Sexual tips to keep him turned on


Every sexual partner at a point in time get concerned about how to turn their partner on and how readily they can make them sexually hyper. 

Over time it’s been known that men are quicker to getting turned on, compared to women, but in some scenarios, the situation could be different due to some factors like sexual familiarity, tight schedules, stress, or even the inability of a woman to seduce them properly.

If you are having a swell time turning your partners on or you want to take your sexcapade to the next level, this piece is for you. Let’s take a sneak peek at some sexual tips to get him sexually interested and all kinky on you.

How to keep him interested, sexually

1. Dirty talks: 

Dirty talks can never be overrated because it works just perfectly all the time, especially when you are very good at your game.

To make him want to hop all over you and lay with you, you have to engage him in dirty talks. Nothing makes a man horny than the words they hear and the things they see. But you have to be very good when you do this.

Pay attention to your appearance and expression when trying to get him turned on through dirty talk. Get clean on him, bite your lips as you do it, you’d get his dick breathing for air out of those little shorts.

You can make use of dirty phrases like: 

It might sound greedy, but I need your cock so bad right now.

 Do you want to dive inside? I’m nice and wet for you.

Do you think I have panties on right now? Do you want to check?

2. Go red on him: 

As earlier stated, what a man sees drives his sexual urge crazy. In most cases, the color red does the job. Wearing a red dress makes you sexier and sexually attracted to him. It’s called the red dress effect, and it works wonders, making you irresistible when it comes to getting him turned on.

Wear a lovely skimpy light red dress, and watch him drooling all over you.


3. Get playful with him:  

Most men at the end of every day get bothered about one thing or the other. It could be issues related to his work or just how to figure his next move. 

So, to sweep him off his thoughts and get him aroused while in bed, you may have to ease the tension in the air just a bit.

Curl around him, poke his nose, wrestle with him, pillow fights, and lot more. Before you know it, the environment is full of giggles, smiles, kisses. Then boom, both of you are getting intense and with your tiny little fingers in the right place, you are already having a good sexcapade.

4. Act assertive:

 It is no longer an alien phenomenon that, in several cases, men are the ones to instigate sex.  It is true, women are more responsive when it comes to sex. 

They always want someone or something to react to while men are spontaneous when it comes to sex. However, it gets tiring when it becomes an everyday thing.

You can switch up the game, walk up to him and tell him, “Baby, I want you inside me right now” “Come and lay with me as you fondle with my breast” he’d jump up to the very sound of that. Be assertive once in a while, and note ‘being bold is sexy”.

5. Your demeanor, your laugh: 

Sometimes you don’t have to stress yourself much to get him all over you. All you need is a perfect smile or laugh and boom he’s already wondering how to get laid with you.

People generally don’t get sexually interested in a dark environment where everyone is sober and moody. 

Up your game by initiating discourse that will beget laughter and happiness. Throw him some dirty words here and there. There is no better way to get him crazy for you than when humor meets seduction. 


6. Take a bath together: 

Suggesting to have a bath together is not much of a bad idea. It is a silent way of saying you want him in.

Suggest a shower together and if he refuses, drag him playfully and help him undress. Allow him to scrub all areas of your body while bathing, engage his hands while scrubbing your body, be the guardian angel that will show him the light.

 Let him scrub across your breast and suggest you’d do the same to his body too, and within the twinkle of an eye, he’s already horny. If you are lucky, he will allow both of you to get to the bedroom to start, but most times, you’d find yourself in a very unlucky but happy position.

7.  Watch romantic or sex movies together: 

Nothing registers an all romantic or sexual scenario than watching romantic movies together. He already knows what you want, so he wouldn’t find it much of a bother or problem to go for it. 

Movies such as Fifty Shades (all sequels), Pirates, Game of Thrones, etc. are movies you can opt for to get him turned on.

8. Touch his body. 

There are some erogenous parts in men that get them shaking and all funky for sex.

These body parts are sexual zones.  When they are touched, this always results in getting guys turned on.

Playfully touching his penis, neck, scrotum, and nipples will heighten the real chances of him getting turned on. 

Even though kissing could be an everyday phenomenon, there is a way you can go about it, that it will get him turned on. Kiss him nice, slow, and prolonged and boom he’s all over you.

9. Wear transparent clothes or lingerie: 

Letting a man have a view of your body will not only make him go gaga but get him so turned on. His curiosity will increase, which makes him want the whole deal.

But you have to be selective in what you wear because not all dresses get a man kinky. Know the ones that get him in his feelings. Transparent wears, that reveals just enough will spike his hormones anytime.


10. Make him feel loved:

 Some men are mostly sexually interested when the love factor is in play. Love goes a long way in getting a man turned on and wanting him to lay with you. There wouldn’t be restrictions on how sexually hyper he can get if he loves you for who you are and who you appear to be.

Most people don’t pay attention to this, but it goes a long way.

Having embraced the tips, it is worthy of knowing that getting your man turned on is a depends on you too. You have to be unique with your skills and up your game. The right art of seduction will get everyone always wanting more. Make your art of seduction suspenseful and a thing of mystery so that he’d be left to wonder what’s next and also keep him on his toes.

If it is a bodily art of seduction, take it slow and steady; don’t rush it. Taking provocative steps makes you much sexier. So live in the moment and make use of every part of thy body ranging from your tongue, your touches, and your bodily movement.

You’d be amazed how speedily he’d come for you like a deer panting for water.

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