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What You Need to Know About Arcturus and the Arcturian Alien Race

What You Need to Know About Arcturus and the Arcturian Alien Race

No matter if you are into astronomy (a branch of science that deals with the physical universe and every object in it) or xenology (the scientific study of extraterrestrial species or aliens), you will find this article interesting. That’s because it talks about an actual star, which you can easily see from earth, as well as an alien race that is said to be from it.

It’s all about the star called Arcturus and the Arcturians Edgar Cayce made popular.

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One of the Brightest Stars Out There

You are not going to have a hard time finding Arcturus, which is a red giant star, on a clear night. The quickest way to come across this bright celestial body is by following the curve of the handle of the Big Dipper or Ursa Major. It’s not part of this famous constellation, but the constellation that it belongs to (Bootes) is just around it.

Arcturus is so bright that it was once used as part of the gimmick to make the Chicago World’s Fair back in 1933 attract more spectators and hoopla.

What the organizers did was attach several photoelectric cells, which are devices that created an electrical charge when illuminated, to several telescopes. At exactly 9:15 pm, the telescopes were pointed towards the direction of Arcturus, and its light caused the photoelectric cells to get activated. This flipped a switch that turned on the floodlights installed at the exhibition grounds. During that time, it wasn’t like other events the world had seen thus far.

Before we proceed with Edgar Cayce’s Arcturians, here’s a bunch of interesting facts about Arcturus:

·          It’s just 1.5 times the mass of the sun

·          It’s brightness is a little more than 100 times than that of the sun

·          It’s colder than the sun

·          It’s going to end up as a white dwarf before it dies

arcturians edgar cayce
Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce and a Race of Alien Life Forms

Above, we talked about Arcturus from the point of view of science. Now, let’s talk about this red giant star from the eyes of a prophet who lived from 1877 to 1945, Edgar Cayce Edgar Cayce.

Put simply, Edgar Cayce believed that an alien civilization from Arcturus has been visiting our planet for centuries already. Our constant visitors, which are called Arcturians, by the way, are not only higher beings than us but the highest of all the beings in the entire universe. Their ability to shuttle from Arcturus to earth and vice versa without trouble is a testament to their being an advanced civilization.

However, the Arcturian civilization is not just advanced technology-wise, but also spiritually. What’s more, Edgar CayceCayce adds that the Arcturians are residing in the fifth dimension, which allows these aliens to hop from one-star system to the other without any trouble.

EdgarCayce as well as the proponents of the Arcturians, whose photos, by the way, you can check out on Pinterest and Instagram, believe that there are several different ways that we can get in touch with them. However, there is one that is said to be the most effective as it permits us to enter the realm of the fifth dimension, and it’s none other than by entering a dream-like state.

If given the chance, would you like to prove that Edgar Cayce Edgar Cayce is right about the Arcturians by communicating with them? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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