“Prove that an airplane hit the Pentagon on 9/11”- Major Gen. Albert Stubblebine

“Prove that an airplane hit the Pentagon on 9/11”- Major Gen. Albert Stubblebine

9/11 was perhaps the greatest act of terrorism carried out on American soil and one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the United States. Islamic extremists hijacked three planes and carried out coordinated attacks on key landmarks within the United States.

The twin towers, a monument to America’s vast wealth, crashed to the ground. The Pentagon, which serves as the cornerstone of America’s military intelligence, was broken. It took the bravery of the passengers of the last flight to avert an attack on the White House. This was at the cost of their lives., or so we were told.

One may wonder how a poorly outfitted terrorist group managed to attack one of the most secure structures in the world? Why is the response by the government sluggish, almost non-existent? How did al-Qaeda do the seemingly impossible, outsmart the United States?

Looking closely at the stories and the facts that were given to us, some things just don’t seem to add up. Many individuals, high and low, raised questions which the government has refused to or are unable to answer.

Chief amongst these deniers is the late Ret. Major Gen. Albert Stubblebine, who served as the commanding General of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) from the year 1981 to 1984.

With a distinguished career in military intelligence spanning over three decades, General Stubblebine was privy to some of the highest levels of security clearance within the country.

Well, to the late Ret. Major Gen. Albert Stubblebine, the answer was simple. Al-Qaeda didn’t carry out these attacks, the government did. The deceased General caused controversy among the brass by openly challenging the official narrative given by the White House, especially regarding the attack on the Pentagon.

According to him, specific facts, figures, and theories just don’t add up with evidence from photos, forensics, and eyewitness reports. How did a hollow metal plane cause such damage to one of the most secure buildings in the world? Where is the wreckage, the luggage, even the bodies? 

And most importantly, how did the United States, a nation that takes pride in its military intelligence and swift response, miss something this obvious?

Major General Albert raised all the questions and more. In return, he was discredited, called a crazy old loon, and pushed into obscurity by the very government he spent his life protecting. Though he may be gone, some of his questions still burn brightly in the hearts of all those who seek the truth.

Where is the wreckage?

Weighing over 64 tons when empty, a Boeing 757 is a large plane. That means it is bound to leave a pretty large pile of debris when it crashes. So why then was there barely a scrap left of the massive fuselage and wings when it crashed into the Pentagon?

Some people claimed the force of the impact was strong enough to disintegrate the plane virtually, but the sheer magnitude of force required to achieve such a feat is unimaginable. In all previous plane crashes, there have been areas of wreckage, bodies, and luggage a mile long.

So, what makes this crash so different?

Well, according to Major General Stubblebine, it is because it wasn’t a crash at all, but a missile. He believes a guided missile was launched at the Pentagon and digitally altered in the pictures released by the government to appear as an aircraft. Isn’t it suspicious that on the one day they were needed, the security cameras of the Pentagon just happened to be switched off?

What happened to NORAD?

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is probably the most efficient airspace defense organization in the world. They were charged with the duty of defending the airspace of the  whole of North America.

How then did they allow something as significant as the hijacking of three planes slips by them? Does the American government expect the populace to believe that not only did NORAD fail to contain this threat, but that they also failed to deploy even a single fighter jet? The White House was being threatened, and no fighter jets were sent to intercept this threat, it was left in the hands of untrained brave civilians.

Some people claim there was no time to respond, even when the government has admitted that they had at least a 30-minute warning. NORAD assumes every situation is an emergency until otherwise, so it is bizarre that three airplanes deviated off their flight plan and towards such prominent targets without being intercepted. Think about it. A conspiracy is looming.

Wasn’t the timing too convenient?

A crime consists of three essential components; the means, the motive, and the opportunity. The threat and excuse of al-Qaeda provided the government with both the means and the opportunity. So that leaves the question, what was the motive?

If one recalls a few of the political scandals leading up to September 11, one of the most prominent was a press statement made by the then-Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.

Secretary Rumsfeld claimed that $2.3 trillion worth of transactions performed by the Pentagon could not be traced and that there was going to be a massive restructuring of the way it operates. He also threatened budget cuts and a reduction in the defense budget, something I am sure a few bigwigs in Washington didn’t appreciate.

So, what happened just 24 hours after he made this infamous statement? The Pentagon was allegedly hit by a plane, destroying entire banks of supposedly irretrievable data and with it all evidence of any wrongdoing by the Pentagon. To some, this may look like a mere coincidence, but looking closely at this and a few other facts reveal a much more sinister agenda.

According to Major General Stubblebine, the coincidence was too convenient. Not only did it absolve the Pentagon and the Presidency, but it also started the war on terror. A war we’ve been battling for over two decades with little success.

This has given the Presidency unforeseen powers both at home and abroad, increased their public support, and vastly given credit to sequential increases in the American defense budget.

So, we ask, was 9/11 a national tragedy at the hands of despicable terrorists or a false flag operation by a government who saw the support of the citizens slipping from their grasp? Look at the facts and decide.

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