Simple ways to clean lungs in a few days. For smokers and non-smokers.

Simple ways to clean lungs in a few days. For smokers and non-smokers.

We are all aware of the quality of the air we breathe day by day. It doesn’t matter if you are a smoker, you live around an industrial area or in an ultra industrial country, or you spend most of your time outdoors, your lungs will periodically need a detox session. But how do you clean your lungs in a short period of time and with steady results? 

We’ve prepared some ways you can successfully and healthily clean your lungs in a few days and some minor changes in your lifestyle.

Why should I think about lung detox?

Although this might be a clear question for a smoker, the rest of the people might have never thought about having any lung problems. But this is today’s reality and we have to face it.

There are a lot of toxins in the air that we breathe. These toxins remain in our lungs for years, being the cause of poor lung functionality. These organs are like sponges, remember? Their vascular pathways should be free and clean so that they can absorb as much air as possible. Therefore, when the toxins clog the ways, parts of the organs will not be sufficiently oxygenated. You’ll experience tiredness, fatigue, and heavy chest feelings. 

That’s why it’s important to think about the health of your lungs before the consequences show up. Through regular cleansing and detox, you’ll evacuate at least a little part of those toxins, helping yourself breathe easier.

Is it possible to clean the lungs?

The truth is that the answer to this question is not so simple and the people who say it is – lie. We recommend you not to trust the myriad companies promising to get out all the toxins from for body in an instant. Quick fixes for the health of such complex organs as the lungs don’t exist. And you should be very careful with the pills, essential oils, or natural herbs you use during these wonder treatments. If you decide to go for one of these, pick at least a trustworthy brand who proved the safety of the products it provides.

However, there are some ways to clean your lungs in a safe and effective way at home with only some little changes in your lifestyle and some tips and tricks. Before you need to get some serious pharmaceutical treatment, try the steps below. Some of us have noticed significant changes even after the first day of this detox program. A couple of days after, even the air that they breathed felt better.

How to clean you lungs – 3 days detox

The health of your lungs depends on the good state of all your body. That’s why, in order to clean your respiratory system, it’s of utmost importance to take care of the other systems which communicate with it. We’ve prepared a set of steps you have to perform 3 days in a row.

For better results, don’t eat any dairy products two days before you begin the detox plan. Moreover, make sure you drink a warm cup of herbal tea in the evening before the first day.

clean lungs

Step 1: Drink a glass of warm lemon water before breakfast. Don’t be reluctant to put as much lemon juice as possible. Repeat this step during breakfast, but replace lemon water with pineapple or grapefruit juice.

Step 2: Drink a lot of natural, without preservatives carrot juice between breakfast and lunch. This will help to alkalize the acid medium inside your stomach.

Step 3: Drink a cup of juice made of products that are rich in potassium. You can choose between beets, tomatoes, bananas, leafy greens, and many other fruits and vegetables.

Step 4: Finish your day with a glass of cranberry juice which will fight any infection able to contribute, over the night, to creating a lung bacteria. 

Step 5: Tale some hot long baths (at least 20 minutes long). Optionally, drop some essential oils in the water and deeply inhale the hot scented air.

Step 6: You should have some deep breathing sessions every day for at least 30 minutes.

Try seeing it as professional training for your lungs. This will increase their power, making them more resistant to harmful bacteria from external sources.


More ways to keep lungs clean

After you experience the great feeling of clean and powerful lungs, you won’t ever want to go back to their previous state. Therefore, we propose some more ways to keep your lungs healthy.

  1. Do steam therapy

This is a scientifically proven way to drain mucus from your lungs. All you have to fo is inhale hot vapors with essential oils added. This can ease breathing and improve symptoms of lung ill patients.

  1. Control your coughing

To avoid cough seizures, you need to start controlling them. Sit on a chair and focus on your inhaling and exhaling. Deeply inhale for a couple of seconds and then slowly exhales. At the same time, gently press your stomach with your hands and cough. Start again and repeat the process as many times as you feel it necessary.  

  1. Be active!

Keeping your mind and body active has a great influence on the functionality of your lungs. Make sure you exercise as often as possible and most of your workouts take place in a safe environment. Opting for an outdoor walk or joking would always be better for your lungs than watching another episode from your favorite TV-series. Don’t forget to adapt your workouts to your physical possibilities to avoid injuries and fatigue.

  1. Switch to green tea

The tea with the best anti-inflammatory properties is green tea. It’s even better when you prepare it from scratch at home, from natural fried herbs. It has a lot of antioxidants which will protect your lungs and not only. 

Final thoughts on how to clean your lungs

Be patient and very careful with your lungs. After you do this detox program, you may need to change a lot of other habits in your lifestyle to enhance the results and keep them for a bigger period of time. We wish everyone healthy and clean lungs!

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