911 Attack and the Methodical deception theory by Rebekah Roth

One of the most memorable and heartbreaking events in world history is the attack that happened on September 11, 2001. This was a series of terroristic events that took place in the United States of America, with 2,977 casualties and resulted in more than 25,000 injuries. Some of them had incurred lifetime health consequences. Furthermore, these events have also incurred a total cost of $10 billion in infrastructural damages. Needless to say, an American could hardly imagine how these happened. It would be very difficult to go past beyond accepting the reasons why all these had happened. After investigations and the American government’s initiative to tackle the root cause of these terrorism attacks, some conspiracy theories have blossomed. Not only unanswered questions, but doubts have started joining in. For a very long time, a lot of people tried sharing their own versions of theories, their thoughts, and their opinions. But no one still can unveil the ugly truth that lies behind. One of the bravest authors, Rebekah Roth, however, published a book that had been fictionalized for some parts due to its controversial contempt about the 911 attack.

911 event and its mishaps

Four passenger planes were hijacked on September 11 of 2001. These planes have been intentionally crashed towards different significant buildings in the US. The targets were the Word Trade Center with the twin towers, the Pentagon, and the US capitol in Washington DC. While the 3 buildings were successfully attacked, the other one which was supposed to target the White House had failed due to the airline passengers thwarted with the hijackers. The suspicion for the terrorist attack fell down to the Al-Qaeda group. Although their group leader, Osama Bin Laden, denied the allegations for being responsible for the attack, he, later on, took full responsibility in the year 2004.

There are a lot of stories about the 911 attack and nothing could ever be proven right nor justify the event. It pains to hear all these versions as it all just ended with the same result of families mourning after losing their loved ones. Although the media has had reports about these events, some people deny believing it. Rebekah Roth, the author of Methodical Deception, is one of these people, who has challenged the truth behind what the American government and the media released about these series of unfortunate events.

Who is Rebekah Roth?

Rebekah Roth is a retired flight attendant who had been in the airline industry for 30 years. She decided to write her first book, Methodical Illusion which was focused on the 911 attack. The first book is about discovering what really happened to the passengers and crew members on the airplane. After the successful release of her first book, she earned a lot of respect and was considered as the foremost authority for the 911 incident. A lot of researchers and professionals have started collaborating with her research and decided to offer more concrete evidence that would lead to the conclusion that the event was planned and was not a terrorist attack. Based on her dedication to studies and vast research, she soon discovered a lot of errors and cover-ups from government agencies about providing more details of what happened. She soon decided to dig deeper to know the truth behind it. Ever since the successful launching of her first book Methodical Illusion, she soon found out that a lot of people actually had the same questions as her, as to what really happened to 911. So she decided to write more to this sequel. Aside from being an author, Methodical Deception researcher, a retired flight industry employee, she became a radio host. She attended a lot of interviews and radio shows around the world. Although there had been some people who contradicted her research and findings, she was not writing the truth to please anyone. Her main focus was to shed some light on those who were completely at loss about the real truth behind the 911 killings.

About Methodical Deception

Rebekah Roth has yet again released a sequel of her first book, Methodical Illusion. The second one which is entitled, Methodical Deception, is a continuation of her methodical theories. It is about Vera Hanson and Jim Bowman, who were responsible for tracking the perpetrators of the planning and cover-up of the falsely accused terrorist attack of 911. Although the characters are based in a fictional setting, you will find out that the book reveals more truth than fiction. It challenges the readers’ confidence in facing the real truth about the September 11 so-called terror attack. It will encourage readers to spark doubts, and not fear them, but instead understand all the details clearly as you try to collect and arrange the scattered pieces of information.

Long-term Deception

According to Rebekah, many people have been blinded for a long time to what the media has told the society. She has challenged the idea that this so-called ‘terrorist attack’ is a deception, and that the people have believed the wrong truth for a long time. The reason she wrote her series of books is to give light for those families who have grieved their losses yet could never find answers about who really was responsible for the 911 incident. It’s about time people could come in terms with the truth. If you are eager to know her side of the story and her theory, you may check out her books. Her books are available on sale at her website Be ready to know the real truth. Her books will definitely give you a ride; I suggest you fasten your seat belt.

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