17 sex positions that will blow his mind

17 sex positions that will blow his mind

Sex is a vital part of any relationship. Sometimes though, it seems that between our careers, kids, and bills, we somehow end up having less sex with each passing of the year. Here are a few significant sex positions to bring that spark back into the bedroom and reawaken the beast within him.

  1. Missionary 

Sometimes the best solution is very glaring. The missionary style is excellent for bringing that connection back into the bedroom. Not only does this give your partner a sense of control, but it also allows both of you to gaze into each other’s eyes during lovemaking. What else can be sexier than that?

  1. Cowgirl

There’s no better position to gauge the responses of a man during sex than you on top of him bouncing and grinding in tune to his thrusts. Not only does this position give him a full view and access to your beautiful body, but it also gives him a chance to sit back, grab your ass while you ride him to climax.

  1. Doggy

Another excellent view for your man is when your beautiful behind lays out in all its glory, just for him. Lean over, arch your back, and spread your legs to give him perfect access. Encourage him to reach forward by allowing him to pull your hair or tits. Permit him also to spank you and talk dirty into your ear while at this.

  1. Standing Up

This is usually somewhat tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are limitless. Be spontaneous, surprise him by walking around the house with no underwear. Make it fun, challenge yourselves to make love in every room in the house in a day, and maybe a few times outside the home. Try having sex in the balcony while holding the pole or the garden maybe, just for the pleasure of sex. 

  1. Reverse Cowgirl

Let us add a little spin on a familiar style. Face away from your guy while riding him. You can try this with him sitting up and grabbing you from behind while nuzzling your neck. Grind hard against him and take as much of him as you can into yourself while you watch him explode with pleasure.

  1. Spooning

There is something so sensual and romantic about this position. Let your man hold you in his arms as you both rock oneself back and forth in unison. Press against him and encourage him to explore every inch of you with his hands.

  1. The Pretzel 

This is a time to get freaky. Lay on your side while lifting your upper leg up. Let your man slide in, straddling your lower leg and gently sliding in. This lets him have a full view of all the action (which is a huge turn on) while allowing him to hit sensitive spots you never know you had.

  1. The Lotus

Your man can either sit with his legs stretched out or folded in the yoga position. Straddle him and grind up against him. Let him dictate the rhythm and depth. Press his face into your chest, and don’t be shy to let both your hands and mouths explore erogenous parts of his body.

  1. The Butterfly

Lie on the edge of the bed with your feet hanging off and let him slide in. This enables him to grab you by the hips and control the rhythm of his thrusts. Also, your body is on full display and fully accessible by him.

  1. The Flatiron

Lay down on your stomach and use a pillow to lift your rear. Arch your back and let him slide in. This position is more manageable than plain doggy and lets him rest against your backside, adding a little intimacy to the primal nature of doggy style. You may want to look at the doggy style up there. 

  1. The Crab

The crab is a variant of the cowgirl position. Straddle him and then place your feet flat against the bed like you’re squatting down. Lean back and support yourself with your arms, then thrust forward in his pelvis. He can bend his knees behind you so you can use them to keep your body while you ride him. 

  1. The Lazy Girl

Similar to the flatiron, lay on your stomach and support your pelvis with a pillow. When your guy slides in from behind, let him rest on your body with his weight. Try rocking gently instead of just thrusting. Grind your rear against his pelvis to ignite the fire in him.

  1. The Mermaid

Lay on an elevated platform such as a low table or bed. Put your legs together and lift them in the air. You can rest them on his shoulder for comfort, but make sure your legs are pressed tightly together to give the impression of a mermaid tail. This lets him slide in as deep as possible.

  1. Angled Missionary 

Start with the standard missionary position. Find your flow, then both of you should lean towards the side, almost like you’re laying sideways but not quite. This position hits different spots than the typical missionary style.

  1. The Valedictorian 

This move is a real heart-stopper. Settle down into the normal missionary position, then surprise your guy by lifting your feet on his shoulders like a V. Grab his neck and pull him down into you as far as he can go. Look into his eyes and whisper all the dirty things you’re going to do to him.

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  1. 69

Stir things up a bit. Lay with your feet pointing towards your husband’s head. Enjoy some mutual oral sex. You can do this with either him or you on top, whichever you prefer. Grab his whole length in your mouth and work him till he explodes.

  1. The Great Bee

This is similar to the cowgirl position, yet with an exciting twist. Straddle him, but instead of letting your legs hang by his sides, pull them up till you’re in a deep squat. Then take charge and thrust up against him. Alternate depths and rhythm until you find your style.

Take charge of your sex life; don’t let making love become a tedious obligation. Be adventurous and bring out the sexual creativity in you. Never be afraid to shake things up in the bedroom. Remember that confidence is the sexiest trait a woman can have, so blow his mind out with a few of these styles.

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