Developing Your Mediumship Ability

Developing Your Mediumship Ability

The first thing you may be wondering is what the difference between a psychic and a medium is. Both individuals have the capability to work with energy fields to find information and provide readings. Some may use different tools, but they can perform readings based on their own abilities and intuition.

A psychic uses their ability to observe and work with a person’s energy. They use this energy combined with their clairvoyance, or other “clair” abilities,  to learn about the individual. The result of this is for the psychic reader to talk to the individual about them and their potential in life and the future.

A medium can mesh with a deceased individual’s energy. This is a difficult task to do, of course, so the medium must be experienced and strong. They must increase their own energy in order to reach out and find the deceased person’s energy or soul. Just like a psychic uses clairvoyance, often a medium uses this plus more than one of the “clair” abilities.

Whereas a psychic talks about the individual they are with, a medium talks about the soul or person who is deceased. This takes great effort, energy, knowledge, and experience.

Mediums and psychics are similar, but not the same. Someone who is a medium is also a psychic. However, someone who is a psychic is not necessarily a medium.

All of us have some sort of psychic ability in us. Have you ever had a premonition you were going to see somebody soon, or that maybe someone was going to call you and then it happened? That is a small proof of your psychic ability.

A Medium, on the other hand, takes things to the next level. In order to become a medium, one must be confident in their psychic abilities first. It’s important to be aware of your clairs, which are your strong ones so you can always watch out for signs in readings.

The four main clairs are clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. These respectively refer to clear seeing, clear feeling, clear hearing, and clear knowing.

If you believe you have mediumship abilities, here are 5 ways to improve those abilities.

1.      Expand and Improve your Clairs

Depending on the medium, you may have one singular clair you rely on for your readings. This is okay, of course. In order to become a better medium, you should be able to trust more than just one clair sense. When performing a reading, if you get any signs from a spirit not based on your primary clair, chase that sign or sense. Attempt to expand your ability to communicate with another clair.

This will open up opportunities for further communication with the spirit world. It will also give you greater confidence when communicating as you have more senses you can rely on. It is something that requires training, but over time you’ll see your clair senses strengthening.

2.      Have a Clean Diet

To have absolute clarity in your communication with the spirit world, it’s important to have a clean, pure body. Mediums communicate by channeling their energy with intention and clarity. To do so properly requires a pure physical body so the energy can move freely, undisturbed.

By eating clean, healthy, foods your body becomes healthier itself. This allows for a clear flow of energy throughout your whole body. Thus your energy is free to be channeled properly.

3.      Connect with Other Mediums

By connecting with other mediums, you can share experiences, methods, and ideas. Mediums are always able to help each other out. They can teach each other their methods of performing readings and give advice.

Together, mediums can raise their energy and discover new insights into the field of mediumship. Do not underestimate the ability of multiple mediums together!

4.      Experiment with Your Mediumship Abilities

There are many types of mediums. Maybe you’re a channel medium that directly communicates with spirits like deceased loved ones. If that’s you, try to experiment with other spirits. See what your energy allows you to do and who it allows you to communicate with. Practicing channeling your energy in different ways may lead you down different paths that you can then explore further.

5.      Find a Mentor or Teacher

Similar to connecting with other mediums, if you can find a mentor, you’re mediumship abilities are sure to increase. Working with a mentor develops your mediumship abilities quickly and efficiently. With personalized guidance or a set program, you can obtain direction in how to improve.

It’s important to find the right mentor for you though. Speak to many in the field and find one you’re comfortable with and one you connect with. Use your intuition to observe the energies interacting and you’ll know right away if a teacher is correct for you.

In developing mediumship abilities, it’s important to stay focused and clear in the mind. It takes time to become a developed medium, so do next expect to get there quickly. Although there are ways to improve your abilities, a true medium guides their practice to a level of complete understanding and awareness of their abilities and themselves. You must be true to yourself, your soul, and your mind to be successful as a medium.

This article intends to provide young and developing mediums ways to improve. Follow the 5 tips listed above to improve. Be aware of your power, be vigilant, and be persistent in your work.

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