8 Books for you who Is spiritually curious

8 Books for you who Is spiritually curious

Spirituality is a pathway through which humans understand their existence and being. We seek to find our purpose in life and the reason for living. While exploring spirituality can come in different ways, one proven approach that is self-engaging is to read books that awaken one’s higher consciousness.

There are thousands of books on higher consciousness for satisfying one’s spiritual curiosity. However, pursuing the best books on higher consciousness is a great way to get started.

Are you spiritually curious? Are you in search of the best books on super consciousness? Check out the eight good books below and see how they can be useful for you, who is spiritually curious.

Eight good books for the spiritually curious

1. Conversation with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1

Amongst many best books on higher consciousness, this book is a must-read for you who is spiritually curious. A thought-provoking book by Neale Donald Walsch, which seeks to educate the reader on different perspectives of what God is, as well as to lead the reader to a more fulfilling and better life. Life issues like money and love are topics tackled in the book.

This book is easy to understand and straightforward. it will open the reader’s eye to how the world works, and how to live a better life. It is an excellent guide for your journey to spiritual curiosity.

2. Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts

When searching for books on higher consciousness, the books by Jane Roberts are spellbound books to reckon with for the way they thoroughly deal with the subject. Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts borders on consciousness and the evolution of the soul. The subject matter is well taught through a non-physical element called Seth. The late Jane Roberts brilliantly delivered the thought process of Seth through structured ways of raising the consciousness of the readers.

This is a fantastic book that you should read while taking the time to properly digest its content and gain the most out of its content.

3. The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts

Here is another great pick from the works of Roberts, also presented through the perspective of Seth. In this book, Roberts talks about the need to think outside the box to understand our reality. He also talks about the nature of collective reality and how it works. Seth teaches the topic of how the conscious mind directs the activities of our unconsciousness and how our inner self controls it.

This book is enlightening, educative, and entertaining. It comprises practical illustrations on how to apply the teachings to our daily lives. It is one of the best books on higher consciousness, and every spiritually curious reader will find it useful.

4. The Power of Now

I stumbled across this book while I was watching a documentary on the books Bill Gates would recommend for anyone; it was worth my time. People who are masters of their higher consciousness and have read this book will attest to the power it holds. In this book, Eckhart Tolle delves into how humans are burdened by the past and preoccupied with the future. He then pushes us to come back to the present.

Eckhart Tolle teaches how to let go of mental insanity as the first step to enlightenment. This broadens on how to go beyond the mind-consciousness and return to your true self. Depression and anxiety are topics that have been taught explicitly in the book. This is a spiritual self-help book for understanding and unlocking the door to a new world of super consciousness.

5. A New Earth

Here’s another Eckhart Tolle masterpiece, also recommended by Bill Gates, for readers seeking best books on higher consciousness. The book teaches how to let go of your Ego. According to Eckhart Tolle, “Every Ego wants to be special. If it can’t be special by being superior to others, it’s especially happy with being miserable.” 

Humans have Ego; however, conflict arises between our inner and outer self, due to our Ego. A New Earth teaches how to resolve such disputes and come in terms with your real self. It is a must-read and great self-help spiritual book.

6. You Can Heal Your Life (Gift Edition) by Louise Hay 

As humans, it is a natural phenomenon that we have life struggles. Life trials are inevitable but surmountable. In many areas of our lives, we struggle and need help to overcome our struggles. ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay is a spiritual self-help book that teaches how to heal your physical self through your emotions and beliefs.

This book branches across the significant areas of life’s struggles. Louise Hay emphasizes healing and how our feelings and beliefs can affect the process. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay is a book that can help develop your higher consciousness, and if this is the only book you pick up on to tackle life’s struggles, it is enough.

7. The Untethered Soul

Every human has a soul, one who searches for tranquility and peace, seeking answers for the purpose behind our existence in this world. The Untethered Soul talks about how lost every human is in a dreamlike state.

The Untethered Soul teaches us how to seek the answers we want from our souls. You will learn how the mind controls your life and how to get out of the illusion it creates.

This book is a self-help book that talks about spirituality in-depth, and helps the reader understand the concepts of the mind and soul, and how they work.

8. The Tao Te Ching

When we talk about the classic spiritual books on higher consciousness, the Tao Te Ching comes to mind. For every spiritually curious reader seeking the best books on higher consciousness, this is a must for you to grab. The book Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism, written as far back as the 4th century B.C. The book talks about balance, duality, compassion, harmony, and all that is necessary to rid you from the destructive effects of greed, unfiltered thinking, and excessively lofty desire. 

Lao Tzu quotes, “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” This is an excellent guide for the spiritually curious readers.

Asides from the books mentioned above, there are several good books on higher conscious, that will benefit you as a spiritually interested reader. However, you can start with the few ones above. Ensure you have a journal to keep track of all the enlightening and thoughts provoking contents in these books. More than reading, you should also do well to put the nuggets shared in the books into good practice.

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