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Is the chemtrail flu real? Which are the symptoms?

Is the chemtrail flu real? Which are the symptoms?

There are a lot of conspiracy theories that some viruses are „thrown” from airplanes in the air causing big health problems to large groups of populations. This is a highly debated topic, especially now, during the coronavirus crisis. What are the incentives that would make governments endanger their people in such a cruel way? Is this a global policy? And which are the symptoms of such a disease? 

These are just some of the questions you’ve surely asked yourself. The sure thing is that nothing is yet proven or indisputable. This may be true and maybe just another groundless conspiracy theory shared on the internet. 

However, we’re going to analyze any known detail of the chemtrail flu in order to make things clear for you. 

The information presented below is just a corroboration of a lot of sources and opinions. And this is what you should do, too. Read more legit opinions and articles and draw your own conclusion. 

What is the chemtrail flu?

You’ve surely wondered what is the white tray left behind by planes on the sky. In some cases, they last for a long time and draw straight patterns there. According to scientists, there are just puffy plumes of water vapors that the aircraft use during the flight. It condensates when the exhaust hits freezing temperatures on high altitudes. That water-based mixture that evaporates quickly isn’t dangerous.

Yet, conspiracy theorists say there are two different types of chemtrail. Another one disappears harder and, supposedly, contains additional substances. According to conspiracy theorists, governments use complex mixtures to control the weather, to psychologically manipulate people, to control the population, and cause respiratory illnesses through biological and chemical substances.

The scientific community dismisses these rumors. Yet, people sustaining this conspiracy theory should have their reasons, shouldn’t they?

The origin of the rumor

You may think: “How did this entire theory begin?” And this is a legitimate question. The idea of governments trying to reduce global populations started to gain followers in the 90s. And this was primarily caused by the appearance of strange respiratory illnesses. Some doctors even admit than people cough differently. Some experience illnesses that evolve inexplicably, without following the general biological and medical phases. 

Allegedly, these diseases are caused by manufactured viruses and bacteria. And this is where the chemtrail steps in – they spread the infection into the air.  

The chemtrail flu belief gained even more popularity when the government of the USA presented a report on climate change in 1996. Theorists automatically linked weather modification with the chemtrail method. 

Despite several governmental, scientific, and academic attempts to combat the theory, “chemical flu” supporters weren’t convinced by the explanations. They continue to believe in their own reasons, presented below.

Proof of the chemtrail flu

  1. Long-lasting chemtrail

The first proof conspiracy theorists present are the long-lasting chemtrail flu, which may contain dangerous substances. Unlike other trails, these stay for hours on the sky surface and transform into clouds when they criss-cross. Analyzing the color spectra of the lines made proponents assert that the trails contain strange chemical mixtures.

  1. Barrels on test flights

Another proof theorists present are some photos depicting large barrels on board of test airplanes, which they think contain the viruses and the infections. The specialists have denied these rumors. Instead, they explained the usage of the barrels. They are filled with water and they simulate passengers’ weight during test flights. The barrel system is smartly built so they can test different centers of gravity by moving the water through the pipes.

  1. News reports

Conspiracy theorists aren’t often represented on TV, during news sessions or TV-shows. Yet, when something related to this topic is aired, they add it to their slim proof package. Take, for instance, Jim Marrs’ report from 2007. He measured and analyzed the chemical structure of chemtrail and found out that it contained unsafe levels of barium. The report became viral, despite the fact that his measurements proved to be wrong eventually. 

Chemtrail symptoms

There are a lot of symptoms that could be caused by a virus in the air. You can often mistake them with simple flu symptoms and aches. It cal all begin with a headache and a runny nose. You can also fell energyless, disoriented, and asthmatic. These symptoms add to the difficulty of paying attention and concentrating, having compromised immunity, and having unusual muscle pain.

Allegedly, the main cause of the disease is the so-called mycoplasma. This has a different atomic structure, which doesn’t resemble the fungus’, the virus’, or the bacteria’s one. As a result, it enters the body without being recognized by the immune system, This makes it utterly difficult for our systems to fight against the disease. There are exhaustive reports which, reportedly, prove that the chemtrail steadily destroys your immune system.

Theorists community

There are a lot of people who believe in this theory. They get together and share their beliefs mostly online. Facebook is the main spreading tool they use. There are big groups of believers, which number hundreds of members. They regularly post new articles and “studies” on “aerosol attacks”, “government agendas”, or “toxic silver sky”. 

You may think most of them are dumb, uneducated persons. But this is not a rule. The members of these groups come from different parts of the world, with different academic backgrounds and social skills. They are all united by their fears and beliefs.

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