Why Fear Death When There’s a Part of You That Won’t Die?

Why Fear Death When There's a Part of You That Won't Die?

Death — everyone can agree that it’s a very interesting and intriguing matter, yet most people are quick to pray that it doesn’t happen to them anytime soon. There are various reasons why dying is a really terrifying matter to us, and one of those is that it heralds the end of our existence as we know it.

Knowing that the spirit never dies can help allay that fear. That’s because it means that we are not going to disappear when we die, but will only go to a realm that we are bound to discover for ourselves once we’re already there.

Are you horrified at the thought of dying one day? Then keep on reading. Below we will talk about the fact that death is not your end as your spirit will keep on living. And once you reach the very end of the article, please share it so that its content may also be checked out by your death-fearing family members and friends.

Pain Associated With Dying

One of the main reasons why a lot of people are terrified of the moment that they die is that they are afraid to go through the intense pain that seems to come with it. In movies, it’s rare that we see deaths that are peaceful. Characters who are dying are usually gasping for air like there’s no tomorrow, pun intended.

You can consider yourself fortunate if you come across a death scene that’s so serene and beautiful that it could make you think highly of death and no longer fear it.

First and foremost, there is no reason for you to think that a lot of pain comes with dying. You should not discount the fact that some die in their sleep, which is something that a lot of people hope would happen to them when it’s their time to leave the planet. However, there is one downside to this: it can keep you from saying goodbye.

Leaving Loved Ones Behind

Another reason why a lot of people dread the day that they die is that they have no choice but to part ways with their family members and friends. Clearly, this is a purely personal matter in terms of why they don’t want to die. What makes it even harder to accept is that they will never see their loved ones again and vice versa.

Especially if you have small children, it’s painful to think that you will no longer be there to guide them and watch them grow. It may even cause guilt as it would seem like you are going to leave them with no other choice.

What is more painful to you: not seeing a loved one again because he or she’s dead or a loved one not seeing you again because you are already dead? The latter doesn’t make sense as you will no longer feel pain when you have passed. As they say, there is no more mourning, crying, or pain in heaven.

Doubts About the Afterlife

Speaking of heaven, since we were kids most of us were told that we’ll go to heaven if we’re good people and we’ll go to hell if we’re bad people. Different religions have slightly differing views when it comes to the afterlife. However, a lot of them agree that there is a place or realm to which we will go once we die

If you believe in the afterlife, then it’s for certain that you believe that spirits never die. On the other hand, those who never believe in heaven or hell do not believe, too, in the existence of the spirit.

Believing that the spirit neverspirit never dies is usually more than enough to make you fear deathless. That’s because you are acknowledging the fact that you will live on once you expire, albeit in a different form. Well, at least there is an available alternative to the idea that once you’re dead, you’re gone and you’re worm food!

spirit never dies

Why the Spirit Never Dies

Perhaps when you were back in high school or college you encountered the first law of thermodynamics. If it’s not that recent when you were in a classroom, worry not. Basically, it states that you cannot create nor destroy energy. However, it can be transferred or turned from one form into another.

Your mind works because there are electrical impulses shooting from brain cells to brain cells. These electrical impulses are a form of energy, which you can never create nor destroy, according to the first law of thermodynamics.

This is why your consciousness will stay around even if you’re already dead. That’s because not even death can destroy the electrical impulses that give you a mind. Basically, this remaining consciousness of yours is your spirit. So in other words, your spirit never dies because it’s an energy that cannot be destroyed, and this is what science says.

Many Possibilities After Death

So what will happen to your spirit if it’s true that the spirit never die? First, always keep in mind that the spirit never die. Second, no one really knows where your spirit will go or what your spirit will do after you’re gone. However, different religions and cultures have various answers to this particular question.

Which belief system you will subscribe to is completely up to you. No matter which one it is that you want to opt for, one thing is for sure: believing in something can make death a lot less terrifying matter!

If you want to believe that your spirit will go to heaven where there’s pure bliss, then believe that you will pack your bags and migrate to heaven after you die. If you want to believe that you will be reincarnated into a plant, animal or human being, then believe that you will have a rare opportunity to be someone or something else.

Before You Go, Literally

Your spirit will never die — accepting this as the ultimate truth can give you peace of mind that death is not the end. You will continue to exist in a different plane, realm, form, or body, depending on which belief system you prefer. Trusting in the fact that there is a spirit that will live forever makes death a non-existing matter.

Sure it’s some sort of a one-way ticket. You will not be able to tell your family members and friends that you’re still around, although in the world of paranormal there are many ways that this can be accomplished.

There are still many questions that need to be answered when it comes to leaving your body and living as a spirit. But in the meantime, what’s important is that you believe that the spirit never dies. And if you have some thoughts about this topic, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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