How to become a quantum activist and change the world

How to become a quantum activist and change the world

There are a lot of people around the world who try to engage in important activities and make a difference. Some choose to make political activism, social activism, and even cultural activism. Would you and to find a real way you can live boldly this world and change it for the better? Become a quantum activist. 

This is the article that will answer all your questions about quantum activism. What is all this about? What are the tools these activists work with? What principles do they follow? And last but not least, am I the right person to support this cause?

One thing we can assure you – everyone can become a quantum activist. You don’t need advanced academical studies. You need good critical sense, observation skills, and the capacity to remain objective. 

Continue reading to find more useful tips and tricks on this topic and why it is so appreciated.

What is quantum activism?

First of all, let’s explain what is this all about. As you may know, all activists try to make this world a better place. Whether we’re talking about the pro-life ones, the pro-LGBT ones, or the ones supporting certain political parties, they all have a purpose. So do quantum activists. Our purpose is to raise awareness about the scientific revolution of our times and show people how important it is in our everyday life.

Unlike other types of activists, who work with relative and debatable ideas, quantum activists have specific, pragmatic, and efficient tools. And these are scientific data, experiments, studies we base our assumptions and principles on. All in all, we work with facts. 

Let’s be even more clear than that. We militate for physics and its power to change our scientific, political, and even spiritual world. Are you curious about how can this happen? Then continue reading to find out the way you can become part of the change.

Basic principles of a quantum activist

The same way quantum physics is at the base of every physical process, quantum activism serves as a foundation and inspirational source for all types of militations. This happens because quantum activism excludes neither scientific proof nor creativity. Moreover, it goes down to the pure state of consciousness, which, according to Dr. Amit Goswami, is a spiritual state that isn’t limited. Consciousness doesn’t depend on borders, environment, or resources. This allows us to go back to primordial times when our options weren’t limited. 

Only by accessing this non-material world, we can truly change ourselves and our communities. That’s why we need both science and creativity. 

Therefore, there are three main objectives each quantum activist should follow:

  1. Right thinking

This principle is strongly linked with the way we can and should control the consciousness state and the thoughts we operate with. Thinking “rightly” means linking ideas in an unusual way, almost without any type of connection between them. This is how you discover creative ideas you haven’t ever thought about. Of paramount importance is that you try to access ideas that aren’t part of your life experience. Let your mind fly to spaces you think you have no control of and those will be the places where you will find the consciousness.

  1. Right livelihood

This is about knowing to respect yourself and your life. Consequently, the right livelihood consists of getting to know yourself, your capacities and abilities, principles, and ideas. Trying to portray yourself as someone different or not representative of your personality just for a temporary advantage isn’t welcomed in the quantum activists’ community. You have to maintain your integrity and add it to any decision you make.

  1. Right living

Finally, living in the right way means putting in action all your principles and making an example out of them. Your life as a quantum activist should be a model for other fellow partners. This is the phase where the right-thinking and the right-livelihood meet. Think it through, prepare it, and finally, live it. 

Spiritual quantum activism

As we already mentioned, quantum activism isn’t about science alone. We think we can help our lives entirely through science, including our relationships with spirituals entities. 

The reason people take part in spiritual, religious processions, respect, and obey some rules is that people have the need for a purpose or an explanation. This is something we’ve been searching for centuries and the only result was the appearance of more and more religions and spiritual cults. 

Quantum activism doesn’t deny the existence of God or any other entity, no matter how you want to call it. The only thing it challenges is where we are all looking for our God. We locate him in different stories, cult places, rituals but we hardly ever think about God inside us. This is what spiritual quantum activism is about – knowing how to see the God-ess inside yourself.

What better purpose would we all need instead of ourselves? Locating God inside your life and soul is like giving you the ultimate power over your fate. This way, you take full responsibility and you receive all the merits at the end. 

Final thoughts on quantum activism

This may be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Becoming a quantum activist is more about learning to think and live in a certain way than shouting your principles all other the places. This is a discreet, yet precious way to serve the world and yourself. You make yourself useful to the world by becoming important in your own life first. 

For more informative, motivations, and inspirational ideas, you can check Dr. Amit Goswami’s books or some quotes from James Allen, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and other scientific philosophers. 

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