The divine hidden code in our fractal universe: the number 9

The divine hidden code in our fractal universe: the number 9

Numerology, at its most basic definition, is the study of numbers. This is numerology in its most simplified form. We can only hope that those who study numerology would probably not take much offense at that definition.

Numerology is a much more complicated discipline than just the study of ones and twos. It is more aptly defined as the study of numbers and their divine or mystical attributes, as well as their values in words, names, and ideas.

For centuries, numerologists have studied the value of numbers in science, religious texts, and natural phenomena. As they looked closer, they began to find patterns hidden in plain sight, from the arrangement of petals on a flower to the swirl of a seashell.

What Are Some Important Numbers That Exists In Nature

By now, several people have already heard about the Fibonacci sequence, a sophisticated theory for solving linear progression related problems, a simple mathematical progression found in many natural phenomena such as those mentioned above.

Besides the Fibonacci sequence, there are some other popular numbers and series found in nature, such as the golden ratio, the Lucas Sequence, Archimedean spirals, and so on.

All these are very intriguing figures, but in this article, we focus on another impressive number. One so well hidden in plain sight that we are blind to its divine nature and beauty. I’m referring to none other than the number nine.

The number nine is a particularly intriguing member of the decimal system, the famous set of ten digits we use to make up all other numbers. Besides being the last number in the decimal system, it possesses quite a few new properties and attributes not seen in any other figure in the decimal system.

What Makes the Number 9 So Special?

Aside from holding the position of being the last number in the decimal system, figure 9 also has some other essential features. Let us take a more careful look at some of these outstanding features. 

It is the foundation of the circle.

One of the perfect shapes in nature is the circle. The number nine is the basic building block in constructing an ideal circle. If you bisect a Circle, you’ll begin to see naturally occurring examples of the number nine hidden in every cut.

A circle is said to be made up of 360 degrees if you add up each number in that figure you get:


Using 270, 180, 90, and 45 degrees all give the same value. These represent the angles gotten from sequential dividing a circle into smaller equal parts.

It may be the next breakthrough in healthcare 

The Rodin Coil is a unique three-dimensional shape created by Marko Rodin using a torus (a never-ending loop that resembles a donut). It showed hidden pieces of information, sequences that have never been seen before, and regularities with the decimal system and the number 9.

The Rodin Coil has been studied for its unique magnetic characteristics and has been called a promising breakthrough in the field of cancer treatment.

It may be the secret to unlimited free energy 

Like we said above, the Rodin Coil possesses specific magnetic properties, which make it unique and very intriguing. Scientists, technicians, and engineers are currently looking into the Rodin Coil as a source of unlimited free energy. 

The Rodin Coil may be the most life-changing technology of the 21st century, the most significant thing since Tesla gave us the alternating current. Funny enough, Tesla himself believed 3,6 and 9 to be the keys to the universe.

Numerological features of the number 9

From a numerological standpoint, the number 9 has some special characters associated with it.  Any number multiplied by the number 9 gives a figure which, when all the individual figures are added, gives the number 9. For example, 9×4=36 and 3+6=9. Another instance is 9×8=72, which, if combined, gives 7+2=9.

Try this with any number, and you get the same value. It seems no matter the power of the other figure, the number 9 seems to dominate.

In numerology, it can modify.

Another interesting example of the dominance of 9 is its ability to confer a particular property on every number it meets. If the figure 9 is added to any number, take for example 7, the addition of each figure in the resulting figure gives back the original amount. Using seven as an example:

7+9=16, 1+6=7

This works with every number, further showing the modifying ability of the number 9 and its dominance over other numbers.

It represents a sense of finality

Being the last number in the decimal number system, the number 9 had always represented finality. This is especially true when nine is found in a cycle. It may be seen as the completion of an endeavor, the end of life or the last step in a journey,

It is the final point to be passed before the start of a new cycle. Therefore, the number may be seen as an endpoint or the beginning of a new phase in life.

Temperament attributes of the number 9

The number 9 has been associated with individual temperaments and characters. It has been called just, selfless, and are great leaders. This is why this number has been a cornerstone in the world of numerology.

However, like all things, there are two sides to this coin. The number 9 has been associated with some negative attributes also. it may seem aloof, proud, and high minded to those who don’t understand its dominance.

She can be seen as particularly arrogant and condescending, described as cold, cruel, and subjective. If not tempered by the positive side, the number 9 may fall too easily into the dark.

The number 9 may be the hidden secret to the understanding of our divine fractal universe. What mysteries we may discover over the years, only time will tell. What we know as a matter of fact is this : we have only seen a tip of the iceberg.

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