Lost soul: Real cases of retrieval

Lost soul: Real cases of retrieval

Saying „I lost my soul” is not just one of the many ways of expressing our anger or depression. Shamans, philosophers, and scientists are still trying to resolve the mystery of soul loss. It can happen to anyone passing through a rough intense experience. You get up one day and you simply don’t feel like yourself. You think and walk differently as if you can’t recognise your mind and body. And this feeling won’t go away after some hours or days. It is your new reality. 

There are a lot of real cases of soul loss and people are still trying to find explanations. Some of them are scientific, some are from the shamanic world. But they are all giving possible reasons and important pieces of advice against this phenomenon. 

What is the soul and how can you lose it?

Before we get into the subject, you should understand what “soul” is and how we see it in order to explain soul loss. First of all, the soul is totally separated from the body. The latter is just a temporary host for the soul. Unlike our mind, which is conscious, worried, or doubtful, the soul makes decisions clearly and surely. It has proper resorts and internal reasons we barely understand. 

There are a lot of soulful persons and you may know a bunch of them. They are caring but straightforward, self-confident, and with a deep understanding of their feelings. When you feel free and you let your soul intensively manifest, you may lose it. But this loss is differently portrayed in the wide range of beliefs that exist on the Globe.

In shamanism, soul loss is the term used to describe the way parts of that essence become detached when we are faced with traumatic situations. In psychological terms, it is known as dissociation and it works as a defense mechanism. This means you try to detach from unpleasant situations by ignoring your feelings.  

But which are the exact situations that can cause a soul loss? Here are some of the most common:

  • Car/Work accident
  • Death of a family member/ close friend
  • Shock
  • Big fears of something
  • Any types of abuse

How does a soul loss feel?

Are you trying to understand what is happening to your mind and souls? Are you not sure whether you’ve lost your soul or you’re just not in a mood? 

These are the signs that you might suffer from soul loss:

  • You feel depressed, unhappy, and incapable of feeling joy
  • You sleep much more
  • You avoid interactions
  • You have thoughts you have never had before
  • You can’t understand your feelings
  • You get angry fast and you overreact

How to recover your soul?

Recovering a soul is an equally disputed process that shows a lot of facets. Some people believe in psychological solutions, while others opt for the shamanic road from Darkness to Light. This means that retrieval is a road towards finding the missing pieces of your soul, the pieces that the trauma made you lose. 

But how can you work and heal the missing soul? This is the question most people ask themselves and specialists. Here are some aspects you should take into account:

  • Meditation

Meditation can be a great way to recover your soul and all your internal spiritual functions. There are a lot of meditation guides that will help you travel inside your soul and heal it. It may work for a mild form of soul loss, while others should use stronger techniques.

  • Praying

Staying on the same spiritual side, we recommend you try praying. If you are a religious person, it may turn out to be more efficient than meditating. Call your soul back through prayers and be strong. Sooner or later, it will come back to you.

  • Psychotherapy 

This is the method that scientists recommend. It may work but at the same time, it can be deceiving. Through praying and meditation, you call your lost soul back. But during the psychotherapy sessions, the practitioner search for the soul pieces inside you. This may not result in soul retrieval but in soul building. You will unconsciously try to create the soul pieces that are missing, making yourself believe that you are healed. But this is nothing more than an appearance.

What happens after retrieval?

If we say you are a new person after retrieval, we don’t exaggerate. You can’t be entirely you after such an experience. You are better and you feel better. These are some advantages you may experience after you regain your soul completeness:

  • You have more self-confidence. This is also compatible with the fact that you become grounded and “solid”. Your life and your internal world is now a more reliable place to be. You will feel better with yourself.
  • You get more energy. Basically, you will feel like coming again into the world and being alive. This new energy you will gain will help you make good decisions and be present in your own life. 
  • Get new purposes. When you “reborn” you will want to rebuild your life, too. This means you will get new goals, purposes, and incentives. They will guide you to some new parts of the world you will discover. Don’t be afraid to follow them and trust your new instincts. 
  • Sleep better. We are sure that this will be the best advantage ever. If you had problems sleeping before, you will totally forget about them. Recovering you soul means recovering you good-sleep nights.

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