Tips for Turning Your Man On with a Lap Dance – Amateur’s Guide

Tips for Turning Your Man On with a Lap Dance – Amateur’s Guide

Although lap dances are commonplace in strip clubs around the world, it can be done in the comforts of your home too. It is an intimate activity that you can do for your husband or your partner. If you would like to reward your man with a lap dance and start something playful before a romantic night, this dance is definitely a natural way to seduce him. It sets the mood right and improves your sex lives and of course, becomes better lovers too. Although it could be overwhelming to learn how to do it for the first time, here are some tips to do the right lap dance for your partner.

1.   Calm down your nerves and understand your purpose

There is nothing wrong with trying your best to be sexy for your partner. The women have their own rights to be sexy for their men. Believe me; most women have fantasized about giving their partners lap dances just as well. You don’t need to be a professional dancer to do this. You may find it awkward to do at first, but you’ll fit right into the mood once you see your partner giving you that excited look on his face. Remember that this is all about giving satisfaction to your partner and building up his anticipation. Focus on your purpose so you can feel calm and stay in the groove of your lap dance song.

2.   Choose your music right

It is hard to choose a lap dancing song. How do you choose which one is right? Should it be upbeat? Or are slow and romantic songs much fitter in this occasion? What if your music bank knowledge is limited? Well, you might check and search lap dance songs 2016 over the internet, and you can find some songs that may be suitable for you and your preference. It is vital to select a song that you can dance the rhythm into. This will be a memorable song for you and your partner, after all. Be sure to be comfortably sexy and in sync with the lap dance song that you have chosen. Prepare sultry and sexy lap dance moves, along with the beat of your song. One effective way is to check-in social media or even youtube, to find suitable songs for lap dancing. Find some lap dance songs lists in an article that is written by an author, 2016 is a year that has had some beautiful sexy songs to dance too.

3.   Practice your moves and feel sexy

Nothing is sexier to your man than knowing that you are comfortable in your own skin. Therefore, it is important to be confident and to feel sexy as well. This is your partner that you are dancing for. One common mistake that women usually do is be obsessed about how they look or how their partner is thinking. That should not be the case. Start moving and stop overthinking. You have your lover’s full attention now, so make the most out of it. You can choose the moves that you feel are sexy and are seductive. You can also gather some ideas on Instagram for any sexy lap dance moves. There are some short video posts that could help you; some are even performed by lap team dancers. To give you some ideas about some sultry moves, try to use your hips a lot. You can swing your hips from left and right. You can also thrust your hips forward and try to arch your spine. Use your assets to your advantage. As much as you know what pleases your partner, try to move and dance along to your husband’s lap.

4.   Wear a seductive attire

Men love seeing their women wearing sexy clothes. Try to find an outfit that is seductive and makes you feel sexy at the same time. Your choice of clothes is totally up to you, so try to find something that compliments your body. You can go all out by wearing a fancy dress with sexy heels. You can also wear some lingerie underneath your normal clothes if you’re a more conservative and reserved type of woman, you can surprise him over a lap dance after you get back home from a date. Wearing sexy lingerie empowers and allows you to feel confidently sexy. So choose a set of lingerie that you think your guy would really like.

5.   Build up the anticipation and tease your partner

Although some men don’t like to be surprised, some of them actually do. So you might as well plan the lap dance as a surprise for your man. Don’t let him know exactly what you want to do, but let him know you have something exciting for him. That will enrich his curiosity and build up anticipation too. You may also start teasing him by making some physical contact every now and then. That can build his desire and leave him wanting more, getting him ready to finally have what’s in store for him in the privacy of your own home. Finally, when you go back home after your date, prepare yourself well with a good bath. Using some aromatic lotion and fragrances can make him indulge and get excited more when he can smell your scent. The scent also plays a great deal for fore-playing.

There you go, these tips will help you perform a lap dance for your man. Don’t worry if it’s your first time, he will surely love it anyway. Just think back to what your real purpose is. The primary goal here is for you and your partner to enjoy each other and be better lovers.

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