9 Easy Ways to Develop Your Clairvoyant Abilities

9 Easy Ways to Develop Your Clairvoyant Abilities

If you have always wanted to learn how to improve clairvoyance abilities, you’re in the right place at the right time — below you will come across 9 easy ways of boosting such psychic power of yours. With practice and determination, it won’t take long before you increase clairvoyance skills effectively.

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But before we proceed, we have to first make sure that you have it in you. While all of us are born into this world with some ability to connect with one another as well as the universe through psychic means, some have locked such a blessing away. Here are some telltale signs that you have your clairvoyance intact:

·          You are seeing flashing lights and floating orbs, as well as glowing lights around people.

·          You have a difficult time focusing or paying attention as you’re prone to daydreaming.

·          You are great at giving advice, as well as solving problems and puzzles.

·          You can make detailed plans even without writing down anything on a piece of paper.

·          You have been told that you are a walking GPS guide because you are great at finding locations.

·          You often wake up from a dream thinking that it was real because it’s super detailed.

·          You have a vivid imagination, and your parents confirm that you had imaginary childhood friends.

·          You know how to capture the true beauty of life through photography, poems, etc.

If you have a few or all of the following, then your third eye may be open and is simply waiting for you to use it. Since you have the ability, you can choose to develop it, which is essential for you to be able to use it better.

Because it’s a fact that you still have your psychic abilities without you knowing it, the only thing that’s left for you to do is to improve clairvoyance. Worry not because how to enhance it is simpler than you think. Don’t believe it? Then just check out the following 9 easy tips on how to improve clairvoyance abilities. 

Tip #1: Ask someone to place a random object inside a box. Trying to figure out its shape, color, texture, and other aspects is an effective exercise on how to increase your psychic powers. To make sure that improving is inevitable, try to be as detailed as you possibly can when describing what’s inside the box.

Tip #2: Here’s an activity that is a fun clairvoyance increasing exercise that you can perform with someone — sending a message to one another mentally. Take turns in thinking of something that you want to say to the other, which he or she has to guess. As a beginner, start with pictures of everyday objects such as a flower, car, or fashion accessory.

Tip #3: While doing meditation, grab a piece of paper and a pen. Allow images and thoughts to flow through your mind. Don’t try to make them go away. Similarly, refuse to focus on them. What you need to do for improving clairvoyance is to write down every single thing that you see in your mind.

Tip #4: Sit in a quiet and dimly lit room. Close your eyes and picture the area between your eyebrows. But don’t just imagine it — visualize that you can see your third eye, which is partially open. Concentrate on further opening its eyelids. Do this on a regular basis to enjoy improved ability to use your third eye.

Tip #5: Regarding the third eye still, you can enhance its use and benefits with the help of certain types of crystals. Many of those that can be used for energizing the third eye are indigo-colored ones such as sapphire, azurite, and lapis lazuli. Daily, devote a few minutes of your time lying down with the crystal of your choice resting on your third eye.

Tip #6: Head to the nearest antique or secondhand store and touch some of the items available, in particular those that seem to call your attention. You can develop clairvoyant abilities by imagining the past of the object that you are touching. Allow visions to pop in your mind on their own — all you have to do is observe.

Tip #7: Stop associating psychic powers with darkness or evil. Instead, you can think of it as something that is more spiritual in nature. Think about the many positive things that you can do when you choose to increase your abilities. For instance, you can use your prowess to help a friend who lost someone to find peace of mind.

Tip #8: And speaking of positive, make sure that your reasons for searching for some tips on how to develop clairvoyant abilities do not include things like wanting someone to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend or have a nasty bout of acne. Your gift will not improve if you are planning on using it for personal gain.

Tip #9: Last but not least, you can greatly develop clairvoyance abilities just by believing that you are a psychic. Don’t just believe it — believe it like it’s the only thing that’s real in the world! This tip on how to improve your third eye seems to be the easiest, yet it can also be the hardest if you have doubts about aboutclairvoyant stuff and related matters.

Always follow the 9 tips on how to improve clairvoyance abilities mentioned above and it won’t take long before you will have better control of your third eye.

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