How to create shamanic rituals on your own?

How to create shamanic rituals on your own?

If you’ve been struggling with questions that don’t have answers in this superficial and boring world, you should know that there are a lot of other spiritual places that can help you out. Shamanism is the key to discovering new worlds inside you and these new worlds may give you the answers.

This tradition began in ancient times but it’s widely used today, too. In Russia, North America, Korea, Peru, or Mongolia, people try to wake up spirits and talk to them.

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is one of the first spiritual traditions humankind has ever practiced. Significant proofs determine that shamanic rituals existed around 40,000 years ago. Each indigenous population had its shaman – “the one who knows” and they all tried to accede to utter spirituality and true reality through nature and thought. That is actually the power of a shaman. He can transfer his thoughts from the mundane reality we live to a superior consciousness of the inner, spiritual worlds.  

During these rituals, shamans are mostly awake and conscious but in a deep meditation state which allows them to enter hidden parts of the spiritual world. This process is called “shamanic journeywork” in the Western European countries and it implies setting deep connection with ourselves while staying quiet and watching our inner world.

These hidden worlds are the “spirits” – the main tools of any shamanic ritual. Its almost like talking to the imaginary friend you had when you were a toddler. Only that this time, he would have a lot of answers you have been looking for. 

What are the core beliefs of shamanism?

Every practitioner’s thoughts are guided by some fundamental principles. These ideas make a call for world peace, understanding, wisdom, and cohabitation. That’s why they became so popular and powerful in the 21st century when people almost forgot about the true values of a society.

  1. Shamanists believe in animism, according to which, everything around us is alive;
  2. Our world represents the material part of the Universe and we can get access to the spiritual one through ritual.
  3. We can learn from everything and everyone around us.
  4. We can live thoroughly and sincerely this life only in deep communion with nature. It illuminates our paths and thoughts.
  5. We can all enter the spirits worlds. This is both a blessing and a responsibility. 

Can you create rituals at your home?

Although it’s a complex and deep tradition, shamanism can be practiced by anyone. The most important thing is that you should truly believe in the power of thought and use the shamanic tools accordingly. These are some simple techniques that you can use to create your own shamanic ritual at home. Just make sure you are deeply focused on the ceremony and you’ll wake up thinking and acting differently. 

  1. Set your goal

You never go on a trip without knowing your final destination. It’s the same with a spiritual trip, too. Before acceding to a different thoughtful world, think about why are you going there. What is the final point you want to reach? Think about it and state it clearly in your head. 

At the same time, don’t forget about the main principles of shamanism. This isn’t magic, but the way to reach deep horizons inside one’s soul and build new things with it. That’s why you should maintain the spiritual and moral characteristics of your goals and desire.  

Once you complete this preparation step, you are ready to start your journey. From this point, you have unlimited possibilities to start chasing your spiritual dream. Some shamanic tools may help you. Choose the ones that mostly represent your soul and mind.

  1. Praise your ancestors

We are what we are due to our ancestors. Moreover, their energy can also prevent us from improving some things in our lives. That’s why you have to connect with them and sort things out. You can do this through an altar. Place a photo of your relative/ family authority and bring some offerings every day for a couple of weeks. You can give them fruit, biscuits, flowers to the altar. 

This should not only make you get along with the spirits of the passed away ones, but with your alive family, too. It’s healing for all parts. 

  1. Praise your future

Living a good life and reaching your goals implies signing peace not only with your past. but with your future, too. We all have our destinies but we all have the power to mold it according to our desires. For this, you may need another altar – the destiny altar. Bring and place here objects that have similar energy and meaning with the way you want your future to look. Just give hints to destiny and maybe it will take them into account. 

  1. Get rid of the negative things

There are various techniques that will help you eject the negativity from your life. This can be represented by a lot of things – an unsuccessful project, a betrayal, a death, or anything that makes you sad and depressed. 

what can you do about it? The first piece of advice is to draw a mandala. It will help you focus on the problem and solve it inside your mind. Organizing a burning or burying ritual can also work. Remember – keep it all symbolistic. You can build a circle of stones and place a piece of garbage in the middle. The latter would symbolize your problem, struggle. Burning/ Burying it may help you expel its negative energy from your life. Let the Earth mulch that story and bring you the benefits. 

Conclusions on how to create shamanic rituals at home

We hope we could draw a clear map of a shamanic ritual at home for you. Apart from the simple and accessible tools, you would need a lot of concentration, determination, and clear goals. Prepare for the moment you meet your inner spirit and there will be a lot of enjoyable things happening in your life. 

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