4 shifts you will experience when you connect with your twin flame

4 shifts you will experience when you connect with your twin flame

Over time, love has been seen as a complicated phenomenon due to so many plausible or faux factors that make it a worthwhile thing. Some of these factors may appear to be farfetched. They are mostly termed as “castles in the air”, but in the true sense, love is real.

 One of these love phenomena is Twin Flame, which seems quite unreal due to the absolute sense of connection that comes with it, especially, relationship-wise.

How do you know you are in a Twin Flame relationship? What connections do you feel when you are merged with your Twin Flame? What are the factors that spike a Twin Flame Relationship?

Let’s take you through a guide of what Twin flame is while we answer all your questions in simple terms.

What is a twin flame?

Twin flame should not be mistaken for a “soul mate” kind of relationship because that’s been the situation of things over time.

Soul Mate means finding someone that compliments you, connects with you and understands you in most scenarios based on how you feel on a level of mutual understanding and respect.

 Twin Flame is quite different in the sense that it’s like a fated connection. This is because you’d both just come around at one point in time to complement the same energy you both shared. 

Twin flames share the same energy but do not relate to the same power as soul mates do. 

Logically, it’s like splitting a soul into two halves, so when each of the split souls gets to reunite, that begets the Twin Flame.

twin flame merging symptoms

Mirror soul or soul connection is another word used to refer to Twin Flame because it’s like the soul seeing itself but in different bodies. 

So, there’s a lot more of deep connections when it comes to coming across your Twin Flame compared to finding your soul mates.

At one point in my lifetime, I had met a girl at a grocery store; her name was Phoebe. We had gotten close over time, and everything was simply perfect. I will bet I would have referred to her as my Twin Flame because of how we complement each other without faults. But it got to my realization that Phoebe was just a lady I bonded with so much that we became soul mated without us deliberately knowing.

Most of us have made these little mistakes because of the sheer similarity between the two concepts.

Twin Flame doesn’t work like that, and you don’t have to bond for so long to know your Twin Flame. It is like an adrenaline rush that runs through your body.  You’d surely know the very instant when you come across your Twin Flame.

Not to confuse Soul Mate with a Twin Flame relationship, these symptoms will set your course right in differentiating a Soul Mates from Twin Flame the next time you see one.

Symptoms of a merged twin flame

 The symptoms address the question, “How do you know you’ve found your Twin Flame? Are there any obvious characteristics that both parties exhibit?”

It is very much possible to know if you are with your Twin Flame based on some apparent symptoms.

The following are some of the symptoms you should watch out in your supposed Twin Flame.

Connection on the same level

This would be so glaring and obvious because you’d be able to detect that he or she is just like you. You will almost know his or her thoughts and feelings towards a particular scenario. 

In most plausible cases, you will be able to know what they are thinking at a particular moment. This is because of the very fact that the person is just the exact split version of yourself.

Likeness for similar things

 It’s sporadic or, if not non-existential, to find a Twin Flame whom you don’t both share or have similar interests. 

In a situation, your best hobby is singing, your Twin Flame’s hobby will also be singing because of the same energy that exists in both parties. 

They might not be able to sing, but you’d best be sure that one way or the other, they would be very much into songs.

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Share same past experience

This sounds out of place to a layperson.  as a matter of fact, it is a plausible phenomenon that has occurred over time.

Most definitely, you’d not have the same friends. Both parties might be of different ages, and you may not have been exposed to the same circumstances. There would be a shared past scenario that would have happened to both of you at different times. Ye, this is always the case

You might not have similar experiences on all things that have happened, once again, due to exposure and environment, but you will share at least one or two phenomena that are both similar to both parties.

A little story.

A friend of mine, Jack, had come forward about the circumstances surrounding him and his Twin Flame. Jack was 37 while his Twin Flame was 27. That’s quite some differences in age. But what amazed me was what Jack said afterward. He told his Twin Flame’s parents died the same way his parents died, sadly through a motor accident in the same month of the year.

Same perception of the world

Most Twin Flames share similar views, ideas, and perceptions of the world. The way they see the world is always inclined to each other. If you are a Twin Flame, and the way you perceive the world is to help humanity, maybe. The likelihood of your Twin Flame having the same perception of humanity is 85%. This shows sameness in energy level when it comes to matters of the outside world.

You feel like home

Like most love phenomena, when you are with your Twin Flame, you feel much at peace with yourself because everything seems to work in the same line, without much stress or effort.

You’d both have the same pull to touch, communicate, understand entangled life scenarios, and you will be able to share ideas on how to go about solving them. Everything seems to be just perfect in every bit.

The following are most of the common symptoms you tend to see or observe when you are with a Twin Flame. There are quite many more, but they are all embedded in the above-stated symptoms.


How do you find your twin flame?

The secret behind finding your Twin Flame lies in knowing who you are before getting the grasp of someone who operates just like you.

You can’t love someone properly if you don’t love yourself, and you would not be able to identify the characteristics of your Twin Flame showcase if you have failed to do this.

It is pertinent to know that the Twin Flame is a fated connection. You can’t force yourself to find your Twin Flame. No, it is not a location you find using the GPRS

 It comes around if need be, and not all beings have Twin Flames. The best some people could be is just soul mates.

Some shifts you experience when you are merged with your twin flame

1. Meeting or getting merged with a Twin Flame is not an everyday phenomenon, so when you come across that Twin Flame of yours, you are bound to feel that pulsating and chilling energy or vibe due to the reconnection of the souls. There will be a kind of energy evolving around you two.

2. There will be a mental and emotional balance when you come across your Twin Flame. There will be zero overbearing states of emotions, and your mental state will be just average. Everything will click well even when issues arise.  Both parties would be able to relate to their sadness and find a way to resolve issues.

3.  You will feel a recognizable shift in your spirit. Since it is a soul connection phenomenon, there will be changes in how tender and harmonious both parties would get when they meet. There will likely be a pull, one with no strings, but will still feel much attracted and compassionate towards your Twin Flame.

4. There will be a physical and deep connection at first sight and every encounter. You will not only feel drawn to each other like a sense of “Deja Vu” but will share a deep attraction- be it romantic or platonic.

n conclusion, not all beings are wired to have Twin Flames, so don’t halt your life or relationship lifestyle just waiting for that one who might not come.

 Live in the moment and savor every positive act. If you have a fated connection, be assured that you will undoubtedly come across your Twin Flame.

It is also worthy of note to understand that having a Twin Flame doesn’t curb the chances of disagreement or quarrels. It will only reduce the chances of conflict and as well as heighten the chances of a quick resolution to conflicts.

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