Losing Weight by Eating What You’ve Been Always Told Can Make You Fat

Losing Weight by Eating What You've Been Always Told Can Make You Fat

Before, health and fitness authorities alike said that we ourselves should eat less fatty foods and exercise more in order to lose weight effectively. These days, however, things have made a whopping 180-degree turn. That’s because now we are being told that we should eat more (of certain types of food) and exercise less (4 to 15 minutes only) to slim down.

It’s all about the movement called “eat yourself skinny”. More and more people nowadays are jumping on the bandwagon, and a lot of them are seeing amazing results, too. To know that this is what’s making waves today on social media, all you have to do is check out Facebook and instagrameat yourself skinny hashtags.

Doing it correctly might also leave you attaching eatyourselfskinny hashtags to your gym and mirror selfies that you post on your social media accounts. Everyone who is losing weight is doing it, so why shouldn’t you? But first, you will need to pull it off successfully, although there’s really no need to fret as you can eat yourself thin without much effort.

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Fat isn’t What It Used to Be

We were always told by the experts (and our parents, too) to steer clear of anything that has fat if we wanted to stay not only slim but also healthy. Fatty foods, most of them are animal products, and have always been linked to heart disease, which is the number one killer of men and women all over the planet, says the World Health Organization (WHO).

However, these days fatty foods have undergone a total facelift. Well, at least some of them. According to new studies, just because a person’s diet is high in fat doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she will die of a heart attack. Similarly, these studies confirm that just because you yourself are eating fatty foods doesn’t mean that you will become fat.

According to most health authorities, fat is actually beneficial. This is especially true for one that’s coming from grass-fed and free-range organic animal sources, as well as oily types of fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils. For instance, the body requires fat for the proper absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K, all of which are called fat-soluble vitamins.

Did you know that your brain is made up of about 60 percent fat? This is why if you eliminate fat from your diet, it’s very much likely for your mental health to suffer sooner or later. It’s for this reason why a lot of people who are undergoing restrictive diets seem to exhibit mental instability in the form of mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

Eating Fat Won’t Make You Fat

Wondering why the more that you quit eating fatty foods, the more that you seem to want to eat? Well, it’s because fat is very satisfying, and failure to include it in your regular diet can leave your stomach grumbling many times in between meals. Everyone knows that eating a lot is one of the reasons why unnecessary weight gain happens.

It’s due to this exactly why eating yourself skinny is only made possible if you include fat in your diet. Any food that contains fat can leave you feeling satisfied, thus sparing you from raiding the refrigerator or ordering take-out every hour. For as long as you believe that staying away from fat is the key to slimming down, you will fail to slim down.

Other than making you thin, the addition of fat to your diet on a regular basis can also result in your living a very long and happy life. Again, it’s all about the fact that fat is actually good for the mind and body. Healthy fat, most especially, makes it possible to keep your heart and the rest of your vital organs out of harm’s way.

Rather than completely shielding yourself from foods that contain fat, what you need to do instead is to carefully monitor your intake of both sugars and carbohydrates. That’s because these are the ones that can really cause you to gain those excess pounds and not fat that has been bad-mouthed over and over again in the past.

Carbs are the Real Enemies

While fat was getting lambasted in the past, carbohydrates were getting a lot of praise. This is especially true for those that are coming from bread, pasta, rice, cereals, and others that are found at the base of the food pyramid. If your goal is to eat yourself skinny eat yourself skinny, it’s a good idea to limit your intake of carbs.

One of the many reasons why carbs are bad is that they cause an increase in the levels of sugar in the bloodstream. That’s because carbohydrates wind up as sugar once they are processed by your body. And if there’s too much sugar in the bloodstream, it can cause the brain to press a virtual button that will cause the pancreas to make more insulin.

A type of hormone, insulin is responsible for taking calories from the blood into the cells. It’s okay to have normal levels of insulin in the body. However, it’s a different story if there are lots and lots of the said hormone due to a high-carb diet. Health authorities confirm that this can increase your diabetes risk.

The presence of excessive amounts of insulin can also leave you craving lots and lots of foods. But it’s not just any food that you will crave — you will crave a lot of sugary and high-carb foods! This can create a vicious cycle of increased insulin and increased food intake, thus keeping you from being able to eat yourself skinny.

Excessive Exercise is Bad, Too

It’s not just too many carbohydrates that you should avoid, but also too much exercise. Health and fitness authorities agree that the majority of your weight is dictated by what you put in your mouth, and not by how much time you devote to pumping iron or pounding the pavement.

Perhaps you have heard or read before that you should exercise for at least 20 minutes a day if you want to lose weight. And if you want to slim down quicker, you will have to exercise more. These days, however, this is no longer accepted as true. As a matter of fact, the recommendation for a successful weight loss is exercising for 4 to 15 minutes only.

This is basically the amount of time that you should be doing HIIT to have a slimmer figure. Short for high-intensity interval training, it’s all about the combination of short bursts of really intense exercise followed by short periods of rest or lower intensity exercise. Fitness authorities agree that HIIT is effective for burning excess calories.

Because of HIIT, there is no more need for you to spend long hours at the gym. You will only need to devote 4 to 15 minutes of your time to it, although those who wish to burn more calories or improve their endurance may do HIIT for up to half an hour. No matter the case, it’s a great improvement from traditional exercises.

Diet and Exercise Should be Paired

If your goal is to eat yourself skinny, you should not stay away from fat. On the other hand, you should considerably limit your intake of carbohydrates. Initially, this can be extremely challenging especially if your diet is high in carbs. That’s because you may experience some sort of withdrawal as carbohydrates can be just as addicting as drugs.

This is exactly the reason why a lot of people who are doing the ketogenic diet and Atkins diet, both of which welcome generous amounts of fat to the diet, seem to lose more weight than those who stay away from fat and various animal food products. They tend to be happier, too, because they can eat what they love the most.

However, keep in mind that having the right diet is not enough for you to be able to upload selfies with eatyourselfskinny hashtags on social media without the use of Photoshop. You should also get your regular dose of exercise, although there’s no need to be at the gym for hours on end as doing just 4 to 15 minutes of HIIT can bring results.

To lose weight without trouble, it’s a must that you forget traditional solutions to being obese or overweight. You should definitely forget the food pyramid, which tells you to have more carb-rich foods and have less fatty foods. Once you embrace newer weight loss solutions that are backed by science, succeeding is inevitable.

Just Before You Go

Online, it’s easy to come across the gym and mirror selfies that have eatyourselfskinny hashtags. This is perfectly understandable as more and more people are discovering the fact that they can eat anything that they want (and exercise less, too) and still turn their dream body into a reality.

To follow suit, all you have to do is follow the simple tips above. Diet-wise, you will be happy to know that you can still eat bacon, ham, eggs, butter, and many other animal food products. However, you will have to say goodbye to high-carb ones such as pizza, donuts, and cookies. Exercise-wise, you will be glad to know that 15 minutes is enough.

After trying a diet consisting of fat and doing HIIT for some time, feel free to come back to this page and share your experience in the comments section below. People will get inspired to shed off excess pounds, too, if they get to read about real-life experiences of people who used to have a hard time slimming down.

For your safety, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor before changing your diet or engaging in regular exercise. This is especially true if you have a known medical condition. Pregnant women and breastfeeding moms should refrain from trying any diet and workout regimen without first informing their respective obstetricians about it.

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