Signs you may be psychic

Signs you may be psychic

There exist forces outside our four-dimensional way of thinking in the world. Humans can only imagine what these forces are. Their influences cannot be seen or felt by most people. Regardless, these forces still direct our lives much more than they realize.

Some people have the innate and extraordinary ability to sense and even interact with these forces. Where this gift comes from is almost as mysterious as the gifts themselves. While some acquire this skill by heredity, others have no explanation for how they get to possess such skills. 

The gift to see these forces have been called different names over the years. Those who are knowledgeable about such things call it extrasensory perception, but it is mostly known as psychic abilities.

What are psychic abilities?

Explaining psychic abilities is something of a challenge. Each individual is gifted in different ways, and even gifts that appear similar on the surface can have a different meaning when viewed from a deeper perspective.

At its most basic form, a psychic ability means the ability to perceive things outside the range of normal human perception. Psychic ability encompasses many things such as mediumship, clairvoyance, telepathy, and a host of other skills.

  1. Mediumship

Mediumship is the ability of a psychic to detect persons or objects which are beyond normal senses. Contrary to what many think, there is more to mediumship than just clairvoyance (clear sight). There are also a host of other senses such as clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (precise sensing), clairsentience (exact feeling), clairalience (clear smelling), clairgustance (clear tasting), claircognizance (clear knowing)

  1. Astral projection

This psychic ability allows those who possess it to leave their physical bodies and travel as a psychic being within the astral plane. Those with this ability may also be able to relive past events or see things happening remotely from their bodies.

  1. Pyrokinesis

This is a relatively rare psychic ability that allows those who bear it to summon and control fire to a varying extent. Due to the danger inherent to the knowledge, it is hard to control and often associated with great tragedy.

  1. Apparition

Apparition is the psychic ability to teleport objects to or away from you using your psychic power solely.

  1. Divination

 This is an ancient art. It is the act of gaining insight into hidden or complicated situations using psychic energy. They make use of various tools to channel this information. Some of the devices may include tarot cards, crystals, palm reading, and so on. 

  1. Energy medicine

This is a beautiful gift that allows psychics to heal various ailments by channeling etheric energy from the universe into an ailing person and heal them of physical, psychological, and spiritual illnesses.

  1. Levitation

This well-known ability allows one to lift themselves and objects against the force of gravity using only the power of their minds. Some of the true greats could even fly.

  1. Precognition

To the layman, this may be seen as the ability to see the future. Those who possess the knowledge or are at least knowledgeable about how it works knows that it is a much more complicated ability. The end is not set in stone, and sometimes even the best is left doing nothing but educated guessing.

  1. Psychometry

Psychics blessed with this gift can obtain information from an object or person by merely laying their hands on it. Both a blessing and a curse, these psychics are very particular about physical contact.

  1. Telepathy

This is the ability to transfer thoughts and information using your mind. Some telepaths can perceive the emotions and impressions of others. The strongest could read minds like an open book.

Signs you may be psychic

Heightened Intuition 

One of the first gifts a psychic notice is their heightened level of intuition. Some call it a sixth sense, others a feeling in their gut. Psychics seem to be able to pick up information from their surroundings without even trying. Sometimes it’s an idea that flashed suddenly into your mind. Other times, it’s just a gut feeling that someone is lying. Whatever form it comes in, it is way beyond the realm of mere guesswork.

Dreams seeping into reality

Have you ever woken up from a strange dream where it seemed you were floating above your sleeping body or had a feeling of deja vu that you’ve seen or dreamt about something before? Many psychic abilities manifest while dreaming. Something about that state of unconsciousness triggers powers hidden deep inside us that we can’t access while awake. Many skills like astral projection, precognition, and clairvoyance first manifest to psychics while asleep.

Extrasensory abilities

Have you ever been able to see things that others couldn’t? Maybe not even definite images, just flashes of lights and shapes at the periphery of your vision. Sometimes you seem to be able to see, almost feel auras radiating from different people. Smells, sounds, and flavors seem to spring to your mind, all seemingly connected with something out of the reach of everyday knowledge.

You Feel sensitive around people and places.

Those with psychic abilities often cannot control them at first. They act like sponges, soaking off the spiritual energy from the environment around them. They may notice if a friend is sad before anyone else or feel the negative energy coming from a place where a great tragedy occurred. Because of this, you may notice you feel drained in large groups, or you don’t like visiting certain areas.

Weird things seem to gravitate towards you.

Some people have a knack for getting involved with the uncanny, and others seem to attract it like a magnet. Ever noticed things randomly appearing in your room?  Do you fall asleep in your bed, but woke up outside your room? You may experience this even with your door locked from the inside. How about things strangely catching fire, even without a spark anywhere near it.  

Signs like these usually signify growing potential. Some people embrace these gifts while others cast them aside as curses. What you choose to do with these abilities is a personal decision. They can be potentially dangerous without the right guidance. So, you must reach out for help. Struggling with these gifts is traumatic; struggling alone is risky.

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