5 Amazing Health Benefits Clear Quartz Offers

5 Amazing Health Benefits Clear Quartz Offers

Some people adorn their bodies with crystals to look wealthy and attractive. On the other hand, there are those who get their hands on them for other reasons, ranging from attracting success to driving away bad luck. There are some crystals out there that are known to offer all sorts of health perks.

If it’s your goal to outlive your family and friends, consider owning clear quartz. The name sums up its appearance: it has no color and you could see through it. This type of quartz may not be as attractive as counterparts that come in a dazzling array of hues and markings. However, still it remains as one of the most sought after crystals on the planet.

Did you know that experts in the world of crystals regard clear quartz as the master of all healing crystals? It’s because it is capable of enhancing the powers of other crystals. Just about any crystal that you place right next to it becomes several times more powerful. So if you own a healing crystal because you are trying to battle a health problem or keep one from coming your way, consider pairing it with clear quartz. Doing so allows the health-giving crystal that you own to do its task more effectively, thus allowing you to stay in the pink of health.

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This doesn’t mean, however, that clear quartz needs to be coupled with another crystal all the time for you to enjoy some health perks. What’s so amazing about this type of crystal is that it also works alone, not only as a team member.

So if you are thinking about collecting crystals and as of right now your budget or knowledge (or both) is limited, you might want to consider buying clear quartz. It allows you to take advantage of its various benefits, and later on when you have other crystals it can be used to boost their respective powers.Clear quartz has many perks to offer. However, it’s the various healing and health-boosting properties of this crystal that make it appealing to a lot of people. If you want to know how it can turn your health 180 degrees for the better, just take a look at these top 5 quartz crystal benefits to your health and wellness:

1. Decreased Stress

These days, it can be quite impossible to lead a stress-free life. Because you cannot run away from stress, it’s a much better idea to simply take some steps to lower it. One of the things that you may do is to get your hands on clear quartz. You can put it in your pocket all the time to let its healing vibrations lower your stress levels. You may also clasp the stone with your hands while meditating to calm your stressed mind and body.

Various studies have found out that many serious health problems can stem from poorly controlled stress. They range anywhere from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease to cancer. These are some deadly diseases, and clear quartz crystals may help keep them at bay by dealing with their common source: too much stress.


2. Improved Circulation

Speaking of high blood pressure, one of the most incredible clear quartz crystal benefits is that it can help keep the blood pressure within the normal range. It does so by improving blood circulation throughout the body. You don’t want to end up with a sluggish circulation as it may cause a blood clot to form, which is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. But before you try to manage high blood pressure with crystals, it’s a good idea to contact your doctor first.

By the way, it’s the circulation-enhancing properties of clear quartz why beauty rollers are installed with it. By improving circulation to the face, the skin is supplied with more oxygen and nutrients, thus slowing down the aging process and repairing damaged skin tissue. Such also helps remove impurities that can dull up the complexion.

3. Strengthened Immunity

If you are constantly down with the common cold or flu, the perfect crystal for you is clear quartz. That’s because it is known to have the ability to make your immune system strong. Such is related to what we just discussed above, which is improved circulation — this facilitates the transport of immune cells that fight off bacteria and viruses. And even if you already have an infection, a strong immunity can help prevent complications and help you bounce back quickly.

Although it’s true that one of the various benefits of quartz that’s clear is a stronger immune system, you should still remember to have a healthy diet, which consists of foods that are packed with vitamin C. You should also get your regular dose of exercise, as well as drink alcohol moderately and quit smoking.

4. Reduced Pain

There are more than a hundred types of arthritis. There are also hundreds of ways for you to end up with an injury. No matter the case, having joint pain can considerably reduce the quality of your life. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on painkillers constantly and put up with the side effects. That’s because crystal quartz may be employed to help reduce joint pain. You may also pair it with crystals that have pain-reducing effects, like tourmaline, hematite, and turquoise.

What’s so nice about this well-loved colorless crystal is that it can also help alleviate many other types of aches. You may also count on it if it’s your head or tooth that’s aching. You may also couple it with aquamarine, labradorite, or amazonite if it’s your heart that is aching — you will recover from the breakup or divorce faster!

5. Optimized Mental Health

Aside from your heart, your mind can also benefit a lot from the presence of clear quartz. That’s because the crystal’s versatile energy has the ability to drive away anxious thoughts, which is what you need if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. You may also use it for lifting the mood as the crystal’s light quartz healing power can make depression go away. Quartz crystal benefits in terms of mental health can prove to be helpful for many. This is especially true these days when, according to mental health experts, millions all over the earth are battling anxiety and depression.

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