Relax and navigate a void dream calmly

Relax and navigate a void dream calmly

Have you ever been in a void? Yes, that’s right, that is correctly spelled as v.o.i.d., however, it is not the same word you have on your mind right now. What I am referring to here is the void that dreamers experience when their lucid dreams collapse. Did you ever experience floating in space? Did you ever get stuck in a state of infinity? You may only see everything in black and nothingness, yet you are aware that you exist in that state. You do not see yourself or your body. You are simply in the void. Often times, you don’t understand how you ended in that sense but it just happened. It’s strange but a lot of people may have to share some ideas and stories about the dreaming void. Well, let’s discuss more the void dream.

What is void?

The void which is referred in this sense is completely relying on its meaning to the way you respond to the dream. You may somehow foresee a situation where you can be lost in or you might have fallen to. In some cases, it could also be space, abyss, or a state of mind where it is simply hard to tell its form. When we have fallen asleep, it is normal for our bodies to merge in the void because we no longer have any control over our bodies and thoughts. We lost sense of our complete beings. However, when we experience void while staying awake, it can cause fear and panic, and it is shocking for us.

How do you know if you are having a void dream?

Most of the people who have experienced the void described it in the same way. You will know you are in the void when you entered the transition from lucid dreaming into seeing nothing at all. You are still at a state of your consciousness but you see nothing but blackness. That is then when you have fallen into the void. Under void situations, you could observe the emptiness and infinity but you don’t have control over your body anymore. So you just wait until you exit out of the void dream and get in touch once again with your body’s senses.

How people react to void dreams

A lot of people have experienced their own versions and own stories of their void dreams. In most cases, our void dreams are usually different from each other. However, the common denominator might be the black infinity. As in the definition provided about the void, it is more defined to how we react to this state of nothingness so some people actually create a dreamscape during their void state. There could be some transition experienced from a normal state to the void dream and vice versa. Others try to stay and dwell longer and basically wait until their condition can finally wake up from the dream. There are also some people who try hard to wake up but eventually fail and panic. Some people have shared some panic attack happening during the void, and this becomes severe and dangerous. This may be the worse one, because how can we wake up when we are in the void? It may be hard but let us understand the best ways to handle such situations that could possibly happen to us anytime.

Helpful tips when you experience to dream void

·    Stay calm. When you find yourself out of your lucid state and into the infinity black, the most effective way is not to panic. Just relax your mind and know that you will be able to move out of that black state. Do not let the panic get the best of you. This is the best time to just explore and give in to your curiosity.

·    Explore the void. It may not be viable advice if you’re a pessimist, but the truth of the matter is that there is actually more to the blackness than the color black. Try to look deeper and find more patterns. Some people have reported spotting some patterns, spots, dots, swirling forms, and unique shapes. There could be a different patter waiting to be discovered by you. Try to explore and discover more about these voids.

·    Shift your thoughts. It usually works effectively to divert your thoughts into something else. There will always be a transition that happens. If you are aware of your current state, try your best to think of some thoughts that could help your thoughts shift and get distracted to finally move out of the void. The sky is the limit for any thoughts that could work. It may be counting sheep, finding clouds, or thinking of memories. These will distract your state and shift you away.

The good news is that you will never be stuck in the void. You should never start to panic as it will only lead to panic attacks. It may affect your body organs and can be very dangerous. Always be calm and be aware that getting into the void is completely normal, and you’ll get through it.

On the brighter side of things

A void can be referred to as a scary place for most dreamers. However, for those that have experienced it as part of their norms, that’s not the case. It is not a scary experience. It is actually perceived by some people to be a state where they can stay calm and away from the toxicity of life. It can be a restful experience, one where you can think of nothing but stay in that moment, that neutral moment where you don’t have any stress about work, personal life, or anything that affects you in real life.

So there you go, it’s not as bad as you actually thought it is. If you experience the void in another time, try to remember these tips and you’ll be fine. How about you, how was your experience in the void? Share in the comments section below.

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