What is Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and Why You Should Try It

What is Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and Why You Should Try It

Are you one of those women who practice meditation regularly to lower their stress and anxiety levels? There is a type of meditation that came into being not too long ago, and it involves stroking your clitoris. The practice of doing it is called OMing — from OM, which stands for orgasmic meditation.

This is not from the pages of a smut magazine — it’s actually a non-sexual act. Although it can make you orgasm, that is not the goal of this type of meditation exclusive to a woman like you. Rather, it is designed to help you let go of everything for a while (the act generally lasts for 15 minutes only) and get in touch with yourself.

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Taking a Look at Orgasmic Meditation

Just like what the name says, orgasmic meditation or OM is a type of meditation that can make a woman orgasm. But as mentioned earlier, that’s just a by-product of the act. OMing’s primary goal is to bring you to a more relaxed state. Especially if you are leading a very busy life, it can help you de-stress in a different way.

It came into being back in 2001 when a US-based company called OneTaste was established. OMing rose in popularity when various female celebrities started to talk about it on Instagram, Facebook, and elsewhere online.

While many of those who tried it were ecstatic with the results, there was one problem concerning it: a session doesn’t come cheap. Average women who were leading above-average stressful lives couldn’t afford it. Back when it was just peaking, every class came with a price tag that’s nearly $200!

So what’s the reason why every class coming doesn’t come cheap? Well, there’s a couple. First, OneTaste is a high-profile company. Second, a session comes with a practitioner who will stroke your clitoris for you.

Purported Health Benefits of OMing

According to women who gave OMing a try, they felt less stressed and anxious not only after the procedure but also during it. Many of them report feeling apprehensive and embarrassed before the act, which can be expected due to the nature of this type of meditation.

It’s for this reason exactly why OMing is best done with someone you feel comfortable with, whether you are the one being stroked or you are the one performing the stroking.

When performed correctly, one can easily attain the mental and physical relaxation that it is promised to bring. However, the perks that O M I n g offers do not begin and end there. Other wonderful things that it is said to bring, too, include lowered blood pressure, reduced muscle and joint pain, and improved sleep quality.

Many women who are fans of orgasmic meditation assert that it has helped increase their libido. As a matter of fact, some of them confess to being able to perform better in the bedroom.

Getting Instructional Guide on the Web

Because a session can cost a lot, you may instead visit www YouTube and look for tutorial videos on OMing. Especially if you cannot find someone to help you carry out this form of meditation, search for YouTube videos that teach you how to do OMIng on your own in your own bedroom where you feel comfortable.

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