Did You Happen to Listen to the Kryon Channeling in Early 2019?

Did You Happen to Listen to the Kryon Channeling in Early 2019?

Back in 2019 in Boulder, Colorado, a live Kryon channeling took place. The entire Kryon 2019 open channel of communication from another plane to earth through Lee Carroll was captured in a YouTube video that’s a little more than 20 minutes long, although the entire clip is only audio in the English language.

Here are some of the highlights of the 2019 Kryon channeling:

“2019 is going to be an interesting year – hold on! It is a catalytic year and in the field, there are things potentially that may be surprising to you.”

 “You’re magnificent – you always were! And the magnificence of your choice is not judged.”

“Dear ones, you are in four dimensions. But the reality is in many, many dimensions. It’s provable by your own science who is looking into the aspects of multidimensionality and quantum fields, and all of these things – while you sit there and claim there are none!”

“What if I told you consciousness alone will help you to walk from A to B and be in a different place than if you didn’t believe it?”

“There are those who take that out of context and it’ll be laughable and they’ll roll their eyes and walk away – never understanding this is the gold that you need to cling to. You are so much bigger than you. There’s so much around you and it’s on purpose.”

“It’s going to change the way history works, the way we think… it’s going to change everything!”

“I’ll say it again: God knows your name – a name that is sung, sung in light on the other side of the veil because that’s home and that’s where you’re missed.”

Well, these are the highlights of Kryon’s channeling. Many of the things that were mentioned in the entire communication may be considered as essential for the awakening of the spirit for believers. For non-believers, on the other hand, the said dispatchjanuary2019 as well as others before it promotes navigation of blind eyes away from sanity.

 If you have no idea who Kryon is, here’s a crash course:

Put simply, he’s a supernatural being that is being channeled by a man named Lee Carroll. According to Carroll, he began communicating with Kryon way back in 1989. He adds that the entity which he is channeling frequently shares prophecies as well as pieces of advice for various things, from abortion to death.

For more details, you may visit www Kryon com slash cartprodimages. Look for the category 2019 page to check out more of the Kryon 2019 channeling whose parts are found above.

It’s completely up to you whether or not you will believe everything that you will see in there. It’s a good idea to visit the page with an open mind and without any judgment or prejudice. After spending some time on www Kryon com, come back to this page and kindly share your thoughts about the Kryon 2019 channeling below!

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