingering feelings to have more kisses.

Kissing has anti-stress properties.

Ever heard people talk about how less stressful they become after a kiss? Well, while kissing releases the endorphin hormone, it also reduces the secretion of the cortisol hormones, known as the “stress hormone.” Though the decrease in the stress hormone is only temporary, you can reduce your stress for as long as you want with endless and long hours of kissing.

Kissing boosts your romance

Every couple can testify to how romantic kissing is, even when it doesn’t lead to sex. Kissing brings about comfort, relaxation, passion, and unhindered expression of emotion for couples. The first intimate kiss shared by a couple usually solidifies their feelings and consolidates their romance. Besides that, kissing strengthens the bond between partners, leads to the creation of sexual tension as well as free exchange of feelings. Kissing is known to bring an appreciable level of comfort to apprehensive partners. It is also a perfect way to build romance during sexual stimulations

Kissing tones facial muscles

There are a lot of movements of the facial muscles when lips are locked away in a passionate kiss. The frequency of aging is retarded when facial muscles, especially those around the jaw and chin, are adequately toned. When you give or receive rounds of passionate kisses, your facial muscles will get toned, thus giving you a younger look.

Kissing increases your passion.

When kissing passionately, oxytocin and dopamine hormones are secreted in adequate proportion. This increment brings about more pleasurable sensations through the nerve-endings on the lips that are being smacked together. The more satisfying the feelings you feel, the more aroused you become, and the higher the intimacy that is swapped during kisses.

13 different kinds of intimate kisses and what they signify

Intimate kissing goes beyond hot, fiery kisses on the lips. It is more kissing the sexually sensitive areas of your partner’s body using a combination of different styles, intensity, and approach. Do you only know one type of intimate kiss? Read on to find out about the other kinds of intimate kisses.

  1. Kiss on the Hand

subtle kisses on the hand suggest that your partner respects you. It is also an indication that he or she wants to move slowly sexually.

  1. One Leg Up Kiss

There are times a woman kicks up one leg when she is kissing or being kissed. This signifies that her partner makes her feel feminine.

  1. Hold the Face Kiss

When one partner holds the face of the other partner while kissing, it signifies the need to connect more than just physically. He or she is saying they love you wholeheartedly, and you mean so much to them.

  1. Quick Kiss on the Lips

This type of kiss is often seen in a couple where one or both partners are busy but feel the need to connect. They may also do so as a consequence of a habit.

  1. Kiss on the mid-forehead (3rd eye)

This signifies that your partner feels you on a spiritual level and wants to protect and care for you.

  1. Trail of Sweet Little Body Kisses

During a steamy sexual activity, this type of kiss can represent teasing, mostly when done from north to south. However, it signifies that your partner loves your body a lot.

  1. Sucking Partner’s Tongue Gently Kiss

When this kiss is initiated, the partner that begins it is passing a sensitive message across to the partner receiving it. The partner leading the kiss wants to be the submissive one in the sexual act and is assuring the other partner that he or she feels comfortable with it.

  1. Tongue down the throat kiss

This type of kiss is opposite in meaning to the “Sucking Partner’s Tongue Gently Kiss.” It means that the partner that initiates it wants to dominate the other partner, and control the rhythm of the sexual act.

  1. Feet Kisses/licks/sucks

Intimacy is all about adventures, and feet kisses signify such incidents. Kisses on the feet from your partner could mean that your partner has a foot fetish or wants to be adventurous.

  1. Yummy Kiss

This kiss involves you kissing your partner when you have candy or fruit or something else yummy in your mouth as you pass the other half to your partner. It has a sweet message behind it- wanting to share everything.

  1. Butterfly Kisses

This involves both partners leaning in and repeatedly blinking while brushing their eyelashes together. It means you both want to dream with each other.

  1. Dip Your Partner Kiss

This involves one partner dipping the other like in dance and kissing the partner. It signifies that the partner feels playful and confident when with the other partner.

  1. Suck on One Lip Kiss

This signifies that your partner wants to pleasure you orally, and not just on your lips, but everywhere.

Don’t be surprised the next time you hear someone saying, “he kissed my feet,” since you can relate to such remarks and can experience such yourself. Try out any of the above intimate kisses, and exploit them to communicate your passion and feelings to your partner expertly.

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