10 Enlightenment documentary videos and movies that are a must-watch

10 Enlightenment documentary videos and movies that are a must-watch

There are enlightenment documentary videos and movies everywhere. The world did not get to where it is today without exposure or enlightenment. 0ver the years, there have been various discoveries about the universe, humans, and the working of our minds, etc. Many of the ground-breaking discoveries that we see around are the consequences of science. Some others are inconceivable by science, eludes human imagination, and are yet to be explored.

These enlightenment documentaries come in forms of videotapes, movies, books, etc., and have been transmitted by social media platforms like Instagram. Through intellectual discussions in the comment box, like and share across various platforms, these discoveries have awakened lots of people. 

For you not to be left out, do well to check out some of these enlightenment documentary videos and movies to remain up to date.

An overview of the ten enlightenment documentary movies/ videos that are a must-watch

1. The century of the self — Adam Curtis

The Century of the Self depicts a four-part documentary that describes how Freudian and post-Freudian ideas that influence human nature were portrayed by corporations and politicians to ridicule society and public values. This documentary video was created in the 20th century and focuses on the influence of Edward Bernays, on American culture, politics, and business. The documentary series is thoughts provoking, engaging, well structured, and enlightening to all those that watch it. Everyone interested in the Freudian ideas should grab their copy of this piece.

2. What the Bleep Do We Know (2004)

Life has many secrets that humans want to unfold. “What the Bleep Do We Know” is a movie that seeks to unravel and uncover the various secrets and myths of life. Anyone who watches this movie will find it enlightening and engaging, as well as develop a different perspective towards approaching life issues, much in a way they have never imagined before then. This enlightenment documentary comes with real-life solutions to life problems and relatable stories.

3. DMT: The spirit molecule

Where the world of spiritual consciousness meets that of science, a whole new world is unraveled. There is a spirit molecule called DMT. This documentary, DMT The Spirit Molecule, explores the possibilities of the molecule, and what it could mean to humankind. In a simpler form, this documentary explains both the experiences of the substance and the science of the mind. It shows how medical doctors, physical scientists, artists, and spiritual seekers came together to explore and quantify the effects of DMT. The spirit molecule is potentially known as the world’s most powerful psychotropic substance.

4. Waking Life (2001)

A lot of enlightenment documentary videos revolve around life. The “Waking Life” video is not an exemption as it entails many in-depth discussions about life. The movie talks about meditation, lucid dreams, power of the mind, and life in general. It gives answers to the curious souls that keep searching for solutions to life quests and uncertainties.


When we talk about the self or a person, we cannot forget the topic ANIMA. The Anima, as a documentary, features a series of clips from different philosophers such as Alan Watts and Terrence Mckenna. These clips talk about creativity embedded in every human. The power we have as people to individually and collectively manifest our reality. The Anima documentary is a must-watch as it is not only thought-provoking. It is also enlightening and awakening for every human that wants to understand the power that lies inside us.

6. The Man from Earth (2007)

Immortality is still a topic that humans want to demystify. Does it indeed exist? Are there immortal beings amongst us? The movie “The Man from Earth” delves into the subject of immortality in its entirety.  This episode narrates the story of a man who has been alive for 14,000 years. This movie will provoke your thoughts about immortality, and enlighten you on the possibilities of its existence.

7. Avatar (2009)

The vast possibilities of what nature has to offer are yet to be discovered in totality. However, decade after decades, there is the creation of enlightenment documentary videos that give a glimpse into those endless possibilities. Avatar is one of the classics that  talks about population, climate, values, morals, love, with mind-blowing scenes. It is a masterpiece and a must-watch for any lover of an enlightening documentary movie.

8. Surviving Progress

Ancient cultures have proven how socio-economically driven civilizations fail in their quest to answer many problems that face humanity. However, the issues of how to survive within the social and economic dynamics of today’s world, and a struggle to preserve culture need solutions. Surviving Progress employs technological insights to solving these problems. This documentary is as futuristic as it is historic and strives to strike a balance between the medieval period and the new age.

9. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds (2012)

There are various studies and descriptions of the universe. How does it work? What does it contain? What elements are hidden within it? Etc. This four-series documentary, “Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds,” explores everything about the universe. Once you watch it, you will have a new perspective about the universe, including what lies within and beneath it. This enlightenment video is essential and provides answers to how the universe works.

 10. I AM (2010)

We all desire to live a better life. However, these questions must be asked and answered, “What is wrong with our world? and what do we do to make it a more comfortable place to dwell?” The documentary, “I AM,” goes in-depth to the roots of these questions and offers solutions that are vital to a better life—a better experience with practical solutions on how to tackle complex life issues. I AM, is thought-provoking, awakening, enlightening, and a must-watch video.

The videos mentioned above are enlightenment documentary videos and movies that you can watch to awaken your curiosity and consciousness while finding solutions to those questions that linger in your mind. As a human, it is imperative to find out the purpose of your existence, and the fact of the things that make up the universe. It is also essential to understand the dynamics of concepts like the mind, reality, earth, spirituality, immortality, life, etc.

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