Check Out These Really Scary SCP Entries!

Check Out These Really Scary SCP Entries!

Will you read or watch anything and everything that has a UFO, humanoid creature, or possessed object in it? Then you will surely love the SCP Foundation. Short for Special Containment Procedure (or Secure, Contain and Protect), the agency is tasked with keeping in check objects, entities, and phenomena that are out of the ordinary.

Its mission is to maintain normalcy so that people from all over the planet can live their lives without doubts, fears, and questions, and also to maintain independence from anything that’s outside the planet and our dimension. So in short, SCP Foundation is the one that grabs hold of anything that can leave people scared.

Online, scary SCP items come aplenty. As a matter of fact, there are more than 2,000 entries since the inauguration of the SCP Foundation, and you can find them on its website — it has a massive database on www scp foundation com. Throughout the history of the said agency, it has collected and contained many entries, and they are grouped into three different categories in terms of the scare or threat level:

·          Safe: Anything that we can completely understand, and can be contained without much trouble.

·          Euclid: Anything that we don’t fully understand, and is unpredictable so that it can be a challenge to contain.

·          Keter: Anything that can be a threat to human life, and thus requires extensive containment procedures.

Which particular category makes you the most curious?  No matter which one appeals to you the most, you can rest assured that there are numerous SCP items in such groups that are available for you to feast your eyes and mind on. All you have to do is search for them on the agency’s website — yes, the public can easily access the site’s every single content!

Below you will come across some scary scp’s entries:

·          SCP-173. Put simply, SCP-173 is just a scary sculpture. However, it’s something that will chase you the moment that you stop staring at it. The good news is that it’s possible to escape the wrath of SCP-173. All you have to do is keep staring at it while you are slowly backing out. And once you are really far away from it, run like there’s no tomorrow!

scary scp

·          SCP-096. You can think of SCP-096 as the complete opposite of SCP-173 — it doesn’t want to be stared at. So in other words, you are completely safe for as long as you don’t point your peepers to it. Otherwise, it will mangle you with its fangs and claws. But the problem is that SCP-096 hates to be looked at even in pictures.


·          SCP-106. Unlike SCP-173 and SCP-096, you will not be ripped into pieces by SCP-106. However, it can make you rot away with its simple touch. The SCP Foundation has a difficult time capturing this creature that looks like a decomposing old man as it can pass through solid matter, such as walls and doors.


·          SCP-597. If you think that encountering a mother figure won’t create any scare SCP Foundation warns that you better think again. This particular SCP item is a gigantic blob sporting an assortment of breasts and teats. Men who spot her become helplessly addicted to her milk, causing them to suck on the breasts of women that they encounter.

scare scp

·          SCP-1782. On the website of SCP scary places or areas come aplenty. Case in point: SCP-1782, which is a room. It is said that all sorts of strange things happen inside it the minute that you enter it. Some report seeing a bearded man that feeds a bird with its flesh, while others report seeing a sink with a fetus in it.

scp scary

·          SCP-1983. When you enter SCP-1983, which is a seemingly harmless farmhouse, make sure that you don’t close the front door. Otherwise, opening it will lead you to a random room in the house, thus keeping you from getting out. What’s more, there are shadow creatures where there are light sources, so you have no choice but to remain in the dark.

·          SCP-1171. This is another house that is contained by the SCP Foundation. It is a two-story beauty that is located in an undisclosed area in Australia. What’s strange about this house is that its windows are constantly covered with condensation, and a strange entity often leaves a message on them.

·          SCP-087. It’s not really a house, but just a feature of it — a staircase. It can materialize anywhere, and it always leads to only one direction: downward. Don’t tire yourself checking out where it leads to because it descends endlessly. What’s more, some people confirm that it is inhabited by a monster without any facial features.

·          SCP-682. The SCP foundation is tasked with containing monsters. However, there is one that the agency cannot seem to keep in check, and it’s in the form of a gigantic reptile-like creature that is able to heal and regenerate. As a matter of fact, various destructive SCP items have been used to neutralize it, but to no avail.

·          SCP-1548. The trouble with SCP-1548 is that it’s impossible for it to be contained by the SCP Foundation. That’s because it comes in the form of a star. But it’s no ordinary star — it is a sentient star, and it once sent out a message saying that it doesn’t like the universe and its ultimate goal is to destroy anything in it, including our very own planet!

·          SCP-978. If SCP-1548 is uncontainable, SCP-978 is trouble-free to contain. That’s because it comes in the form of a Polaroid camera. However, if you use it to take a picture of someone, it will show you what that person desires the most, such as murdering you or resting in peace six feet below ground level.

·          SCP-1609. Do you feel like sitting down but there is no chair around? Don’t because SCP-1609 might materialize out of thin air. It’s actually a friendly SCP item, although it looks terrifying as it’s a humanoid chair. Currently, however, SCP-1609 is said to be in the form of mulch that goes from the lung to the lung, causing respiratory distress to its victims.

·          SCP-604. Strange dishes and glasses are what makeup SCP-604. They are out of the extraordinary as anything that is placed on them suddenly turns into human flesh or bodily fluid. Needless to say, SCP-604 is not suited for you to encounter if you have a weak stomach or you’re hungry as a wolf.

·          SCP-610. If you’re a beauty-conscious person, make sure that you pray nightly for SCP-610 to stay contained. That’s because it comes in the form of a skin disease that can leave you with scars. What’s more, the scars it creates are capable of generating appendages, such as arms and legs, turning you into an ugly monster.

Is there a particular entry that scares you the most, the kind that will make you hesitate to close your eyes at night? Be of service to other human beings — feel free to share which one it is in the comments section below.

But just before you start getting in touch with your family members and friends to report to them about the existence of scary SCP entries and the SCP Foundation itself, it’s important to know that the agency, as well as the creatures, items, and phenomena that it’s trying to contain, are just the works of the minds of creative people!

Needless to say, the SCP Foundation and all the SCP items on its website are purely fictitious masterpieces — the kinds that are creepy and out of this world. Feel free to visit its site to check out the thousands of entries, which you can easily sort out based on the series, library, rating, number of reads, and date of creation. Don’t forget to click on the navigational buttons at the bottom of the page to see more scary SCP entries.

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