Fun guide and tips on tantric games for lovers

Fun guide and tips on tantric games for lovers

Since tantra has a very long and ancient history, it is proven effective to improve intimacy and sexual relationships between couples. It is perfect for those who have somehow slipped into a monotone ritual of lovemaking, or have lost interest in intimate explorations. This activity can promote a more meaningful and spiritual connection between lovers. Tantra’s purpose is not just about physical contact but also applying emotional and spiritual connection to your partner. It is a historical way of worshipping each other. And so, the best way to try this is to get on with some tantric games with your lover. Not only will it improve your sexual and sensual intimacy, but it’s also very fun to do. This article will provide you with some ideas about tantric games.

Discovering the word Tantra

The word “tantra” originated in both religions of Buddhism and Hinduism way back in the 1st millennium AD. Its literal meaning is loom, weave, or system. In Indian traditions specifically, tantra means any systematic thing which is referable to a text, a system, a method, a practice, or an instrument. In a nutshell, if a thing or any action provides benefits to a person or some people, then that can be referred to as a tantra. Between two lovers, this can be applied by weaving physical, emotional, and sexual energies.  

Before starting on your games, tantric activities may require you to prepare some props. Don’t worry these can be easily found in your bedroom and it won’t trouble you to get them. Here are the things that you will need for these tantric games:

1.      Massage oil

2.      A scarf or a cloth usable for blind-folding

3.      Water-based lubricant (if you have any)

4.      Sexy lingerie (for women)

Now that you are fully equipped with your props, you can now start your sensual game with your lover. Here are some games that you can try and follow:

1.   Stripteasing

This game is a no-brainer for couples. Most actually do this in several instances; it builds up anticipation and increases humor and fun too. There are some ways to do stripteasing. You can simply take turns on stripping while dancing along with a sensual music. Another option is to play some actual games like board games and whoever loses can lose a piece of clothing too. This is very fun and can lead to a great lovemaking session.

2.   Tantric massage and music

Prepare a list of sultry songs that your partner can guess along as he/she is blindfolded. You may also give your lover a tantric massage while the music plays. In this massage, you can use therapeutic oils on your lover’s body. Make sure to choose a list of slow and romantic music that can calm the body and increases sensual mood. Take turns in doing each other’s massage on your naked bodies.

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3.   Caresses and tantric kisses

Using a blindfold, you can build up an anticipation of excitement and arousal by giving tantric kisses and caresses to your partner’s naked body. As you kiss along the body part, you can use some tongue and licking. Try to make your partner moan and submit to arousal. This is pretty much the main building of your sexual mood. You may alternate with your partner if you prefer.

4.   Dance and seduction

You can be flexible in following this game. The optimal goal is to dance together along with your body’s rhythm. This increases the buildup of physical and sexual longing. Play groovy sexy music that is perfect for you and your partner. As you move your hips together, you can sway or grind to each other’s pelvises and try to seduce each other. In another way, one partner can do the dancing while the other one is just observing and looking. It is also an effective way for tantric seduction that can lead to romantic lovemaking.

Now that you already have an idea about some tantric games, here are some tips to consider before starting these games.

·        Set your mind. You are doing this tantric activity not only to please your partner but to rejuvenate and recover your enthusiasm for your sex life as well. This is a two-way communication for love, intimacy, and trust with each other.

·        Be open to new ideas. Most couple’s lack of sexual intimacy is due to routinized sexual activities. Doing these tantric games will be a breakthrough from your norms. Embrace changes and try to suggest new ideas to your partner without hesitance. Your idea might be the same one that your lover had been fantasizing about for a long time.

·        Slow things down. The concept of tantra is to enrich lovers’ connections and sexual beings. You can never achieve any improvement if you do everything in a rush. Try to decipher the moments, and take it slow one step at a time. You can definitely maximize the experience by doing so.

·        Communicate and make eye contact. As previously stated, tantra is a system that improves not only your sexual relationship with your partner but also builds a spiritual connection. Communicate with each other and be expressive with your emotions. Let each other know what pleases you, what turns you on, and so on. Do all your sweet activities by making eye contact, unless of course if you had to be blind-folded. Making eye contact connects each others’ souls. You can understand your partner more by looking in their eyes as well.

Now that you are ready for some tantric gaming, don’t be afraid to start it anytime you’re ready. You can both practice by playing a single game or two. As long as you see your sex life-improving, it means the tantric game is effective for you. If you are more curious about other tantric games, you can also check Pinterest tantric posts. There are a lot more games that are available too. However, if you can make your own game, then that would be worth trying too.

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