Want to have more spiritual sex, try the karezza method

Want to have more spiritual sex, try the karezza method

Sex, sex, sex, we just can’t seem to get enough of it. Whether it is a heart-racing quickie in the backseat of an automobile, intimate late-night lovemaking, or lazy Sunday morning sex, we’ve done it all. The problem with sex is that it can sometimes get tedious and less exciting after a while, mainly when it follows the same patterns.

You may notice that you’ve become more distant from your partner sexually. You communicate less in bed and make blissful love less frequently. When you see that happening, it may be time to bring something new into the bedroom. What you need is the Karezza method.

What is the Karezza technique?

The Karezza technique (pronounced Kar-RET-za) is a type of lovemaking which focuses on the journey over the destination. It is a sexual method that preaches on male continence and delaying orgasm as long as possible. Most couples who practice this method have foregone orgasms entirely.

The name karezza was coined by Dr. Alice Bunker Stockham, a Chicago obstetrician who was also a Quaker. She was an early advocate of the concept of birth control, women’s rights, discontinuing the use of corsets and sexual fulfillment for both sexes.

In 1896, she wrote a book by the same name. She got the name from the word ‘carezza’, which means caress in Italian.

How does the karezza technique work?

The Karezza technique helps practitioners achieve more intimacy in bed. It advocates cuddling, breathing, eye contact, and communication over genital stimulation.

Genital stimulation is allowed in the Karezza method. The secret is that both individuals try to avoid climax as much as possible. This will enable them to concentrate on the process of lovemaking and appreciate each other more.

The Karezza method teaches couples how to connect better in bed. It encourages them to be more sensitive to each other’s emotions and pleasures. It builds trust and communication between partners. The technique works best with intimate positions, like missionary, spooning, and reverse cowgirl.

What are the advantages of practicing the Karezza method?

It does wonders for your mental health.

Making love is meant to be a time for you and your partner to unwind and free yourself of worry and release any built-up stress. With the ever-increasing hustle and bustle of daily life, one can become drowned in anxiety and problems.

That’s why at the end of an especially stressful day, you will want nothing more than to melt into each other’s arms and be at peace. The Karezza method adds a more spiritual aspect of intimacy. It helps you relax and live in the moment with each other. 

Talk about your day in between lovemaking, mix it up a bit. There’s no hard-fast rule about how sex is meant to work. Find what leaves your mind clear and at peace with your world.

karezza method

It teaches the benefits of self-control 

Many people, old and young alike, have become slaves to their desires. The world moves so fast these days that it has permeated into the bedroom. Everyone is aiming for the finish line with their eyes on the prize. The problem with this is that you miss the beauty and maximum pleasure that comes with a sexual experience.

Teach yourself a little self-control. Even if you can’t do away with the climax entirely, make a conscious decision to delay it as much as possible. With time, and as you learn to appreciate the experience, you may decide to do away with orgasms and focus more intimacy. 

Experts have recommended the Karezza method for recovering sex addicts. It is also used for those dealing with past sexual trauma. It helps them regain control of their sex lives and overcome their issues.

It heightens the sexual experience 

Someone once said that the things we desire the most are usually that which we are out of our reach. Nothing elevates the pleasure of lovemaking more than delaying climax. As the desire increases, the throbbing deep within you only rise.

It steadily rises till you reach the peak of sexual experience. The advantage of using the Karezza method, however, is that for you, the summit isn’t a sharp slope like you notice during orgasm. It’s a plateau that lasts as long as you want it to, giving you full control of your sexual satisfaction.

It tricks your “pleasure cycle” into plateauing 

Everybody has a “pleasure cycle.” Think of it as a store of good hormones and neurotransmitters that are depleted when you orgasm. They slowly build up again, but it takes time and constant practice until they build up to that point of maximum pleasure. For some people, it may be as little as hours, and for others, weeks. 

Using the Karezza method, you can trick your body into plateauing at the peak instead of falling. By avoiding orgasm, you never depleted those neurotransmitters. This makes every sexual encounter extremely heightened and intense.

It’s a great way of having sex for those who don’t want to have intercourse

Sex can be challenging for people dealing with specific medical issues. It is a great solution for medical conditions like vaginitis, vaginismus, a recent vaginal delivery, and uterine prolapse

Because Karezza doesn’t have to involve strict intercourse, it’s an excellent way for couples to safely and comfortably continue their sex life.

It’s also an excellent method for couples who want to practice abstinence for varying reasons. They can still enjoy the full intimacy of a sexual relationship. This is because Karezza is still tremendous and brings you the desired satisfaction without having to engage in intercourse.

Best sex positions for the Karezza method

All sex positions can be used with Karezza. However, sexual positions that allow maximum physical contact and eye contact between partners are best. A few of them are:

  • Face to face
  • Spooning
  • Lotus position
  • Missionary
  • Mutual masturbation
  • Cowgirl
  • Seated oral with eye contact

Spice up your sex life with the Karezza method. It is a great way to connect with your partner, as well as get maximum pleasure from all your sexual encounters. 

By communicating, you can both discover things about yourself and each other. Just let your heart lead the way, and you can never be lost.

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