Using Crystals for Healthy and Balanced Chakras

Using Crystals for Healthy and Balanced Chakras

You can wear crystals around your neck and wrist as well as on your ears to make you look dazzling. But did you know that you can also simply lay them on various areas of your body to attain healing?

In this article, we will talk about using crystals for healthy and balanced chakras — or spinning disks that are the energy centers of the body. It’s of utmost importance to balance the chakras, all seven of them running from the head to the base of the spine, to make sure that energy is flowing through our bodies without obstruction.

Keep on reading to know how you can use chakra balancing crystals to ensure that your chakras are healthy and balanced. Share this article later on so that everyone you care about may be able to read it, too!

Why Crystals Can Do the Job

Perhaps you have heard or read somewhere that different crystals have different properties. No, this is not just a new age belief — there is actually a science behind it, which is called piezoelectricity.

Also sometimes referred to as the piezoelectric effect, it’s all about the accumulation of electrical charge in some solid objects due to stress. One very good example is a crystal, which is formed due to immense heat and pressure. It’s exactly because of this why it is vibrating, thus giving it healing properties.

Put simply, a chakra crystal is a specific type of crystal that can be used for balancing a chakra. Different chakras react to different chakra balancing crystals, so it’s best to use the right ones for the job.

Choosing a Chakra Balancing Crystal

There are hundreds of crystals out there. While each one of them has its unique properties and benefits, unfortunately, only some of them are excellent for crystal chakra balancing tasks.

It’s a good thing that there are not a lot of things to remember when figuring out which crystal is the right one for which chakra. For the most part, all you have to do is familiarize yourself with the colors of the chakras to know the crystal balancing chakras that you should get your hands on.

Let’s take a look at the seven chakras and the balancing chakra crystals for them according to color:

·          The Crown Chakra: Because the crown chakra is violet in color, the best balancing crystal options for it are also those that are violet. Some very good examples are amethyst, opal, and iolite. Clear quartz and diamond may not be violet in color, but they can also do the job.

·          Third Eye Chakra: Indigo-colored chakra can be balanced with much efficiency with the help of crystals with the same color. Your options include charoite, azurite, lapis lazuli, and sapphire. By the way, the third eye chakra is also sometimes called the brow chakra as it’s located between your eyebrows.

·          Throat Chakra: There are many crystals that are blue in color, and that is why it is virtually impossible to run out of a chakra balancing crystal to choose from for the throat chakra, which is blue. Some of your choices are blue agate, blue topaz, turquoise, amazonite, kyanite, celestite, sodalite, and larimar.

·          Heart Chakra: Just like blue crystals, there’s also an impressive assortment of green crystals around, most of which are perfect as chakras balancing crystals. Malachite, jade, emerald, aventurinecrystal, moldavite, unakite, and kunzite are some of your choices. Rose quartz may not be green, but it’s also good for balancing the heart chakra.

·          Solar Plexus Chakra: If you are not familiar with the solar plexus, it’s an area in the upper abdomen, about a couple of inches above the belly button. Since the solar plexus chakra’s color is yellow, balancing it is best done with yellow-colored chakras balancing crystal types such as tiger eye, citrine, topaz, hessonite, zincite, heulandites, and ametrine.

·          Sacral Chakra: Orange crystals are eye-catching and empowering, too. They are also perfect for making the sacral chakra, which is orange in color, healthy and balanced. It’s because of this why the likes of amber, carnelian, moonstone, tiger iron, sunstone, mookaite, and chalcedony make for superb balancing chakra crystals for the sacral chakra.

·          Root Chakra: Since the color of your root chakra is red, the best way to keep it in tip-top shape is with the help of red-colored crystals. Some wonderful examples are ruby, garnet, red jasper, smoky quartz, dravite, obsidian, and bloodstone. Hematite and pyrite may look metallic, but they are also fantastic balancers of the root chakra.

Before You Balance Your Chakras

According to experts, meditation and yoga can help to balance your chakras. Many of them, however, recommend the use of a crystal chakra, which has to come into contact with the accompanying chakra. When shopping for chakra balancing crystals, make sure that you are about to pay for genuine ones. In the current market, there are fake ones that are out of glass and plastic, and they are ineffective for getting your chakras healthy and balanced.

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