Patrick Arundell: Astrologer Extraordinaire

Patrick Arundell: Astrologer Extraordinaire

Patrick Arundell is one of the most well-known names in the world of astrology and horoscopes. He has been into the practice of astrology for over twenty years. He is a certified member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. His numerous works have appeared on websites, magazines, and newspapers all over the world. You can also tune into his forecasts every week on Consciousness News Life.

He has had a very expansive career over the years. In that time, he has made it a mission to enlighten others on their journey in life. Using knowledge and skills honed over the years, he offers insights, advice, and awareness to his subscribers. 

Life is a maze. Without proper guidance, it can be challenging to navigate. Fortunately, with the help of the heavens, we have been able to map out certain secrets hidden in our universe. These secrets abide by the ancient principle of as it is above, so is it below. This means that right from the onset; our lives have been governed by forces older than humankind itself. By understanding and submitting ourselves to these forces, we can discover different ways to live in peace with both ourselves and the world around us.

Patrick Arundell
Patrick Arundell

Patrick Arundell has dedicated his life to studying these forces. Their interactions, influences, and subtleties. Using this knowledge, he aims to help people understand the impact these divine forces have on their lives. These forces are neither cruel nor benevolent but are as indifferent as a gentle breeze or violent tornado. They seek not to dominate or oppress, but merely to exist and keep balance.

Arundell preaches that our lives become unbalanced when we rebel or go contrary to the paths laid out for us. This is not to say that life is a straight line that has already been ruled out for us from the second we were born. It’s precisely the opposite of that. Life is a series of choices we make every day, with each option opening a whole new branch of opportunities and possible outcomes. What he aims to teach you is how to make the right choices, guided by the wisdom of ancient powers who have been influencing the directions of humanity right from the dawn of time.

He deals mainly with horoscope and tarot readings. For readers who are unfamiliar with the term, a horoscope is a type of chart that is used in astrology. It represents the relationship between different celestial bodies such as the sun, the moon, planets, and astrological aspects, at the exact moment a person was born.

The name was derived from two Greek root words, ōra, which translates as time and Scopus, which means observer. So to a layman, a horoscope is just a somewhat complicated calendar based on the positions of celestial bodies. There is a lot more to horoscopes than only some random personality traits scribbled in the pages of teen magazines.

These are ancient principles that we can use to guide the decisions we make. It may guide during the selection of our favorite color or in pressing matters like the career path and marriage partner. Our horoscopes influence every aspect of our lives. Most of the imbalances we feel in life are because we conflict with the divine forces guiding us from above.

On his platform, Patrick Arundell offers daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. He reads the alignment of individual celestial bodies and using his deep understanding of their reciprocal influences, maps out a prediction. His predictions aren’t the bland, vague ramblings of a soothsayer or shaman, but rather a bit of advice on individual decisions, triumphs, or challenges that may present themselves. He wisely guides you on how best to face these situations and come out with your inner being at peace with the universe.

He also offers tarot readings. Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy (the act of telling the future using cards). By dealing with these cards at random, a skilled reader can give insights and predictions of the future. This, however, takes years of specialized training and practice to master. It is incredibly hard due to the fluidity of the end. There could be so many possible interpretations, none of them right or none of them wrong. That is why it takes a skilled interpreter to understand the wisdom hidden with these cards.

After studying and meditating for years, Patrick Arundell has achieved mastery of this ancient art, which dates back hundreds of years. He now offers this service to people who wish to have their fortune told or need some advice moving in the right direction in life. Combining this skill with horoscope readings allows him to give comprehensive consultations to his clients.

His consultations have over 12 million views and a regular client base, which is continuously growing. He uses his platform to touch the lives of numerous individuals all over the globe. He is offering readings, intuition, and advice. You can also book personal consultations with him, in which he will take out time to guide you through the process, explain how horoscopes and tarot readings work, and then give you useful insights based on his assessment.

The consultations he offers are more than just fortune-telling. They are a mixture of ancient arts and more modern astrology techniques. He is trying to help people navigate everyday life using ancient wisdom. He’s also a frequent collaborator of various news columns, offering his services to the general public. He provides advice and predictions, warning about imminent conflicts, and how best to avoid them.

Patrick Arundell’s mission is to spread balance and positivity throughout the world. He believes that by enlightening people on how to read and understand their destiny in the stars, they will be able to guide their lives on the right path. The path to happiness is changing the things which we can and accepting the things which we cannot.

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