Ley Lines: What They are, What Their Uses are, How to Find Them

Ley Lines: What They are, What Their Uses are, How to Find Them

Across the surface of the Earth, there are imaginary vertical and horizontal lines running — they are called longitude and latitude lines respectively, and they are used for locating just any point on the globe.

Then there are also the so-called ley lines, which are imaginary lines that cross the Earth as well as crisscross one another. Initially, these lines were used only to describe the alignment of various ancient monuments, megaliths, and sacred sites around the planet. However, the time came when ley lines were believed to possess mystical and spiritual properties.

Before you pay Google a visit and key in the words ley lines near me because they seem so interesting, keep on reading this article. Below you will come across some of the most important matters that you need to know about these lines.

Let’s Lay the Beginnings of Ley Lines

In the 1920s, there was an English author and self-taught archaeologist named Alfred Watkins. There came a day when he took a map with him on the top of a hill in a Herefordshire village and realized that invisible straight line can be found between any two familiar sights around, ranging from mounds, old trees, burial sites, churches to castles.

He named those lines ley lines. And as it turned out, they extended outside the UK and spanned the entire planet.

By the way, there are various theories on why Watkins decided to name those lines ley lines. Some say that it’s because the names of a lot of the sites that ley lines intersected ended in “ley”. Others believe that the word “ley” in ley lines is derived from the word “lea”, which means glade or open meadow.

This is basically the humble beginnings of ley lines. This caught on and soon people from all over the world started to locate other ley lines — globalizing them proved to be an easy task because there were so many prominent landmarks and historical structures everywhere that could be connected to one another via those invisible straight lines.

However, the ley line saga did not begin and end there. Several years from the day that they were discovered by Watkins, ley lines had some type of facelift. That’s because back in the late 1960s, a British antiquarian named John Michell said that ley lines gave off powerful energy with mystical and spiritual components. He also believed that ley lines guided extraterrestrial crafts — UFOs — in navigating the entirety of the planet.

They Say Ley Lines Have Different Uses

Before you start to locate the closest ley lines to you, it’s important to note that reaching for a textbook on geography or geology won’t help you. That’s because it doesn’t talk about ley lines.

As a matter of fact, scientists do not accept ley lines as facts. That’s because they cannot find a way to prove their existence once and for all — magnetometers and various other devices for geographical and archaeological surveying cannot detect them. However, psychics, mystics, and others who have new age-related powers say that they can actually perceive the presence of ley lines without any problem.

These very same people are the ones that believe that energy is being emitted by ley lines. What’s more, they claim that vortices or concentrated spirals of energy can be found where ley lines intersect.

Are you familiar with the Hindu or Buddhist belief that there are various spinning wheels of energy in the human body? They are called chakras, and many believe that the points where ley lines intersect are similar to those. It’s for this reason exactly why ley lines are also being used for healing purposes. Proponents believe that by tapping into the energy being given off by ley lines, malfunctioning meridians in the body can be corrected, thus healing all sorts of diseases.

Some people utilize ley lines for performing rituals, casting spells, and carrying out magic. Apparently, ley lines have come a long, long way from being lines that merely connected with one another the Great Pyramids of Egypt, England’s Stonehenge, Machu Picchu ruins in Peru, Australia’s Ayers Rock, the Great Wall of China, the Bermuda Triangle, and so many other ancient monuments, ruins, and landmarks found across the globe.

Locating Ley Lines in Various Ways

Because of the lore associated with ley lines, a lot of people are fascinated with them. It’s not unlikely for you to be enthralled by them as well, most especially if you are a believer of mystical arts, spiritual healing, and new age teachings. And as someone who is awestruck with ley lines, you may also be tempted to locate lines near you.

Fortunately, there is no need for you to be a seasoned archaeologist or a powerful mystic just to find leylines that are closest to you. What’s more, coming across ley lines near me is a task that requires no expensive devices.

Are you interested in finding a ley line near you? Well, you can do it without much trouble. It doesn’t matter, too, whether you are in Maine, Tokyo or Stockholm. For instance, there are booksley lines near the reader that you may purchase. They are like atlases, but they provide maps to lines that no other atlas on the face of the planet provides.

If you prefer a more digital approach to finding a ley line close to you, a computer may be used. If you already have Google Earth installed on your computer, all that’s left for you to do in order to get started is to install a plug-in which serves as a ley line locator. One common example is what’s called a UVG grid. You can also find and plot new ley lines in your area using Google Earth Plus and its pushpin icon. Another digital approach is the use of ley lines near me apps. Using GPS, these apps can determine your location as well as inform you about ley lines that are lying next to you.

Perhaps you are familiar with dowsing, which is a type of divination that serves as a locator for groundwater, oil, buried treasures, metals, burial sites, and many others. You can also use this with the help of divination rods to find a ley line that’s located in your area.

Before You Start Looking for a Ley Line

Other than logging online and keying in the words ley lines near me on your favorite search engine site, you may give a try the various methods mentioned above on finding where they are. Even if you do not believe in metaphysical and supernatural stuff, you may have a great time uncovering ley lines as well as naming popular landmarks and structures that are connected by these invisible straight lines.

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