What cycle of collective awakening are we currently?

What cycle of collective awakening are we currently?

Despite what most people believe, humanity exists in a state of collective consciousness. This means that all our minds are intertwined, and our destinies are interwoven. There are forces beyond our physical senses which drive the direction of humanity. Only a few enlightened individuals who are privy to this information are aware of these forces and their influence in our lives.

The achievement of this state of enlightenment should be the ultimate goal of all individuals. It is the treasure that we should seek above all else. It seems that in recent times, humanity has forgotten this ancient mission. It may not be our fault, but merely a sign of the times, or rather, the cycle.

First off, let me bring you up to speed with the different cycles of collective awakening. There lies the answer to the question before us.

What is the Great Year Cycle?

Also known as the Yuga Cycle, this is an ancient Hindu belief. Yuga is Sanskrit for age. They believed that humankind cycled between four significant periods or epochs called Yuga, each representing a different level of spiritual consciousness and enlightenment amongst humanity.

Let’s take a closer look at these four ages or eras and what they represent for humanity:

Satya Yuga- The Golden Age

Also known as the Age of Truth, this means humanity’s highest peak of enlightenment. During this period, humankind lived in peace with one another. There were no wars, diseases, hunger, crimes, greed, or deceit. They did not need kings or rulers as everyone worked together for the progress of the community.

It was during this period that humanity was at the peak of spiritual enlightenment and understood the divine forces walking amongst them. Due to this, they were at peace with nature, and the earth freely produced bountiful fruits, which was more than enough to sustain them.

It is believed that all men and women were healthy, athletic, beautiful, and without sickness or blemish. They grew as tall as 30ft and could live virtually forever. This age is believed to have lasted 4800 years.

Treta Yuga- The Silver Age

This is the second age, rightly called the silver age. This represents a steep decline in the knowledge of man. As the man began to look for physical pleasures and delights, they started to discover concepts that were previously foreign to them. Pride began to creep into the hearts of men, and some began to desire dominion over others. It was during this time that kings and emperors sprung up all over the earth.

The connection between humankind and the earth was strained. The land produced fewer fruits, and humanity had to begin agriculture. It was also during this era that mining and other forms of craftsmanship were discovered. They were diminished in beauty and grace, but we’re still very noble to behold. The average lifespan of man was 10,000 years, and they grew over 20ft.

Dvpara Yuga- The Bronze Age

The third stage of the Yuga cycle represented the fall of humanity to almost where we are today. Wars and strife were rampant. Neighbors fought and killed each other over resources. Greed and corruption ran unchecked through the kingdoms of men. The weather was harsh and uncontrollable, and men now felt as if the earth had abandoned them.

There were still a few enlightened individuals, but they were being ignored more and more as time went on. The secrets of the universe were slowly lost to humankind as they seek knowledge and treasures closer to them. People now relied almost entirely on their sense and could not hear the voices of the spirits whispering within their hearts.

Disease became a severe problem, as well as hunger. In a bid to understand these new challenges, humanity turned to so many different religions and gods. They could barely feel the presence of the spirits within them but confused them for the voices of the false gods they created. The average lifespan of man was about 1000 years, and they grew as tall as 12 feet.

Kali Yuga- The Iron Age

This is also known as the last age of humankind. This is the lowest point of the Yuga cycle. This may be what some people described as the fallen man. During this point, the disease was ravaging through humanity. No person could claim to be in perfect health. The soul of man was cruel, petty, and weak. The wise among them were called madmen and driven out, while pleasures of the flesh were rampant.

Wars and famine were constant occurrences and a part of daily life. The earth had turned its back on humanity, sickened by the blood being spilled. The land was polluted and sick, being poisoned by society and the industries they had built.

The weather was rife with earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and all manners of natural disasters. The countenance of man had lost its nobility. People were consumed by greed, killing each other over material things. Knowledge of the ancient wisdom was all but lost. The height of a man was about 5ft, and their life span was only 100 years.

So what age are we in now?

Most readers may be tempted to say we are in the Kali Yuga, but there is good news. Humanity has recently entered the Dvpara Yuga. In 2012 it was believed that man finally completed the cycle of the Iron Age, which had lasted for 1200 years. As we enter the Bronze Age, you will notice the signs of the revitalization of humanity.

The average life expectancy is on the rise, the world is becoming safer than it has in centuries, and many diseases are being conquered. There are many struggles still facing humanity, but slowly with the guide of the divine forces, we will continue on the path to enlightenment. 

As more people open their minds and hear the ancient truth of the world, there will be a collective awakening among humanity. Spirituality is on the rise, and we are finally trying to right the wrongs done to our environment.

Maybe it is time for humankind to rise again and slowly come back to an era of peace and harmony.

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