Why you should incorporate tantric sex into your bedroom routine

Why you should incorporate tantric sex into your bedroom routine

Tantric sex is an ancient art that has gained popularity around the globe, particularly the western world. It is an ancient Hindu technique with a history spanning over 5000 years. The name originated from a Sanskrit word, which means the weaving and expansion of energy.

Tantric sex, unlike conventional lovemaking, is more than a process to spice things up in the bedroom, though it is an excellent way to do that. Tantric sex is about making out time to have a spiritual connection with your partner on a sexual level.

It involves a slow, harmonious form of sex that is less goal-oriented and more focused on the journey. Tantric sex may share some similarities with conventional lovemaking but still different from regular sex. It brings a sense of spiritual connection to the bedroom. It allows two separate souls to join as one.

How to prepare for tantric sex

Tantric sex is not something you dive into unprepared. That is not to say it’s challenging to master. Anyone can perform tantric lovemaking, with the right preparation. You have to be in a particular mental and spiritual state to get the maximum experience truly. 

So here are a few preliminary steps you should probably take before you venture into tantric sex:

Set the mood in the bedroom

The tantric method requires you to be relaxed and in control. Set the right atmosphere in the bedroom by putting scented candles and dimming the lights. Put on some relaxing and serenading music and make sure the temperature of the room is cold but cozy enough. Ensure that you and your partner are locked in a sex position as comfortable as possible.


Like I said, being in a calm state of mind is crucial for getting the full experience of the tantric method. You can do this with your partner or alone if you’re planning a solo session. Make sure you’re in a comfortable environment, clear your mind, and prepare yourself for a beautiful experience.

Try a little foreplay to spice things up

Before you and your partner get down to the central business, you can loosen up with a bit of foreplay. It doesn’t have to be strictly sexual. You can try snuggling, tandem breathing, even just staring into each other’s eyes. The important thing is that you both establish a connection.

Massages and mutual masturbation are also a great way to get in the mood with your partner.

What are the essential practices of the tantric method?

Take things slowly

The basic tenet of the tantric approach is to build up the experience with your partner slowly. Don’t just jump in and take off your clothes immediately. Talk, communicate what and how you are feeling, look into each other’s eyes. Spend some time just holding and caressing each other.

Communication is key

You have to share this experience. Talk about what you’re feeling. Discuss what you would like to do, what you react positively with, and what you don’t. There are no hard-set guidelines for the Tantric method; you have to discover what works for both you and your partner.

Find your tantric position.

Your tantric position could be anything. You should try things that allow you full eye contact or maximum physical contact. You can try spooning, sitting across from each other, placing your partner on your lap, and slowly caress each other’s bodies. 

Explore every inch of your being both physically and mentally. Try different breathing techniques to synchronize your breathing; this is a crucial aspect of the tantric method.

Why should you practice the tantric process?

It strengthens the bond of the relationship.

The Tantric method was created to improve intimacy between couples in the bedroom. By focusing on the mental aspect of lovemaking, it encourages bonding between partners. This is an excellent idea for couples who are becoming distant in and outside of the bedroom.

Slow down the sexual process. Don’t let being intimate become a 5-minute routine before you go to bed. Light a few candles, talk and lay in each other’s arms. This helps both new and old couples connect and heighten the experience of lovemaking even further.

It adds a bit of novelty to the bedroom

The scourge of monotony can curb even the strongest of libidos. Sex loses that special thrill and excitement when it becomes a strictly followed routine. Most couples fall into this pattern until they could probably have sex in their sleep, and some do.

Spice up the bedroom by trying something new. Instead of making love in the dark, add some scented candles. Play some romantic music and sway in each other’s arms. Look at each other in the eyes while professing your love for one another and promise never to look away. Then you can get rid of the clothes. Remember this; the goal is the journey, not the destination.

It’s excellent for your state of mind

The tantric method is all about communication and openness. It teaches lovers to slow down and enjoy more than just the physical aspect of lovemaking. It is the right way for partners to unwind and relax after a hard day. It relieves your stress and anxieties.

It is also a great way to start the day as this improves your chances of facing life and its challenges with a positive attitude and free spirit. Discuss your worries with your partner. Discover solutions together. Experts have strong opinions that this is one of the best ways to get over issues concerning anxiety and stress. 

In conclusion, the tantric method has been a technique used by countless couples over the years to reconnect and spark up their love lives. Remember, the central tenets are to take it slow, communicate thoroughly, and focus on the mental aspect of lovemaking instead of the physical. 

Partners should remember that the journey is more important than the destination. Delay orgasm as long as possible. You can try techniques like edging to heighten the experience, but be careful not to get too stimulated. 

You can try going through the process fully clothed or introduce BDSM into your routine. The possibilities are endless. Only you know what’s best for you.

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