5 Ways to communicate with the spirit world

5 Ways to communicate with the spirit world

If you are curious about paranormal activities, the way they appear, and how to communicate with the spirit world, this article will give you some useful tips for your next mystic session. We know that in our world, the possibilities are limited. Sometimes it’s even disturbing to try to live in it when someone you love passed away. It’s difficult to cope with the loss but there’s always the possibility to try getting in contact with them through spiritism. 

A lot of mothers reached their deceased children. A lot of boyfriends talk with their lost soulmates. It proves that nothing is impossible. Why shouldn’t you try it? After all, there’s nothing you can lose. 

Here are some tips on how to communicate with the spirit world. No matter if you’ve done this before or not, they will be of great help during your next sessions.

Why should you try communicating with the spirit’s world

Before you even say this effort will be useless, we want to tell you something about our beliefs. We all know that each person has a spirit. When we are alive, the spirit and the body go hand in hand. But only the former has access to the world beyond. 

Using specific symbols and rituals, we can get a glimpse of what is happening to our beloved ones in their afterlife. We can genuinely connect with them. Yet, for a successful spiritual session, you will have to follow these 5 simple, but utterly important rules:

  1. Say what you see

The more you utter of what you see, the more likely the chances for you to have a successful session. You have to keep in mind that the difficult part of this process is analyzing your experience afterward. If you say what you see, people around you will also have access to the world you’ve opened and this will help you not lose any valuable information.

  1. Every time is different

You should keep in mind that for every person, these are different and unique experiences.  Two sessions won’t be the same even for you. Therefore, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected. This is the beauty of spiritism.  

  1. The first things are the real ones

There will be an overwhelming sequence of images that you will see once you enter that world. But most of them will be built by your imagination only and you don’t have to trust them. But how to distinguish the true from the false ones? It’s simple. The first thing you see if the truth. 

How to connect with spirits

Once we set some important rules, you’re ready to visit this new world, the world of mysteries. Here are the best ways to communicate with the spirit world.

  1. Say what you want to do

Setting your intentions is of utmost importance. Spiritism is almost limitless. That’s why you have to say out loud what you want to do. Firstly, this will help you realize and acknowledge your goals. Secondly, you will make sure Univers knows them. There are, of course, greater forces in the world than your intentions. But it all starts from within. 

This is also a safety measure because you set some boundaries in the world you are about to enter. You don’t want to get in contact with a random spirit and let it wander in your mind. You will prepare the ground for the ones you truly want to meet. 

  1. Relax and focus

You won’t be able to succeed unless you use all your internal energy. Locate it inside your soul and center it. Ground yourself and think only about your incentive.
If you can’t totally focus, you can use some of our tricks:

  • Get some essential oils. The one that we recommend is the called Common Sense flagrance from Young Living Blend.
  • Use a guided meditation program. The ones that we frequently use is The Daily Meditation.
  1. Get the signs

The people who want to meet you from the afterlife will definitely send you some signals and your responsibility is to listen to them. Look around you, watch for the symbols, and make connections. You may someday remember out of the blue the lyrics of the song you were singing with a beloved deceased person. This is not a coincidence. It’s a message.

Did you know that dreams can also be a sort of sign? Dreaming of a deceased person can also result in a real spiritism session if your subconscious mind knows how to control the spirit from your dream. You will most likely dream about these persons in unusual situations, not at their funeral or other death-related events. Asking or thinking about their death during the dream will break the connection. 

After thinking a little bit about our examples, you will surely think about dozens of similar experiences. From now on, use them every time you get them. When you have such a dream, you should write it down and then analyze it with a specialist. There will be a lot of symbols and signs you will have to read.

  1. Bring your senses to the next level

Having good control over your physical senses will help you in this experience. You will have to use your taste, hearing, sight, touch, and scent. Yet, sometimes it may not be enough. 

You will have to accede to your “claire” senses – the superior abilities that go beyond our physical world. Whether you’re thinking about Clairvoyance, Clairauditory, Clairolfactory, or Clairkinesthesia, they are all very powerful. Meditation is the key to opening these abilities and these abilities will open a lot of doors from the spirits’ world.

  1. Say “Thank you”

In the spirits’ world, the same courtesy and amiability rules function. The spirits will help you solve your metaphysical problem and your duty is at least to thank them. 

Take into account that a certain spirit chose you to the detriment of someone else. This means you owe some gratitude for its availability and the information provided to you.

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