Heal your broken heart with this Ho’oponopono technique

Heal your broken heart with this Ho'oponopono technique

If we say you have enough power within to heal even your deepest wounds, would you believe us? What if we say that through the same power you can spiritually reunite with your beloved ones and rebuild your relationship? 

Your life won’t be the same after you learn about the Ho’oponopono technique and how you can heal your heart, soul, and mind through the power of thought and word. There’s no need for you to suffer more. Neither your peers should struggle. 

You don’t need any kind of academic preparation to start practicing Ho’oponopono today. All you have to do is believe in the beauty of the world and in yourself.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono translates into English as “correction” or “make it right” and its antonym is “careless”. In other words, this is the technique through which people try to reconcile with themself by forgiving their mistakes. It’s a way of healing others by healing yourself.

The Hawaiian communities that founded this mantra believed that the main cause of people’s illnesses and physical sorrow is the “error of thought”. That’s why they searched for techniques that would help them genuinely clean their minds and get on the right track after some tough times. Up to a certain point, Ho’oponopono can be compared with some Buddhist practices.

Stories from the history of Ho’oponopono

If you are curious about how Ho’oponopono began, then you should learn about Ihaleakala Hew Len’s story. He was a Hawaiian therapist and doctor who miraculously healed all mentally ill patients from a hospice on the island. 

It all began when the situation in the hospital got out of control and Hew Len, an expert of the Ho’oponopono technique, was called to improve the situation. He refused to see any patient face-to-face. Instead, he carefully studied their files for more than three years and repeated a mantra over and over again.

Nobody really understood what he was doing, but patients literally started to heal. The ones that were shackled, were released and the ones that had tough treatments switched to easier ones. Even the staff of the hospital was positively affected. Medical employees were more dedicated to their work and felt more thankful for their lives.

When he was asked, Hew Len said that the only thing that he did was to try “cleaning the part of me that I shared with them”.

How does the Ho’oponopono technique work?

Ho’oponopono is based on Hew Len’s philosophy. He claims that the world is our creation and we influence it through every action and reaction. What he actually means is that there is only one single spiritual world we all live in – a shared consciousness. Therefore, we have full responsibility for its state and development. 

In other words, everything you do, think, or feel will affect not only you, not only people in your vicinity but all the people from this consciousness. Moreover, others’ behavior is also something you should take care of. People around you should get inspired, should receive positive energies and act accordingly.

All in all, Ho’oponopono is about learning to love, forgive, and trust the whole world by firstly healing yourself.

The 4 steps of the Ho’oponopono prayer

It may look banal but it isn’t. The apparent simplicity of the steps we are going to describe should be replaced with the complexity of the meditation, the existential questions, and the desire to look within. By only declaiming and shouting these words, you won’t solve any problem. At least, shout it inside your head and soul. Take your time and repeat the words as many times as necessary. 

1. “I’m sorry”

The goal of this first step is to make you realize the true problem you are struggling with. Think about the deep cause of your sorrow, about what has happened in your consciousness that made that mistake possible. 

Once you localize the problem, think about how much remorse you feel and take full responsibility for your acts. 

2. “Please forgive me”

It doesn’t matter who are you addressing these words to. The important thing is to truly believe in the power of this forgiveness. After all, you’re talking to yourself through our general consciousness. 

3. “I am grateful”

 Being thankful for what you receive from the Universe is of utmost importance for your spiritual and mental health and well-being. And here, at this step, you can express your gratitude for everything – your body, your life, your present. 

This is an essential habit you should use every day of your life. It will not only make you feel better, but it would also show the rest of the people how important their presence is.

4. “I love you”

Say it to you, to your lover, to God, or the Universe. Spread your love in the world because you’ll receive it with the same power you give. 

Tips and tricks for better effect of Ho’oponopono

There are some more steps and elements of the Ho’oponopono ritual that would bring you closer to the results. 

  • Dr. Hew Len’s blue water

This therapist talks about blue water as a cleaning tool. You can either drink it, give it to your pets or pour it on the things you want to protect.

How do you make it? It’s simpler than it looks. You should pour some regular tap water into a blue glass and leave in the rays of sun or under a light bulb. Leave it there for up to an hour and then you’ll have solarized water that can purify you and the objects around you.

  • Repeat. Repeat. Repeat,

There is no shortcut to salvation. Ho’oponopono is not only a technique. It’s a lifestyle. You have to repeat each step numerous times. You have to repeat the sequence even more. The years will show you how you healed and preserved your inner world and you’ll be again thankful for this. 

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