Tips for Tantric breathing and how it could Improve Your Sexual Being

Tips for Tantric breathing and how it could Improve Your Sexual Being

Have you ever experienced having sex with your lover but it seems that your mind is not at the moment? Your thoughts were crowded with other things, and you can not stay present with the lovemaking activity.  Maybe you felt upset about something, you are distracted about some certain events that happened on that same day, or you are too conscious of what’s happening at the moment. There are a lot of possible reasons why you can’t stay in the moment. It frustrates you, even more, when these inevitable things happen. If you are looking to improve your sexual well-being, then read along as we discuss some techniques for tantric breathing. This can help you relax your nerves and improve your sex life as well.

What is Tantric breathing?

As Hatha Yoga Pradipika mentioned in her quote:  “When the breath is unrestrained, so is the mind. However, when the breath is under control, the mind will be tamed as well,” this is definitely true in every situation. Tantric breathing is a method that lets you breathe at ease and as a result, you can be more present at the moment and your mind gets stronger as well. It has been proven effective for most people especially for those who have been troubling about not getting positive energy.

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Women are more distracted than men during sex

It is often concluded that women find it more difficult to be in a passionate zone during an intimate activity. Some studies related to Functional MRI technology, some scientists saw that the oxygen flow to other various regions and is not solely focused on such situational input alone. On the contrary, men have more depth of concentration during sex. While women tend to have multiple thoughts during this time, men could actually have more control over their thoughts. Women usually overthink even in the lovemaking situation, their minds are trailing off to other external thoughts like their daily events, their kids, work, and a lot more distractive factors. Their brains sometimes have turned off in focusing on the moment alone. Thus, women may sometimes find difficulty in releasing their orgasm.

What are the benefits of Tantric breathing?

Although breathing may be perceived as something that is not sexy and is not very appealing to do during sex, it actually works very effectively for you to result in orgasm during the act. It provides self-empowerment for women as they enjoy their orgasmic experience more and more. As for men, this allows them to last longer during sex. Other than the sex, of course, there are a lot more benefits for tantra breathing. Deep breathing actually effectively decreases stress and allows you to be more present in the current situation. When more oxygen is present, acquiring an orgasm is more achievable too. Oxygen will be released to your blood system, and you can relax more, and thus improve your sexual pleasure.

Techniques for tantric breathing

Okay so you might now be persuaded about the health benefits of tantric breathing, what’s next then? You should know how to properly execute it. Here are the different steps to breathe tantrically:

–          Breathing through the nose

This way of breathing reduces tension and also delivers you to a meditative state. This is a common way of breathing when you do meditation. This slows down your metabolism. In tantra, this is effective in controlling sexual energy. If you breathe more through your nose, it becomes more effective as well.

–          Breathing heavily through the mouth

The ultimate benefit of this breath type is that it dissipates the stress in our nervous system. It calms the nerves. Furthermore, this also results in a more expressive state of showing emotions. Thus when lovers make love, breathing heavily expresses the way they can’t get enough of each other. This method of breathing increases metabolism and also generates explosive orgasms. The faster you breathe through your mouth, the more it is effective.

Tantric breathing exercises suitable for you and your partner

It is suggested that the spooning position works well with tantric breathing. When you spoon your lover, you can sense and become more sensitive to their breathing. Your body can be able to adapt and follow the rhythm and you can synchronize with each other’s breathing too. In this way, it is easy for both of you to notice the speed of breath and its length. While this is beneficial for sexual connection, what most partners fail to see is that this is also actually correlated to having a deeper emotional connection too.

However, the process of tantric breathing can also be applied even if you are alone for some time. You may prepare to execute it first before joining your partner in your intimacy. You can practice deep and rhythmic breathing. The way to do so is to inhale steadily for a count of seven breaths. After this, you may exhale in the same count of seven exhales. You can continue to do is for some rounds, and then you need to hold your breath for three seconds. And then finally release an exhale that counts for seven breaths. If you can, try to practice releasing your exhales in a much more prolonged time. Let it be longer than your inhales. Try to control the release of your breath and let it somehow connect to the other parts of your body. That could be perceived and compared as an internal massage. You will notice how different you would feel afterward.

Try to practice more on your tantric breath, you can also find some helpful tips posted on Pinterest. Other social media like Instagram, breathing tips, and information can also be found in these sites. Do not limit yourself and broaden your mind as to how effective tantric breathing can improve your life especially your sexual being.

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