14 remarkable tantric kissing techniques

14 remarkable tantric kissing techniques

Tantric kissing is a great way to bring intimacy into the bedroom. It helps couples focus on more than just the physical aspect of lovemaking. The tantric method preaches communication, balance, and restraints. Adding tantric kissing to your routine is very easy. It only involves a few simple techniques and principles which are easy to master. 

14 great tantric kissing techniques you should be practicing now:

Synchronized Kissing

This involves you and your partner working in synchrony. Hold each other in your favorite tantric position and look into one another’s eyes. Allow Lingam and Yoni barely to graze. While staring into each other’s eyes and with your mouths slightly open, breathe in tandem. Inhale and exhale some air slowly, letting your breaths and your souls synchronize.

Eyebrow kissing

This works best in the Yab-Yum position. You will gently kiss each other on the brow, transferring love into your partner. While you press your lips to their forehead, whisper words of love and adoration. Then with your eyes closed, slowly push your brows together. Synchronize your breathing and feel the love pass between your minds.

Orgasmic kissing

This is done in the intercourse position, with Lingam and Yoni in a full union. Lock gazes together and slowly synchronize your breathing. Lean in and kiss, maintain sustained contact throughout, and feel the flow of energy between your bodies. This technique is exceptionally stimulating, so make sure you control your rhythm and don’t get too excited.

Yin-Yang Kisses

This is best done in the Yab-Yum position. Take turns alternating between soft and deep kisses. Close your eyes and kiss gently for 2 minutes. Separate and breathe in the tandem while gazing into each other’s eyes. Lock lips again, but this time kiss more deeply. Separate and repeat the process until you feel your souls weaving as one in a back and forth motion.


Though this might sound odd, not all kissing techniques involve the lips. Nuzzling is a great way to build intimacy between partners. Sit or lay across from each other and use the tip of your nose to caress your partner gently. Rub them gently on their lips, nose, and neck. Caress them gently throughout the entire process.

Tongue Tracing

This technique is incredibly enticing. Run the tip of your tongue over the shape of your partner’s lips. Alternate these with gentle kisses. Don’t be shy to go beyond their mouths. Explore their face and even their body. Discover the areas that they enjoy the most. The tantric technique is about discovering yourself and your partner, so feel free to explore.

Hum Kissing

One of the tenets of the tantric method has to do with you, involving all your senses in the process. Humming is a great way to engage your sense of vibration and hearing. Hum gently into each other’s lips. You can hum your favorite song or a soothing mantra. Make sure you vibrate in synchrony and let the experience connect your souls.

Tongue Sucking

This is an incredibly stimulating technique, so it should be done cautiously to avoid overwhelming your partner. Alternate between soft and deep kisses. During the deep kisses, take your partner’s tongue into your mouth and gently suck on it. Switch between sucking slowly and quickly. Run your tongue against theirs and feel them shudder with pleasure.

Chocolate Kisses

This is a yummy way to involve your sense of taste. Use some of your favorite flavors of chocolate. Take in the scent of the candy. Feel your salivary glands awaken without even tasting the treat. Put a piece on your tongue and let it melt. Then slowly kiss your partner, allowing them to share in the love. If you have a chocolate allergy or prefer another treat, it’s okay; almost anything can work with this method.

Zonal kissing (for him)

The lower lip of a man is believed to be connected to the eye of his penis. By carefully stimulating this region, you can heighten Lingam to the highest point of arousal. Run your tongue against his, pull his lips within your teeth, and suck on it gently. Tread the steps gently all the way so that you won’t push him over the edge with pleasure.

Zonal kissing (for her)

According to tantric tradition, the upper lip is one of the centers of female sexuality. It is directly connected to your partner’s clitoris, the central zone of female sexuality, the pinnacle of Yoni. By gently nibbling and sucking on her upper lip, you can directly stimulate her clitoral region. This should be used with care as it is the ultimate form of kissing.

Thermal kissing

This is a great way to stimulate the senses. Alternate between warm and cold kisses all over your partner. Kiss your lover warmly on all their favorite spots. Breathe hotly over the area to warm it up. Then sharply stimulate them by rapidly cooling those body parts. This could be done by merely placing an ice cube against your lips and then kissing your lover over those same spots.

Teeth Kissing

This may feel a little bit strange at first due to its invasive nature, but after some time, it becomes a real thrill. Run your tongue lightly along the edge of your partner’s teeth and then gently probe deeper into their mouth. Use your tongue to explore every nook and cranny of their being. Graze your teeth lightly over their skin, and watch them shudder under your touch.

Affirmation Kissing

This is one of the most beautiful techniques on the list. An affirmation kissing is a highly sensual way of whispering words of love to each other. Sit in the Yab-Yum position and lock gazes for a few minutes. Then gently lock lips and whisper words of love and encouragement to each other. Affirm the importance of your existence to one another and entwine your souls with sounds of love.

Tantric kissing is a great way to spice things up. Lock gazes, speak words of endearment and let love lead the way as you make two souls become one.

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