Powerful esoteric knowledge keeping humanity: empowering and awakening consciousnesses

Powerful esoteric knowledge keeping humanity: empowering and awakening consciousnesses

The world is rife with principalities and powers which exist and operate just outside our physical realm. These influences have subtly interfered with our lives and society since the dawn of humankind. They manifest themselves in subtle symbols and hidden signs in our everyday lives.

The word esoteric means a specialized form of knowledge. This knowledge is only known to a few unique individuals. It is known only to a few individuals who have opened their minds and awakened their inner eye. Only they can see these signs hidden in plain sight. Most people have had their minds clouded by the corruption and indifference being peddled out by these forces.

So, who and what are these forces? Why do they suppress the awakening of the masses? What is their endgame? Most importantly, what can we do to open our inner consciousness?

Who Are These Forces We Contend Against?

Angels, demons, jinn, daevas; they have been called different names in different cultures and religions. Some of these forces are benevolent, and some are malevolent. Most are aloof, merely forces of nature as indifferent as a gentle breeze or a hurricane.

Before you can begin to contend with or receive favor from these forces, we must understand them. By studying these forces, we can better understand them and their sphere of influence within our lives.

What Are These Esoteric Signs Hidden in Plain Sight?

Try taking a careful look at our society; a vast host of messages have been hidden in our everyday culture. Coats of arms, currencies, and even government buildings bear a large number of occult symbols and letters.

Pictures of the all-seeing eye, pentagrams, and the pyramid can be found in nearly every aspect of our lives. These symbols are meant to pass hidden messages either to the enlightened or signify the power these forces have over our economy and government.

How Do We Recognize These Signs?

Shockingly, this is not hard. These forces are confident and secure in their rule that they don’t bother to hide behind the curtain anymore. Look for patterns, forms, and characteristic shapes hidden in everyday things like money, music videos, and government emblems. 

A glance through the right books and texts, you’ll see these ancient symbols in ancient cultures. These symbols had meanings and religious significance, which most people have forgotten over the years.

Those who have awoken their consciousness, however, are aware of these subtle messages. They are aware of these messages wherever they are hidden and the words behind them.

So Why Do Most People Ignore This Hidden Knowledge?

One may wonder how most people can ignore such overwhelming evidence. The answer is simple- passivity.

Our subconscious has been so deeply ingrained with the passivity that we cannot see what is right in front of us. Society has become so obsessed with physical wealth and instant gratification that we can no longer look deep within ourselves to search for the meanings to the unknown.

We’ve been saturated with the culture of material possessions. It shows in our music, fashion, and lifestyle. Everyone is so possessed with greed that their inner mind has been clouded. 

We need to let go of these physical frivolities and look deeper into ourselves. If you reduce the number of distractions around you, then you’ll be able to see clearly. 

Dedicate yourself to inner meditation and that lies the secret to discovering the pattern and the various forms with which these forces present themselves

Why Do These Forces Wish to Suppress Our Awakening?

Our spiritual awakening has been suppressed all these years by these forces and their earthly agents. They do this so that they can continue to make money, obtain power, and increase their influence right under our noses. 

They noticed that the masses are much easier to control and subdue if we’re distracted by greed and indifference. In this manner, they can continue to operate towards their goals without the interference of any kind. 

It should be the mission of every enlightened individual to seek outright knowledge. Do not let yourself be led astray by the wayside. Abandon these earthly pursuits and look to the ethereal realm beyond. That is what many and even everyone should be doing. Unfortunately, only a few are interested in the search for such subjects.

What Can We Do to Awaken Our Consciousness? 

The first step is to accept the truth of your awakening. Hold no seed of doubt within your heart. Most of the messages today will attempt to discourage you or write off your beliefs as ridiculous.

However, if you look closely, once you begin to see the signs, you cannot be discouraged. Seek out the proper knowledge. A lot of this information has been labeled as alternative medicine or conspiracy theories. They attempt to discredit it because it stands as a threat to their authority.

Look into these sources, seek out the truth on your own. With the right guidance, the truth will always resonate within you. The mind subconsciously desires to be free. When faced with the truth, it will resonate truly.

What Sources Can We Trust for This Hidden Knowledge?

Surprisingly, there are hidden wells of knowledge all around us. But first, you must stop stuffing yourself with the wrong information. Switch off the television. Stay away from the corruption of the media. Practice meditation more often than not. Embark on a journey of spiritual growth. Retrace your steps and look at the whole picture instead of just a part of it.

Don’t blindly believe any information you received. Like I previously said, the truth will resonate. Look for the fact, meditate over what you have learned, and if indeed it coincides with your inner mind, you’ll feel it.

Now You’ve Found the Truth, What Next?

You can only answer that. Now you are among the few enlightened who have received this esoteric message, what will you do with it? Will, you spread the word to others? Will you try to go against these forces who seem to control every aspect of our existence? Or satisfied with the truth, will you sit back and do nothing?

You can only supply these answers. There are no handbooks, no guidelines, and no laws besides the natural laws which all must obey. Choose your path; let your inner consciousness guide you. We all have a purpose for which we exist, do not let yours be suppressed, Awaken the long-dormant dragon in you.

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