Are You in a Long-Term Relationship? Here are 15 Tips on Keeping Sex Fresh and Exciting!

Are You in a Long-Term Relationship? Here are 15 Tips on Keeping Sex Fresh and Exciting!

Here’s a sad fact: a lot of couples tend to have less and less sex after being together for some time. As a matter of fact, in the US about 10% to 20% of romantic relationships are described as sexless — action in the bedroom happens less than once a month, or less than 10 times every year!

If you are in a long term relationship and you fear that the time will come when making love is no longer in existence, read on. Below are a total of 15 fantastic sex ideas for long term relationships.

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1. Give a New Sex Position a Try Monthly

There are 64 different sex positions that you and your partner may try, says the phenomenal book Kama Sutra. Here’s a piece of wonderful sex advice: try a new sex position per month. This means that you are not going to run out of something different to try for the next five years of your relationship! In terms of choosing which new sex position to try, surprise one another by randomly picking a page in your Kama Sutra book.

2. Flirt Like You’re the Biggest Flirt in Town

Just because this is not the first time that you and your partner have met doesn’t mean that there is no more room for flirting with one another. Whether you are seeing each other daily, weekly, or monthly, flirting is a reminder that you are still attracted to your other half. There are many ways to flirt — you can use body language, words, a little touching here and there. By the way, consider pairing flirting with the next advice for couples in long term relationships.

3. Allow Role-Playing to Roll In

Especially if the relationship has been going on for years, it’s not unlikely for the bedroom to be the most boring area in the house. It may be awkward at first, but role-playing might just turn the two of you back to being sexual beings. Go ahead and express your wildest fantasies and desires, and play a different role each time!

4. Try to Watch a Dirty Movie Together

Contrary to popular belief, men and women alike like watching porn — it’s just that most women are too embarrassed to admit it. However, because couples are turned on by different things, the two of you should consider agreeing on something to check out. Aside from watching pornographic movies, from time to time, you may also consider giving a try on audio or written erotica just to keep things fresh and interesting.

5. Massage One Another at the Same Time

Being stressed is one of the reasons why anyone who is in a long term relationship can easily lose interest in lovemaking. Well, there is something that’s proven effective for reducing stress: a massage! Nothing can be more sensual than the two of you rubbing massage oil on one another. This stress-busting activity also doubles as foreplay.

6. Never Take Foreplay for Granted

Speaking of which, one of the tips that sex experts never fail to give couples in long term relationships is to have foreplay — lots and lots of it! Foreplay is just as important as sex itself. This is most especially true for women. Are kissing, hugging, and caressing already boring you? Well, you can try the next tip.

7. Take Some Sexy Food in the Bedroom

Here’s one of the messiest and at the same time, most stimulating sex ideas for long term relationships: eating food off of one another’s naked body! Popsicles are perfect for summer. Warm chocolate syrup is fantastic for winter. Just about any other food that you like can make love even more exciting, although staying away from smelly ones is highly recommended. Other than experimenting with different foods, try different ways to eat them, too — standing, sitting, lying, on top of each other.

8. It’s Okay to Toy Around With Sex Toys

Worry not if it seems like you have already tried doing everything with your hands, tongue and other body parts. That’s because you can add some sex toys into the mix. Feel free to experiment using different sex things from time to time. Try to stay away from extreme options at first especially you have never given the idea of using sex toys before. But who knows — eventually the two of you may agree on trying really kinky ones.

9. Have Sex in the Morning Once a Week

Not only do couples in long term relationships have sex less often — they also tend to have sex at the same time each time. Like many, it may be customary for you and your other half to have a sexy time before going to sleep at night.  Why not give having sex first thing in the morning a try? Men are almost always horny in the morning, anyway, so not a lot of effort is needed to make it happen. Together sex in the morning can be a great way to start the day.

10. Be Naughty and Try Having Sex in Public

It’s not uncommon for two horny people who have a connection that’s shorter than a short term relationship to have sex right where they have stumbled upon one another. This can be very thrilling especially because there’s an element of being caught. If your goal is to spice up a long term relationship, consider lovemaking in public every now and then.

11. Vow to Have Sex After an Argument

Being in a long term relationship sex may happen less and less. On the other hand, arguments may happen more and more. It sucks, but having disagreements is a normal part of any relationship. Here’s a tip for turning a negative moment into something positive as well as enjoyable: promise one another to have make-up sex after every argument.

12. Try to Make the First Move Once in a While 

Are you upset that your partner no longer seems to initiate lovemaking as often as before? Rather than feel frustrated, consider making the first move this time! Nothing can make less sexy relationships instantly sexier again than the two partners taking turns in asking for some lasting action in the bedroom.

13. Sexting is a Thing — Do It

What can make sex less frequent other than a long term relationship? A long-distance relationship! Fortunately, today’s technologies allow couples in long-distance relationships to be intimate with each other. One of the best sex ideas that you and your partner may give a try is sexting — it’s easy and exciting! However, just make sure that you don’t accidentally send a sext to other people!

14. Try Giving Video Sex a Go, Too

The problem with sexting is that it can only do so much for couples who are in long-distance relationships. Luckily, there is no need for the two of you to stick to it. When the urge to make love while being far away from each other is too much, video sex is always an option. Remember one of the ideas above, in particular the one that suggests the use of sex toys? Well, video sex and sex toys go hand in hand!

15. Snail Mail Maybe Old, But It’s Still Great

If you think that there are not a lot of sex ideas for long-distance relationships, think again. Refrain from limiting yourself to the use of today’s technologies. You can send one another snail mails. It may take them a long time to get to the recipients, but it’s the waiting that adds to the excitement.

Which of the various sex ideas for long term relationships (and also long-distance relationships) above have you given a try? Don’t feel too embarrassed to share in the comments section below how the experience was!

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