Slider Phenomenon – Phenomena of High Energy People Causing Electronics to Go Haywire

Slider Phenomenon – Phenomena of High Energy People Causing Electronics to Go Haywire

There is a famous quote: 

“Everything is made of energy which includes humans as well.”

The slider phenomenon has never been demonstrated to occur in a scientific experiment, and the people claiming to have this ability are also unable to reproduce the effect on demand. However, you will be surprised to know what happens when the energy levels in the human body increase beyond a certain level.

To make things simple, a paranormal author Hilary Evans coined the term Street Light Interference (SLI). The term claims the ability of some individuals, who can turn street lights or a buildings’ security lights on and off when passing near them.

The name “Electric People” refers to such humans as super-humans. Although a lot of people claim it may have happened to them too. Faulty Street light flickers when they are driving by them. Light bulbs turn on and off in their presence. Still, SLI believers allege that they experience this regularly with everyday items like light bulbs or specific lamps. 

The Science Side of Slider Phenomenon

People who experience this are called Sliders, and they report that whenever it occurs. They are often in an extreme emotional state. It can be after trauma when dealing with increased stress, emotions or a significant life event. A Slider Debbie Wolf, a British barmaid, told CNN:

“When it happens is when I’m stressed about something. Not really manically stressed. Just when I’m really mulching something over. Really chewing something over in my head, and then it happens.”

On the other hand, David Barlow who was a graduate student of physics, as well as astrophysics, says otherwise. He doubts that the people might be witnessing patterns in ‘haphazard noise.’

The biological side of the slider phenomenon states some reasonable speculation if it is a real one. It should have to do something with the electric impulses from the brain. The brain generates electric pulses, and all of our opinions and actions are the outcomes of these impulses. At present, we know that these measurable impulses only affect the individual’s body. Still, if these impulses can affect outside the body too, they can cause the commonly known SLI effects.

How to know if you are an Electric Person/Slider

  • Sliders are known to drain the battery of watches; the watches stop working within a few hours or days if they are wearing one.
  • Light bulbs and street lights are affected by their presence. These fluctuate or go out entirely. Some people even reported light bulbs bursting due to their presence.
  • Sliders are known to have issues with electronics, say computers, cell phones, websites, or even electronics in general. It varies from computers freezing up, phone batteries losing charge, electronics not recording for them, or even the internet not working.
  • Sliders are known to have an irregular heartbeat when the slider phenomenon is taking effect.
  • They are very sensitive to energy.
  • The slider phenomenon relates to the heightening of energy levels, so in such cases, Sliders have a hard time calming down. It leads to increased heart rate, feelings of energy pulsating. Being unsure of how to deal with the excess heat.
  • Another weird symptom is that Sliders feel charged during storms.

What makes a person a Slider?

Sliders have unusually high energy and also unusual events or accidents which make them a Slider. Not everyone is a Slider because not everyone encounters the following factors

  • Having a near-death experience.
  • Being struck by lightning.
  • Having suffered from a significant electrical shock in the past.

Because only a small number of people experience such events. They tend to have unusually high energy as compared to the rest of them.

What to do about it?

First of all, there is nothing wrong with being this way. Most people don’t talk about it. They don’t want others to think that they are weird or something is wrong with them, but they have high energy. However, this can be draining or frustrating because we live in a very electronic world. However, these people tend to mess up with everyday electronics. Still, there are a few things to do, to reclaim balance and peace, and to control this high energy.

  • Yoga is something that one can do to ground out the intense energy. It involves a focus on holding the poses and maintaining integrity. Iyengar Yoga can be helpful for this thing.
  • Meditation can also be a perfect way to take some time and focus on the breath to refocus on energy. It can be done through a guided meditation or even just taking some time. Listening to peaceful sounds helps in retaining strength.
  • Solitude is quite essential. High Energy People are highly vulnerable to the energy around them. It can be necessary to take time away to clear from the negativity and to clear their energetic field.
  • Befriending nature can be quite beneficial. Like lightning bolt grounding into the Earth, the natural world can also act as a potent grounding force for this energy. Sitting and listening to the natural world, taking a walk among the trees, the sounds of birds and leaves in a peaceful evening. Lying on the Earth even can help in grounding this energy.
  • Balancing one’s self as well as self-care, both help a person to be at peace which is quite beneficial in reducing the extreme emotions.
  • Having a firm control over emotions is the most critical activity in controlling this. Sliders who experience this slider phenomenon tend to have high or extreme emotional activity. So managing these emotions is the controlling of this phenomenon as a whole.
  • Lastly, the most important thing is not to feel bad about yourself and know that you’re not alone. There are a lot of accounts around the globe, with people having the same interactions with electronics. Don’t feel for a second that something is wrong with you. Just try to find peace and balance within yourself to overcome such disturbances.

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