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Watch the amazing movie by Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” free on October 31

Watch the amazing movie by Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” free on October 31

Louise Lynn Hay was an extraordinary woman who left a lasting footprint in the lives of countless people. She was a resilient soul who went through more hardship than any person has the right to bear. However, the most surprising thing is that she never let her outlook on life change. She always did her best to see the best in people and society.

This inspired her to touch the lives of several people around the globe. She was able to achieve this through her self-help books. The chief among them was the beautiful book, ‘You can Heal Your Life”. 

In this brilliant work of art, she explored a multitude of issues, but she focused on a single idea. She believed that diseases were just a physical manifestation of a sick mind and can be healed by conquering these negative thoughts.

Louise L. Hay was one of the best-selling female authors in the world. She had a gift for spreading her simple, yet powerful message in such a way that it could touch even the hardest of hearts. She spread stories of love, of healing, of encouragement, and forgiveness in a world drowning in despair.

You Can Heal Your Life was a massive success, with over 35 million copies sold worldwide in 30 languages. It deals with the mind and its power and how it can affect your body and health. She preached that most diseases are just by-products of the stress and anxiety that has become a part of our daily existence.

The book reached out to so many people around the world. In 2007, just ten years before her death, it was adapted into a documentary of the same name. The movie was directed by Michael A.Goorjian, with the screenplay written by Gay Hendricks. It was a massive success and further spread her message to healing and love to the world.

That is why on October 31st, in remembrance of the great woman and what she stood for, we will be having a free showing of her movie 

What Were Her Fundamental Teachings?

As we said, Louise Hay believed that modern medicine only dealt with the symptoms of the disease and not the direct cause. She thought that all forms of drug therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy were merely palliatives that dealt with the physical discomfort or symptoms of a disease without curing it.

Hay was a firm believer that all forms of infirmity from a mild headache to cancer and even AIDS were a result of negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety caused by the society we live in. She believed that people had fallen so deeply into chasing material happiness that they had forgotten about obtaining inner peace.

As a result of this perpetual quest for wealth, fame, and power, most people have been reduced to selfish, egotistical creatures. This allowed negativity and darkness to breed within their minds and manifest themselves as sickness. She believed that if you could purge your perception of this darkness, your body will also be healed.

So How Can One Heal Themself?

According to Louise Hay, the answer was simple. Look within yourself and identify the negativity eating away at you. She advocated techniques such as meditation, proper nutrition, reflexology, alternative therapy, and the New Thought belief of positive thinking.

She claimed to have used this technique to cure herself of cervical cancer without the use of modern medicine. She just went through a regimen of spiritual introspection, forgiveness, and healing. With that alone, she was able to purge herself of the negativity eating away at her body and be healed.

This is what she wishes to pass onto others through her book and its movie. The power to heal yourself belongs only to you, and only you are responsible for your health and well-being. Not some multi-billion worth of dollars corporation or harmful chemicals pumped into your body

What Are Some of The Techniques Advocated by The Movie?

Louise Hay supported a lot of different methods and ways of achieving purity and health. No one way is perfect; only follow what you feel is best for your body, spirit, and soul. With that pointed out, there were a few techniques she did personally recommend.

  1. Meditation

This is an excellent way of achieving clarity, awareness, and focus. There are different meditation techniques, find the best one for you, and stick to a daily cleansing routine. This is best done at the start and end of your day to clear your mind of all impurity.

  1. Reflexology 

This is a form of alternative therapy that involves applying pressure to certain parts of the hand and feet, which corresponds with other parts of the body. Similar to acupuncture, it is an excellent way of releasing stress and detoxifying the body.

  1. Detoxing 

Louise Hay personally used colon enemas to detoxify her body during her battle with cervical cancer. Detoxification is a great way to cleanse both your body and your mind. It allows you to release all the toxins and impurities built up by years of unhealthy living.

  1. Reiki healing

This is a form of alternative healing developed in Japan. Reiki healers harness universal energy from the environment and transfer this into a patient through their palms. By doing this, they heal a wide range of physical, mental, and spiritual afflictions.

  1. Crystal healing

Similar to Reiki healing, which can also make use of crystals, crystal healers use unique crystals with different healing properties to cleanse the body of negative energy. After purging the bad from the body, through medication and positive thinking, one may be filled with positive energy and be healed of any disease.

These are but a few techniques taught by Louise Hay over the years. Watch the movie free on our platform on October 31 and hear how you can heal yourself of any sickness eating away at you. The power to heal lies in your hands and your hands alone. You are the captain of your ship and  the master of your soul.

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