Top 10 Benefits of Going for a Military Haircut

Top 10 Benefits of Going for a Military Haircut

Just because you are not in the army doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from a military haircut. Especially if you have a square or oval face, you are not going to have a hard time pulling off a buzz cut. But feel free to sport it, too, even if you have a different face shape — a dash of self-confidence will make you look great in it!

Gone are the days when this particular haircut is exclusive to servicemen. Whether you are a geoscientist or a vlogger, choosing one from the many different military haircuts (yes, there are many of them) is always an option.

And when you come across some of the benefits of getting rid of as much hair on your head as possible, it’s likely for you to rush to a barbershop near you. There are various perks to enjoy for having a short do just like someone who’s in the military. Keep on reading to know 10 of the best reasons for you to have close-cropped hair!

It Can Make Heads Turn Towards You

Especially if you have been going for longer haircuts since the day that you came into being, having a really short do can leave everyone around you breathless. It will give you a 180-degree makeover, and it will make you a complete looker! But be warned: for the first few minutes that you see yourself in the mirror sporting something that you have never sported before, you may have a mini heart attack as you may fail to recognize yourself.

Helps to Keep Unsightly Breakouts at Bay

Are you like many people who are prone to having pimples and acne upon coming into contact with dirty pillowcases and other objects or surfaces? To keep your face blemish-free, it’s a wonderful idea for you to go for the right do — nothing can be better for you than a military haircut.

You Won’t Stink Even If You Don’t Shower a Lot

According to a survey, nearly 50 percent of men do not like to shower on a daily basis. If you’re one of them, you should consider having a military’s looks in terms of haircuts. With a really cropped top, you don’t have to worry about having a stinky mane even if you don’t like showering often. Daily hair maintenance should be the least of your concerns if you choose to let a hair clipper do its job.

Doesn’t Require Constant Shampooing and Conditioning

Because there is no need for you to step foot inside the shower every single day, you can save a lot of cash because you can skip regularly using shampoos and conditioners. As a matter of fact, a lot of men with military haircuts clean their heads with a bar of soap, which allows them to save both time and money.

It Absolutely Requires No Combing or Styling

After stepping foot outside the shower, you can dodge spending the next few minutes in front of the mirror trying to style your hair if you have a close-cropped do. Because of this, you can focus on things that you consider important, be it zapping aliens in a video game or winning the heart of your office crush. And just in case you get bored with your military haircut, you can always accessorize with an assortment of headgears.

There’s No Blow Drying Needed

Especially if you are always in a rush, you may have very little to no time to blow dry your hair. Well, you can stash that blow dryer in the back of the drawers because you won’t be needing it for as long as your mane stays clipped. In order to get rid of any water, all you have to do is run your palms all over your top repeatedly and you’re all set.

You Can Go for a Different Cut Each Time

Believe it or not, there are various army haircuts for you to choose from. They range anywhere from a high and tight afro to a flat top. You may also have the sides razor-designed! To have an idea of the best military haircut to go for based on the shape of your face, consider seeking the opinion of a barber who specializes in army haircuts.

Dying Your Hair in Trendy Colors is Easier on the Pocket

Getting your hair dyed allows you to look trendy as well as give everyone a slice of your unique personality. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the mane, the more expensive the hair dye service is. Well, with an army haircut you can look amazing on a budget — your trusted stylist at the local hair salon will not need to use a lot of dye just to give you the eye-catching look that you want.

You Can Say Goodbye to Split Ends

While it’s true that dying your hair can turn you from ordinary to extraordinary, sadly, it can cause damage to your hair. One of the worst things that could happen is that the ends could wind up dry and split. There is only one solution to those dreaded split ends: cut the affected tips. Nothing can make those split ends go away faster than telling the barber to give you a buzz do

It Lets You Look and Feel Cool During Summer

There are many hairstyles perfect for the hottest months of the year. In men, a military haircut is something that’s great in the summertime. One of the perks to enjoy for having close-cropped hair when the temperatures rise is that you can remain feeling cool while everybody else is close to having a heatstroke.

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