Safe zone for when pole shift happens

Safe zone for when pole shift happens

You surely know from your science teacher that the geographical poles don’t align with the magnetic ones. You should also remember that, unlike the geographical ones, the magnetic poles are constantly moving, especially the northern ones. The movement has been barely detectable for scientists for a lot of years. Yet, the theory of a possible pole shift became more and more popular in the past years, due to significant change in the location of the magnetic pole from the north. Consequently, a lot of people started thinking about pole shift safe zones. Where is the best place to be in the event this phenomenon happens?

We did our research and found out some of the safest places you should be in, in case the northern pole drastically changes its position. We selected them based on the consequences we’ll face during and immediately after the event, such as multiple earthquakes, volcano eruptions, lack of resources, etc. 

Yet, let’s get a grasp about the physics behind this theory and understand why so many people fear this possibility:

The history of pole shifts

Reportedly, similar pole shifts took place three times since the appearance of Earth. Scientists approximate it happens one in a million of years. Based on these assumptions, they closely observed and analyzed the position of the northern pole, which has more flexible coordinates. 

The pole was firstly pinned in 1831, during an expedition in the Canadian Arctic. More than a hundred years later, in 1940, the US Army discovered that it moved 250 miles (400 kilometers) to the northwest. It wasn’t a surprise for the expeditionary to find it almost 1000 km away in 1990. 

This wouldn’t worry specialists if the Earth kept the pace. But it didn’t happen. Lately, the fluctuations in the Arctic Ocean occurred more frequently. This is a sign of magnetic changes deep down in Earth’s matter. As a result, institutions started to act.

What are the measures institutions took regarding the pole shifts?

As the magnetic pole is getting away from Canada and closer to Siberia at a fast pace, the consequences became a real thing. It affected the GPS system on mobile devices, as they oriented after the old coordinates. 

Specialists have to constantly build new magnetic maps of the world so that the GPS guidance won’t be fooled by the errors. Such a big project was started in 2015 and the results were released at the beginning of 2020.

What to expect during shift pole?

Scientists claim that this complex process will happen gradually, on a specific time frame. Each of these periods will distinguish itself through specific phenomena in the outside world. The first sign of an impending shift is the constant and uncontrollable rise of the Arctic Ocean level until it floods big surfaces in North America and not only.  

What should we also expect from the pole shift process? Here is a shortlist of possible consequences which should be visible in the second and third timeframe:

  • Multiple earthquakes. Big erogenous zones we know today will be extremely active during this period.
  • Japan splits and one of the parts gets overflooded.
  • Australia’s west coast gets overflooded.
  • The World has no electricity and the Internet. We know how scary this sounds. We wouldn’t have our main ways of communication. Maybe is not so useless to have a radio by your side when things get more complicated. 
  • The sun rises from the west.

When any of these happens, the chronometer set for two weeks starts ticking. That’s the time you have to get yourself and your beloved ones in a safe place.  

pole shift safe zones

What pole-shift safe zones exist on Earth?

According to the last studies, the pole moves with 34 miles/year. At this speed, we can say a certain phase of the pole shift has already begun. It’s not a theory anymore. That’s why, if you’re concerned about the possible consequences and risks, don’t worry anymore. We’ve got some places that will shelter you. 

1. Stay away from volcanoes

The big manta movements that influence the pole shift can result in volcano eruptions. This is explained by the mere definition of a volcano. It creates fissures, cavities through which the manta can get more space. During the pole shift, the process will intensify. That’s why you should stay away from any source of lava, no matter if you’re thinking about a dormant volcano or not. 

2. Be in the middle of the continent and above sea level

Being as far inland as possible is safer because the floodings may be uncontrollable during those times. Yet, choose a high point in the middle of the continent. Scientists opine that you’re going to be entirely safe only around 1200 feet above the sea level. 

3. Let the ground protect you

If you can’t reach a certain height place, there is another possibility – go down. Among the safest underground places are a cave or a sort of bunker. 

As far as the cave is concerned – make sure it is not somewhere near a big source of water. On the other hand, the underground structure has to be sustained by solid foundations that would cope with big seismic movements. 

4. Make sure you know the surroundings

The more we study this event, the more unknown data comes out. This means that we have to prepared for everything. If you take shelter in a certain place, make sure you know it like the back of your hand. There’s a big chance that you will have to change it or get out to find something and the thought of getting lost doesn’t sound good at all.

Conclusions on pole shift safe zones

Nothing is for sure. However, we have to be prepared for everything. Be informed! Follow the recent news regarding this topic and when those times come, make sure you keep calm and go in the place you’ve prepared for you and your family. 

We hope these ideas on pole shit safe zones were clear enough and you will consider them when the time comes. Take care.

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