Top 15 Movies That Will Make You Think Deeply

Top 15 Movies That Will Make You Think Deeply

Are you a movie buff and do you think you’ve seen it all? Keep on reading. Below you will come across 15 movies that will question everything that you know, including who you are and what are you doing here.

Movie genres can range anywhere from action, drama, romance, western, horror, science fiction to fantasy. Then there are also sub-genres, which are those that fit inside certain genres and are often the combination of a couple of genres. But it doesn’t stop there — genres and subgenres can be combined with one another to produce even more genres!

Some movies, regardless of the genre, tend to stay with you long before you have consumed all of your popcorn. Not only do they keep haunting you for several days or a few weeks, but also change the way you think — sometimes for only a while, but other times for the rest of your life.

They are movies about consciousness — they alter your perception of the world inside and outside of you, mostly through mind-altering visuals and storylines. Every now and then, we come across movies that are thought-provoking, usually coming straight from the mouths of our family members and friends. However, some of the best of the kind are those that not a lot of people know because of their record-breaking low budgets and not-so-famous stars.

If you’re ready to engage the conscious being in you that’s commonly neglected each time you’re watching a drama or comedy movie, read on. Below are not 5, not 10, but a total of 15 movies that you should try to see. Feel free to share this article so that everyone in your social media network may be able to check them out, too!

1. Open Your Eyes (1997)

This Spanish film (Spanish title: Abre los Ojos) tells the story of Cesar, a handsome, rich and successful playboy. He wakes up one day in the confines of a mental facility, his once handsome face now disfigured. He can’t remember anything before ending up being locked up, except being in a horrible car accident. Now physically undesirable, Cesar has to search for clues in order to unveil the reality behind his fateful present.

2.Waking Life (2001)

An animated movie, Waking Life is about the story of a man who has the ability to go from one dream to the other. In some instances, he has a hard time telling apart dreams from reality. This 2001 film explores a number of philosophical issues as the animated protagonist comes into contact with different people from different dreams. You will enjoy it especially if you are interested in dreams and lucid dreaming.

3. Primer (2004)

This movie tells the story of a couple of young engineers involved in a project. They discover that their joint endeavor has the ability to let them travel in time — it can be easy for anyone who is given the chance to shuttle through the past, present and the future to be drunk with power. Primer, which was released back in 2004, also focuses on the risks as well as the consequences of taking advantage of a time machine.

4. 2046 (2004)

This is a novel within a movie — an author writes about a story that consists of a train going back and forth to a mysterious place that everybody calls 2046. In there, it is said that visitors could regain their lost memories and nothing ever changes. However, no one can prove whether or not it’s a fact as nobody had ever returned after heading to 2046, except for one person who is able to come back.

5. Enter the Void (2009)

The entirety of this flick is from the point of view of Oscar, a drug addict. He gets shot by cops during a bust that goes wrong, and his spirit travels to the past where he comes across his parents before they pass away. Oscar also journeys to the modern-day, where he stumbles upon himself being autopsied, as well as into the future to look after his sister, a stripper who is leading a miserable life.

6. Timer (2009)

A lot of people think that a movie about consciousness has to be fantasy or science fiction. Well, it can also be romance, such as in the case of the 2009 movie called Timer. It’s actually science fiction but the storyline is about finding one’s true love. In the movie, everyone is implanted with a device that counts down to the day that they find their soul mate. However, the female protagonist breaks the rule and falls in love with someone.

7. Another Earth (2011)

Watching this movie is like seeing a couple of conscious movies at the same time. For instance, there is a young girl who, after getting out of prison, seeks to win the forgiveness of a man whose life she shattered in a drunk-driving incident many years in the past. While the protagonists are involved in this matter, there is an earth-like planet that appears out of nowhere, which is not just any other planet but a carbon copy of earth.

8. Extracted (2012)

Have you seen the 2000 flick The Cell? Well, the 2012 movie Extracted is similar to it but has a lot less flamboyant costumes and sceneries. This movie is about a scientist who is able to enter the minds of people to take a look at their memories and is tasked with going through the subconscious mind of a drug addict who is convicted of murder. As soon as the scientist peeks at the memories of the druggie, the storyline peaks.

9. Upstream Color (2013)

Here’s a movie that you should give a try if you want your mind blown away: Upstream Color. Released back in 2013, it’s about a couple whose lives as well as actions are dictated by a distant parasite. The catch is that they don’t know that they are under the power of the said creature. Put simply, the movie is all about identity. It will make you think, among other things, whether you control your identity or your identity controls you.

10. Coherence (2013)

Eight friends at a dinner party experience all sorts of inexplicable events because of the influence of a passing comet on the planet. Soon enough, they realize that they are capable of doing things that they never thought that they could do. Enjoying Coherence is easy especially if you love horror movies — it’s actually science fiction, but nothing can be more terrifying than a cosmic object disrupting lives on earth.

11. Frequencies (2013)

Are you wondering if your future is going to be the product of fate or your free will? Then you should definitely watch the 2013 film called Frequencies. The story takes place in a parallel world where everything, as it turns out, is controlled by some predetermined frequencies. The protagonists, whose individual frequencies say that they’re not meant to be together, try to fall in love, putting their lives and the celestial balance at risk.

12. Under the Skin (2013)

You would think that Under the Skin, a movie released back in 2013, is one of those reality movies. That’s because it is about a beautiful woman who drives around at night in order to seduce unsuspecting men into her van. At the onset, it may seem like it’s an ordinary thriller flick, but wait until you learn that the mysterious protagonist is actually an extraterrestrial creature parading itself as an attractive woman.

13. I Origins (2014)

The movie is about a young scientist who is attempting to prove that the human eyes are the product of evolution instead of just coming into being as some experts claim. It begins to appeal to the viewer’s consciousness when the said scientist comes across the fact that the eyes of a child living halfway around the world are the perfect match for the eyes of a woman, his ex-girlfriend who died a year before the said child was born.

14. Predestination (2014)

If you love films about time travel, then you should see the 2014 movie entitled Predestination. Put simply, it’s all about an agent who is tasked with going back in time to stop criminals from committing their crimes. In his last mission prior to retirement, he is assigned the responsibility to catch a criminal, who happens to elude him every single time, before he has the chance to carry out a crime in which thousands of people will die.

15. The Frame (2014)

When two strangers (one is a cargo thief working for an infamous cartel and the other is a paramedic running away from a traumatic past) meet, the fabric of reality suddenly rips. It’s basically one of those consciousness movies with a thrilling cat-and-mouse affair. However, this time around the two protagonists is being chased by a demonic individual who is bent on putting existence to an end.

After watching the movies about consciousness mentioned above, come back to this page and share in the comments section below which one of them did create the biggest change in the way you see yourself and the world.

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