Guys, Read Up: Here are 10 Tips to be a Master in Bed

Guys, Read Up: Here are 10 Tips to be a Master in Bed

Did you know that, according to a survey, a little over 60% of women are not at all satisfied in bed? Needless to say, it’s the men in their lives that are the ones to blame!

Your lover or spouse may be secretly unhappy about her every experience in the bedroom with you. What’s more, she may be talking about it to her girlfriends. This is most likely to be the case if you met some of them and there was something about the way that they looked at you. In hindsight, it’s an extremely mortifying experience!

A few things may be responsible for why your woman may not be considering you as a masterfullover. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are usually the ones that are leading the list.

Put simply, erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to get an erection hard and long enough for sex. A medical issue is a reason for it in some instances. However, there are also times in which it’s simply due to stress or anxiety. To be certain, let your doctor know about it.

As the name suggests, premature ejaculation is characterized by ejaculation that happens sooner than the man and his partner would like. In terms of other names, it has a few: early ejaculation and rapid climax.

Premature ejaculation is oftentimes due to a lack of practice when it comes to controlling ejaculation. In some cases, it can be due to anxiety, depression, and poor body image. Whether it is premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction (or both) that is the problem, there are things that you may do.

If you want to be a masterful lover, keep on reading. Here are 10 surprisingly simple tips on how to become a more sexual being that can impress your woman more in the bedroom:

Calm Down

We can all agree that having sex is a very exciting activity. However, it’s that excitement that can keep you as well as your partner from fully enjoying making love. That’s because it can fend off a full erection. It may also cause you to ejaculate prematurely. If it’s apparent that you are about to be intimate with a woman, relax, enjoy the moment, and focus on pleasing her.

Reduce Stress

Earlier, we mentioned that one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction is stress. If your everyday life is stressful, make it a habit to engage in stress-busting activities. There are plenty of them, ranging from meditating to listening to soothing music. Speaking of which, when you are about to make love, you may play the music that can put you and your partner in the right mood.

Eat Healthily

We also discussed earlier that erectile dysfunction can be due to an underlying health matter. According to health experts, some of those that can cause such a problem include obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. These health concerns can be fended off with a healthy diet. Besides, eating healthily can give you a great body, which the person you are doing it with will surely love

Regularly Workout

Unfortunately, it’s not enough that you go for the right kinds of foods. You should also get your regular dose of exercise in order to prevent medical issues that can impact your performance in the bedroom. One of the nicest things about working out regularly is that it can increase your endurance. If it’s your goal to make your woman climax every single time, staying power is a must-have!

Love Yourself

Before you express your love for your woman by means of some masterful lovemaking, make sure that you love yourself first. If you cannot accept anything about you such as your physical appearance and emotional quotient, you will feel very little. This is a feeling that can keep you from being aroused in the first place. If you cannot be in the mood, you cannot have some action in the bedroom.

Exude Confidence

Make sure that you believe in yourself. If you believe hard enough that you can make your other half completely happy in the bedroom, it will happen. Besides, it’s not just when making love that you can benefit tremendously from having enough confidence — it’s also important for many other things in life, such as when engaging in sports, attending your high school reunion, and asking for a raise.

 Be Creative

Sometimes, being a masterful lover is as easy as trying new things in bed. For instance, you may suggest a new sex position every other session. There is never a shortage of ideas on Google! You may also try getting your hands on a book called Kama Sutra, whose author is an ancient Indian philosopher. Don’t have time to head to the bookstore? No worries because there is a Kama Sutra app for your smartphone.

Set the Mood

Earlier, we talked about setting the mood by playing music. Well, there are many other ways to achieve the right mood in the bedroom. A lot of couples agree that aromatherapy candles and essential oils help get the job done. Some confirm that nothing can help set them in the mood better than watching a dirty video or two. Experiment with different options to find those that work the most.

Take the Hint

 No one knows what women want in bed better than women themselves. This is why the best way to please her to the max is by knowing straight from her what she wants you to do. Unfortunately, maybe she’s too embarrassed to say what she wishes to try, although from time to time she may give hints. Make sure that you are observant so that you will pick up a clue the minute that she drops one.

Practice Alone

As they say, practice makes perfect. If it’s your premature ejaculation that is keeping you from being a masterful lover, you may dry doing what’s called the start-stop technique. Put simply, it’s all about masturbating and then stopping as soon as you are about to ejaculate. Repeat this cycle a few times per session — this method has changed the lives of so many men and their partners!

Follow these 10 easy tips and you will be a masterfullover in no time. Not only will this make your lover or spouse happy in bed, but it will also help keep the relationship strong and healthy.

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