How to Give a Healing Tantric Yoni Massage to a Woman

How to Give a Healing Tantric Yoni Massage to a Woman

A lot of women love going to day spas to get massaged. Swedish, hot stone, shiatsu, deep tissue, aromatherapy — these are just some of the massages that they prefer.

There is a type of massage that is not being offered by most day spas, and it’s called tantric yoni massage. Why? Let’s just say that the word “yoni” is Sanskrit for “vagina”. Fortunately for your woman, if she would like to give this unique type of massage a try, there’s no need for her to scour the entire city just for her to experience it. That’s because there is someone who is best suited to provide it to her. It’s none other than you, her man!

Worry not if you don’t know how to provide this massage to her. Chances are you’re like most men who have never heard about tantric yoni massage before, so it’s understandable why you have no idea what it is or how to do it.

This is what this article is here for: to allow you to learn how it’s properly done! You’ll be surprised to know that performing this tantric massage on your woman with your own two hands is very easy — getting a certificate after completing a course is no longer needed!

Getting to Know the Special Massage

Before we learn how to perform yoni tantric massage step by step, let’s get yourself acquainted with it first.

Earlier, we learned what the Sanskrit word “yoni” means. Well, it’s quite clear that this massage involves manipulating the vagina using your hands. It’s for this reason exactly why it’s not like any other massage that you can think of. And nobody out there is best suited to let your woman experience it but you.

Refrain from assuming that yoni massages are only given to women to make them orgasm. If truth be told, the massage is not meant to make women orgasm. Here are the actual goals:

·          Allow the woman to relax. You can think of this sensual massage like any other massage offered by day spas — it allows a woman to enjoy reduced stress and a calmer body and mind. It’s because of this why oftentimes it is best done before sex, to make sure that your woman will completely enjoy making love with you.

·          Bring emotions to the surface. Because massaging her vagina can help fend off stress, letting her emotions released in the open should be easier. Some of them include passion, love and enthusiasm. Sometimes, it can also be grief, anger or guilt, which is good as it’s unhealthy to keep negative emotions bottled up.

·          Take the two of you closer. Since tantric yoni massage is performed in the bedroom instead of at a day spa, it lets you and your woman spend intimate physical contact with each other. Especially if the both of you are leading busy lives, doing this massage on her is a great way to make up for lost opportunities to bond.

·          Make it easy for her to orgasm. It’s plain to see that this sensual type of massage works great as foreplay. We all know that women need a lot of emotional and physical preparation for them to be able to reach climax. Well, tantra yoni massage is foreplay that’s nothing like the ones she has experienced before.

As you can see, this one-of-a-kind massage is not really intended to make your woman come. What’s more, it’s not just her that could benefit from it, but also you. It goes without saying that these tantra perks can help encourage romance, passion, and love energy to fill the bedroom, thus allowing for a better relationship and sex life!

Just a Word of Caution Before You Perform It

tantric yoni massage

Before we go to the step-by-step guide to giving your woman this tantra massage, there is one very important matter that we should discuss first. It pertains to a massage must-have: massage oil.

Massage oils are commonly used when providing most massages. The primary reason why they are essentials is that they lubricate the skin, thus keeping friction at bay. Some of the most popular massage oils are the aromatherapy kind, such as those that smell like lavender, rose, jasmine, chamomile, lemon, and cedarwood. These smells help boost the effects associated with getting a massage.

However, it’s a terrible idea to use just about any massage oil that you can find when planning on doing a yoni massage on your woman. Because it involves massaging her vagina, the use of massage oil that can cause stinging, itching, or burning sensation is not an option! Otherwise, she will hate you and the massage itself. Some of the best massage oils for providing tantric massage on her privates are coconut oil, almond oil, and walnut oil. Try to stay away from something that is scented as some of the ingredients may irritate her vagina. If you cannot get your hands on any of these massage oils, you may simply opt for a high-quality lubricant.

Performing Tantric Yoni Massage Properly

We have now reached the crux of this article, and that is how to provide yoni tantra massage to your woman. Doing it correctly helps make sure that she will enjoy it. And if you know that she loves what you are doing to her, you will also enjoy the massage — tantric’s perks apply to the both of you!

Here’s how you do yoni massage the right way:

1. To start, ask her to lie on her stomach. Place a pillow under her head and another one under her buttocks. With her pelvis elevated, you have easy access to her yoniberry (clitoris) and the rest of her yoni (vagina).

2. Bend her knees and open her legs, and then sit between her legs with your legs crossed. This is the best positioning for the couple each time tantric massage is being performed.

3. Place generous amounts of massage oil on your palms. Rub them together and start massaging her breasts, arms, stomach, hips, and thighs. Do this for a few minutes to allow your woman to relax completely.

4. Next, pour a little massage oil on the mound of her vagina. Slide the thumb and index finger of both your hands up and down each of her vagina’s outer lips. Do the same to the inner lips afterward.

5. Using the tip of your index finger, stroke her clitoris, alternating between clockwise and counter-clockwise. Gently squeeze it with your thumb and index finger from time to time.

6. Afterward, slowly insert your middle finger in her vagina. Do the usual — move your finger in, out, up, down, and all around. Try to reach her G-spot and give it a good massage.

7. If she says that she feels like she is coming, you may end the tantra massage and proceed with the rest of lovemaking, or keep on performing the massage to allow her to finally climax.

That’s how easy it is to perform the massage! Feel free to come back to this page.

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